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Ford Edge Lease Questions



  • chuck68516chuck68516 Posts: 195
    You're right you should go away. I'm trying to help people. You are just getting in the way. For every post I make figuring someone's monthly payment, etc, I have to post to correct you. You don't know what's going on. How many cars have you ever bought? How many this decade?
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    You are right,I never thought about time I see him i will mention it to a person he is a nice guy (belongs to our Mustang Club (GSRMC), but nevertheless never let your guard down since he is a ..CAR SALESMAN...right?...He is been a sales manager before and now at this big dealership is probably right up there..knows his business quite well...let me know how you do with him,if decide to call him...good luck..
  • chuck68516chuck68516 Posts: 195
    Call Woodhouse Ford. Or go to Just last week they quoted me on an AWD SEL+, leather, sat radio, towing, rear seat entertainment, NO Vista Roof

    MSRP: 33,775

    SALE PRICE: 30,688

    REBATE: 1,250


    ACQ FEE: already included

    Get your calculator....$4,932 off MSRP. THAT WAS ONLY GETTING $1,250 rebate. IF YOUR AREA GETS THE $1750 IT WOULD BE.....CALCULATOR......$5,432 OFF MSRP. CALL THEM.

  • chuck68516chuck68516 Posts: 195
    Where are you? What dealers did you call?

    $339.78 PLUS TAX ZERO DOWN
  • Chuck, I'm a bit confused......

    I contacted them earlier in the week and they came back (twice) with their best offer of $360 plus tax, zero down for a SEL you just described. That includes the $1,750 rebate and tier 1 qualifying.

    I'm in California, but the emissions does not have any affect on the price of the lease (quote from dealership). They continued to state that they did not have any vehicles in stock and would obtain one from California. (???)

    Are you dealing with someone in particular?? The person who I contacted refused to negotiate any further and stated that was his managers best offer.....period.

    I truly appreciate your help, but I'm still a bit taken by the lease process.
  • Chuck, here is the original info I listed for help

    From previous post:
    MSRP - 30265
    Sale Price - 29765
    Invoice - 28817
    - 1750 rebate

    Residual is 49% with a guaranteed future value of 14830 at the end of the lease.
    The money factor is 1.25 (??)
    $375.80 + tax (8.25) for 39 months and 12,000 miles.

    **Their final offer was $360 plus tax, zero down for 39 months and 12,000 miles.
  • CarMan or anyone... Does anyone have any idea of what the residuals will be on the '08 Edges? :confuse:
  • chuck68516chuck68516 Posts: 195
    I don't know what to tell you. I got the lease quote from James Walsh at Woodhouse. I didn't negotiate. That was FIRST OFFER. I cut and pasted it here from my email. If you want, I can forward the email to you directly.

    I don't know why they would say "we don't have any in stock" the website says they have 42 Edges, 14 SEL+, 12
    SEL. Perhaps the price was based on aquiring one from YOUR local dealer. I still don't get the 1.25%, what's up with that?
  • As for the 1.25%, I'm still clueless.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    Since the 2008 model Edge's are not yet in production, I doubt the company has set them yet. My dealer told me Monday they don't have them yet and it is unlikely the residual and lease interest rates will be set until the 2008 models are actually being built and shipped to dealers. Some 2008 Ford models are already at dealers and they have numbers for those. The Edge and MKX are delayed a bit since they got off to a late start. They are also going to feature the new SYNC system which may not be ready yet. We all know that anything Microsoft is rarely on time. My guess is that the rates and residuals for the 2008's will not be far from the 2007's. The residuals will, of course, be higher, as those are adjusted quarterly. The interest rate may be a little higher until the 2007 leftovers are mostly gone. The Edge has had great lease residuals and rates almost the entire time it has been on the market. With the economy continuing to tank, Ford will have to do something to keep the sales going. ALl of this is, of course, just my opinion, which is worth no more than any one else's.
  • Thanks Hardhawk...I appreciate the opinion. Not that it is a prediction of what the '08s will be but does anyone know what the '07s residuals were when they first came out?
  • chuck68516chuck68516 Posts: 195
    The residuals shouldn't have changed. That's why it is important to negotiate the lowest possible sale price. Otherwise, you are paying full price for a 1 year old vehicle, what's the advantage of waiting so long for better pricing? If you can't get a really low price, I'd wait for the 2008's with SYNC.

    I hope I have helped a few people out in here. I really get sick of FORUMS and MESSAGEBOARDS and certain types of people in them. I won't be posting here again. I really like my Edge and was hoping to spread the gospel so to speak. Good luck to everyone on getting the vehicle they want.
    I'm out.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    I have enjoyed your contributions Chuck. Sorry to see you go. At the risk of offending some, WE WILL MISS YOU! :shades:
  • aphydaphyd Posts: 2

    Here are the U.S. residuals effective the fourth quarter of 2006 for New 2007 MY Ford Edge.

    Edge 24-Month 36-Month 39-Month 48-Month
    FWD SE 62% 52% 50% 44%
    FWD SEL 62% 52% 50% 44%
    FWD SEL PLU 62% 52% 50% 44%
    AWD SE 62% 52% 50% 44%
    AWD SEL 62% 52% 50% 44%
    AWD SEL PLUS 62% 52% 50% 44%

  • interesting. They were actually lower than they are now. You would think that as the model year progresses, the residuals will get lower, not higher. But I guess, an '07 is an '07 to the next buyer. They would only look at the miles used.
  • aphydaphyd Posts: 2

    Actually they were a little bit higher than they are now:

    3rd Quarter residuals for New MY 2007
    Edge24-Month 36-Month 39-Month 48-Month
    FWD SE 60% 49% 47% 41%
    FWD SEL 60% 49% 47% 41%
    FWD SEL PLUS 60% 49% 47% 41%
    AWD SE 61% 50% 48% 42%
    AWD SEL 61% 50% 48% 42%
    AWD SEL PLUS 61% 50% 48% 42%

    Keep in mind both sets of published residuals I've posted assume a 15,000 miles per year contract.

  • That clarifies that...I am looking at 12k mile lease.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    Add 2% to the 15,000 mile residuals for a 12,000 mile lease.
  • ajm4ajm4 Posts: 1
    2007 Edge- SEL PLUS FWD
    Total MSRP = 31860
    Ford incentive = 1250
    Dealer's offer:
    sell price = 30433
    lease term = 36 months
    milage allowance = 15k
    monthly payment = 468.75
  • gel2223gel2223 Posts: 1
    Hello my name is Angelica and I have a brand new 2007 Ford Edge that I just leased in May. Unfortunately I have been laid off and cannot afford the lease payments and will soon be in debt because of this. I put down $4,000 and pay $555 a month for 36 months with 15,00 miles a year. I am willing to transfer my lease with absolutely no money down and I will even give you a month's payment in advance for the first month. Let me know if you are interested it only has 3500 miles and fully loaded, gold exterior and almond interior with all the extras. My email is Thanks!
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