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2008 Ford Escape Limited AWD Full Test

Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,018
Take a gander at our 2008 Escape full test and tell us what you think.

Full Test 2008 Ford Escape Limited AWD

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  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,171
    "A leisurely 10-second run to 60 mph"

    Take a gander at our 2008 Escape

    I don't think they goosed it enough. :shades:

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  • drdan3drdan3 Posts: 13
    The discounts now available on 2007 Escapes indicate the way in which Ford has tried to compete - low cost. The 2008 Escape tried to modernize appearances without adding much to development costs, which is the thrust of your review. I, for one, disagree with your evaluation of the success of the modernized appearance since I do not think that trucks have that much intrinsic appeal as a body style. Making the Escape more Explorer-like cuts again the grain of Honda, Toyota, Saturn, etc. all of whom are trying to convince us that their vehicles are crossovers, i.e., more like cars with a few desirable truck characteristics (like high stance, better visibility, AWD). Even Ford has recognized the latter by introducing the Edge. Thus, what it really lacks is a small crossover. This could have been accomplished through more radical and innovative Escape styling, but instead there was a desire to homogenize the look with the rapidly deflating Explorer!

    I do wish you had commented about the noise, harshness, vibration improvements that Ford has highlighted in their press releases. Was there an appreciable difference between 2007 and 2008? If not, maybe I should purchase a 2007 at a huge discount now rather than wait for the 2008 models.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,119
    "Excellent fit/finish" Interior looks great!, more options, stability control.. I believe buyers in this market are not after how fast can I get to 60mph.. Escape will sell, no doubt. I do however have to question the rear drum brakes!!?? This is a step backwards. Ontop of that you cannot even get rear disc brakes on an XLT or limited?? What is Ford thinking?? They better come out with a reason for this and show why.. or some better braking distances as proof as to why.. :mad:
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,171
    The discounts now available on 2007 Escapes indicate the way in which Ford has tried to compete - low cost

    "Consumers clearly benefit from Ford's financial woes as the company works hard to lure shoppers with lower sticker prices and more standard safety equipment."

    Ford Cuts Prices on '08 Escape and Escape Hybrid (Inside Line)

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  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,618
    i wonder how the options will be priced?
  • karlskarls Posts: 7
    We were pretty disappointed with Ford's placement of the 2008 FEH at the Washington (DC) Auto Show yesterday. There were two (locked) Light Ice Blue Metallic units tucked all the way in a back corner without any fanfare or wall/display graphics. The only interest we observed were people leaning on these units while they got all lathered up over the other Ford SUVs and trucks and crossovers up on rotating pallets with booth dollys and guys droning on about the merits of their flashy products. I guess Ford has such critical financial worries it needs to move those other high-profit units and leave the FEH to be searched-out by those of us who either already have a FEH or those that're really interested in a full-ICE alternative. :confuse:

    (As an aside,... The 2008 looks better in person than in the sneak-peek and other advance web pics. Not sure I'm a big fan of the FEH-only Stone beige/tan seat surfaces, but that's subjective. "Your mileage may vary". :)
  • drdan3drdan3 Posts: 13
    I too attended the DC show and was similarly unimpressed. Escapes were found in at least a couple of places, upon entry and in the Ford area. What really drove home the need for a crew from "The Apprentice" was that the vehicles were all locked up. You couldn't check out the interior, the recycled material seats, the new nav kit, nothing! You could however visit the Mercury area where a Mariner (non-hybrid) was to be found. The Saturn display had a mockup of the hybrid system found in the Vue which showed the way the system worked - battery location, electric components and the like. I don't think Ford could have done a worse job of marketing the new Escape. If I were in charge of those in charge, I'd reiterate Trump's "You're fired!"
  • I recently purchased the 08' Escape Ltd/V6 AWD. They gave me a 2007 as a loaner. The 2007 can't compare to the 2008.
    - Rockiness when hitting bumps/not aborbing
    - road noise

    - great absorption/no rocking
    - the steering wheel is great due to the electronic power steering; fluid isn't needed for this - that's really all this terminology is stating though it does make a difference in handling; very easy to turn vs 2007
    - So far, it handles cornering well but I'm also being careful (first SUV); agility is good; braking is also good
    - very little road noise even with the windows 1/2 way down and sunroof partially opened; noise was very prevalent in the RAV4
    - nice interior styling; much better than the 2007 Escape
    - very roomy for only 175" - I expected less
    - I wish they had 4 disc brakes rather than 2 disc & 2 drum; also, they do not have brake assist as Honda & Toyota
    - poor gas mileage (I have under 500 and am at 17.5 MPG but this has been going up with time)

    Overall, I'm very pleased with this. Personaly, I prefer the SUV look (it doesn't look like a truck to me, but a typical SUV). Some of the crossovers are beginning to resemble huge station wagons. It's easy to operate and understand. The price was right too - get your eprices before walking into a dealership. $26,500 (w/o $545 incentive).

    Nothing beats the braking system and emergency handling on the 2007 CR-V. This wasn't an easy decision but as soon as I hopped into the Escape and began driving, this was the one.

    Good luck with your choice.
  • bzribeebzribee Posts: 27
    Can anyone tell me if the gas mileage is significantly better in the '08's over the '07's? Between the new and old numbers I am now completely confused..

    I hope to buy a manual...
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Power train is unchanged.

    Except that 4x4 is not long avail. with 4 cyl.

  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    Go to the following for EPA gas mileage info:

    It gives you the ratings for all cars under the old and new EPA measurement system.

    The 2008 Ford Escape AWD is now rated at 22mpg highway, but under the old system it would've been rated at 24mpg, an improvement over the pre-2008 models. I've read that they eliminated the power steering pump to help improve gas mileage.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Be sure to check out Ford Escape Mercury Tribute Real World MPG.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • We purchased a used 2008 Ford Escape it had 32,000 miles on it. We had it for 1 year and on a recent trip the transmission went out. I took it to the Ford Dealer and they told me that they warranty only covers the vehicle tranmission for 60,000 miles. We had just hit 61,000 miles when it happened. Of course Ford said they are not repsonsible and refused to fix it they did say they would replace it for $3280.00. I am just amazed how unproffessionally this whole thing was handled. My family and I definately feel that we have been ripped off by Ford Motor Company, this is shady buisness practice that you only read about and gives cars dealers and manufacturers bad reputations. I took the matter to the BBB and they said the same that there is nothing they can do because the miles are expired by 1000 miles. Its a sad day in America when a major manfacturer won't even back their own product and they want kudos for not taking the stimulas package? Perhaps if they did their products would be more reliable. We will never purchase another Ford product again.
  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    I feel your pain, but truthfully Ford is in the right...powertrain warranty ends at 60,000 miles. If Ford did it for you they'd have to do it for everyone else as well. If you were under the warranty period and Ford did not want to cover it, then it be a different story, but as it stands now they are not responsible.

    I would have approached it a little different and instead of being demanding towards the service department I would have bribed the writer a little bit in the hopes he could manipulate the odometer reading by perhaps 1100 miles in the reapair order...too late now though!
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