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Dodge Ram Radiator and Cooling



  • Hi John,
    I have a 95 Dodge Ram 5.9 L just like you but mine is a 4x4. I have the same type of leak but so far no issues with power. I found it when pressure testing the coolant system. I see a small stream of water making its way out the thermostat housing platform/engine block. Put in new thermostat and housing, gasket, sealant on both sides of the gasket, 17 lbs/ on bolts. Still leaks under pressure. How did you resolve your leak? it has been a while (2007) since your post but it is the only diagnostic question I could find just like mine. I was thinking of trying K-seal? Any help would be great. Thanks, Vin
  • I have replaced the radiatior cap, thermostat, water pump and hoses and the truck still overheats when the cap is tighted on the radiator. if the cap is off it will not overheat.

  • bigjoecbigjoec Posts: 2
    Did you drain all your cooling out of your system?? When you filled it back up did you bleed the air out of your system?? There is a bleeder plug on the upper rad hose at the engine.
  • Head gasket was leaking and we had to replace both heads... Once all was done, turns out the truck is still overheating. What else could cause this problem??? We know for a fact that the gasket was leaking, and heads were warped beyond repair and cracked. So I'm lost! Help us figure out the problem!! Been without a vehicle for 2wks going on 3. :-(
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