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Nissan Frontier Engine Questions

riot1riot1 Posts: 2
Good Morning. Recently purchased a 1999 Nissan Frontier 4 x 4 for work/off-roading. Since I have gotten it, I have noticed that after turning the engine off that the engine will let off steam. (Almost like the radiator is over-heating)

I have checked all fluids,hoses or belts that I can see, but nothing seems out of place. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.



  • ryanceyryancey Posts: 42
    Does your engine have a block heater?? My truck has developed a small leack where the block heater attaches to the engine. A very small amout of fluid/steam gets out. Not enough to cause issues. Check it out.
  • riot1riot1 Posts: 2

    Thanks for the great insight! I will check that out!

    Looks like there might be a very, very small power steering leak. Is that a major repair? Appreciate any advice!

  • pwillspwills Posts: 2
    I own a 1994 Nissan pickup SE and it currently has 229,000 miles on it. How many miles can I expect to get on this vehicle? It still runs great and I get really good gas mileage. I'd like to keep it as long as I can.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    Lots of variables with a high mileage vehicle, but a friend has a '92 Pathfinder that just passed 333,333 Miles. It has the original engine, which runs great, but the entire manual tranny was replaced a year ago. Other than that, it's been bulletproof. Unlike the new Frontiers which have timing chains, the older ones used timing belts, so be sure to maintain that. Good luck -- old vehicles are just wonderful when you have a good one like yours.
  • I have ignition challenges with my 86.5 Nissan King Cab PU with about 175,000 miles. On rainy, wet mornings, the engine seems to misfire with only about half the plugs seeming to fire. The exhaust smells of raw gas and if I turn the engine off, I have to go through the process of starting a flooded engine. After the initial startup, it starts and runs fine the rest of the day. So far I’ve checked the plugs and coils, replaced the ignition wires, distributor and cap (including the O ring). I’ve even had it to the Nissan dealership and after $100 worth of diagnostics – am still having the problem. (The problem didn't occur while they had it in their possession.) Solution: I moved my daughter’s car out and park my truck in the garage at night. Any experience and/or suggestions?
  • pwillspwills Posts: 2
    I am still driving my 1994 Nissan and I was wondering how many miles I can get on a timing belt. Alot of little things are starting to go on my truck. The gas gauge, the light switch, etc. I don't know if I should put any more money into it. Any suggestions? It still runs fairly well.
  • Does anyone know who makes headers for a 2004 Frontier 2.4L with an automatic transmission? I've looked everywhere but the closest I've come is for headers for 2004 2.4L manual transmission. If anyone could help, please do so. Thanks a bunch.
  • elderchuckelderchuck Posts: 2
    My 2005 Nissan Frontier with the L4 engine and manual transmission will not accept cross referenced plugs from NGK or Denso (IKH16 ND). The head has a smaller plug opening. Anyone know why? :confuse:
  • mdawg25mdawg25 Posts: 23
    I was looking to buy an 06 Frontier and was wondering how the 2.4 L4 performs? I would like to go with the 4 for extra MPG and I was just wondering if the 2.4 is a pretty good endine or if it's a runt. Thanks for all your input
    PS i will be pulling a 6X12 trailer pretty often for my lawn mowing service, but it will weighs 1500 pounds max and it will only be short distances at low speeds. I'm pretty sure the 2.4 could handle it, but what do you guys think?
  • Get a V6 manual, harder to find, but worth the bump unless of course you enjoy downshifting on hills a lot.
  • mdawg25mdawg25 Posts: 23
    Thanks ElderChuck
    Is the 2.5 underpowered enough that it affects fuel economy during everyday driving? In the real world, is there that much difference between MPGs of the two engines due to low power in the L4? I do want fairly good mileage b/c this would be my first car (don't got a lot of money for gas). Thanks for your input
  • the check engine light is staying on
    so far replaced the speed sensor and have now found out that the thac is out about 600rpm and scoping the codes shows speed sensor have had the senor tested and there is no falut at that point
    nissan told me that the tach now has to be replaced the truck is a 1997se
    any way around the tach with out replacing?
    any ideas would help thanks
  • bigal5409bigal5409 Posts: 1
    hello any body have there nissan frontier completely lose all power in the middle of road or frreeway and stall and not turn over to start?that has happenned to me on number of times and taken to dealer and they still cant figure out the problem need your help . has any body had the same problem .the dealer have changed two fuel pumps . funny thing is that everything else in car wrks correctlty,this problem happens every six mounths to me ,anybody with similar problem please comment.thankws
  • lshaferlshafer Posts: 1
    I have been told 80k is this right.
  • hello, I had the same problem, I was on the freeway and my 05 frontier engine stalled for a second and regained pawer back right away. does anybody know what causes that problem? thanks
  • Can anyone help me out here. I have a 2000 Frontier Crew Cab 3.3L V6 with overheating issues. It idles fine, but after about 15 minutes of driving it starts to overheat, with coolant venting. I have already replaced the thermostat, the water pump and the hoses. I do not see any other leaks now except what comes out the vent. I have checked the oil and there is no evidence of water or foaming. I am lost on this and afraid it could be the head gasket.
  • If your distributor timming is off it can cause this problem. The faster you go the hotter your engine gets. Sometimes it is a matter of being advanced only one degree.
  • cireb4cireb4 Posts: 2
    Recently my truck has been completely losing power. The last time it happend I was backing out of a parking space and it just shut off on me. I opened my hood and messed with the negative connection and then the powered turned back on, but now I went to try and start my truck and it shut off again and now it wont start even when I mess with the wire. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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