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Ford Expedition Transmission Problems



  • Ford had tranny problems since I can remember. I had a 62 ford fourty years ago, and its the same problem wont go forward now I have 05 its the same problem dont you think its about time for perfection? I called Ford and complained they took my information and vin# and said theres not enough complaints for a recall everyone should call you will be reimbursed if you usede Ford to do the work on your vehichle heres the # call and complain 1800/232/5952
  • my 05 was doing the same thing. when i dropped the trans pan there was metal flakes on the mag. in the process of dropping the trans with the help of a friend, we saw the flywheel move. it would move about 1/4" in and out of the motor. we were told by others that it means the thrust bearing is "gone" in the motor. we are currently working on pulling the motor. sounds like this is very common. i know this is not what you want to hear but hope this helps.
  • hatin05hatin05 Posts: 2
    edited December 2011
    be sure to check your motor or have it checked if you have to pull the transmission. while pulling mine, we found the flywheel would move in and out of the block about a quarter inch. the thrust bearing was shot but the motor was running good when we found this. just recently oil was showing up on the motor. the rear main and front seals were shot because of the play in the crank shaft. awesome motor to quietly run with major failure! very dissapointed in Ford to have these problems with only 85,000 miles!
  • kimaanjakimaanja Posts: 1
    Have a 2005 Expedition, Eddie Bauer, with 85K miles.

    Driving yesterday and it slipped out of gear. Was shifting smoothly up to then. Was able to continue driving by manually shifting from 1st to 2nd gear, but when upshifting to D, after about 5-10 seconds it slips out like its in neutral. Transmission fluid didn't look good, pretty dark (not red).

    Thoughts? New Tranny? Other Options?
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    Sounds like its time for a rebuild. Don't buy a new one or install a used one just have a reputable transmission shop rebuild the one you have. They will install upgraded parts if they are available and warranty the parts and labor. I had the trans in my 2004 rebuilt about 20,000 miles ago and have had no problems since. Similar problem, stopped at a light and it would not go when the light turned green. Turned out to be a bearing failure at 114,000 miles.
  • justfixitdjustfixitd Posts: 1
    I have a miss at low RPMs in OD, If i give it gas it stops. Could it be a problem someone has had and found how to fix it. are what the problem would be? Transmission,sparkplug,wires or fuel preasure ? HELP car has 120,000 miles
  • lhwilllhwill Posts: 5
    Did you ever get your miss problem figured out? My 03 is doing the same thing. Seems like a skip or grabbing?
  • alwaysfords2alwaysfords2 Posts: 288
    Are you talking about a Mark VIII also? If so this forum won't be much help. if you are talking about an 03 Expedition I'd suggest it is probably the COPs. How many miles do you have on it and have they ever been changed?
  • bradw2bradw2 Posts: 1
    My 1999 Expedition, 5.4L, has a similar problem. Occasionally under a load, like going up hill it will start jerking/hesitating/stuttering. Seems to fit the description of the Coil on Plugs (COP) going bad. But the check engine light has never come on and there have been no error codes in the computer. A mechanic suggested that it may not be the COPs but might be the transmission. He suggested taking it out of overdrive when it starts jerking. When I do that it of course downshifts, the revs go up and the jerking stops. Cycling the overdrive on/off button a few times generally seems to stop the jerking for the whole trip. Seems like this means the problem is with the transmission? Or is it really the COPs?
  • vehicle was in park on level driveway, turned off, keys out. I got out walked around to the other side opened the door to help my daughter get out and the vehicle made a clicking noise and rolled back 3 feet almost wipping us out. what would cause this? also before I got home I was stopped at 2 different traffic lights and the tach needle was jumping?? help please... thanks
  • alwaysfords2alwaysfords2 Posts: 288
    I would still say coils, that is the classic description. I have driven a thousand miles without a CEL light, but when scanned there were multiple misfire codes pending, they just hadn't tripped the light yet.
  • I just had my transmission rebuilt, after it started slipping out of gear at 105k miles. It is now doing the same thing in OD that yours is doing under load up a hill. I've taken it back to the transmission place three times and they have taken it out, looked for problems and replaced with new fluid, but I still have the same issue. Not a coil issue on my car - had that checked - it's the transmission. Anybody have any ideas?
  • erikj28erikj28 Posts: 1
    Same thing happened to me yesterday in an 04 Eddie Bauer. Had to drive home in first gear on 4 wheel drive at ten mph. Rebuild cost is 2400$
  • uriknurikn Posts: 6
    i have a 2008 expedition eddie bauer. Since it had 20,000 miles the transmission makes a rough downshift when slowing down to a stop. i have been complaining to Ford and requesting they cure this problem every time the car went in for service. Ford keeps telling me all is ok, yet the transmission keeps on doing it. They say drive additional 1,000 miles for the transmission to readjust. I keep complaining before my warrantee expires I am now close to 47,000 miles. I see many owners have this problem, why does Ford not fins a solution? Anyone have an answer different the the ones given?
  • Hello All,
    I have a 2003 Expedition and it has developed a strange vibration/grinding noise coming from the rear of the drivetrain. It seems to only do it upon initial exceleration. I am not sure if its coming from the transmission, rearend or transfer. Can someone give me some advice on what this could be or what I should inspect to further identify the problem.
    Thank you
  • Have you kept up with the service intervals ont he trans and rear differential? Do you have the limited slip rear diff?
  • Just took my 08 expedition in to the dealer today with the same issue. 24k miles. They told me they had to reprogram the transmission and the problem is fixed. I pick it up tomorrow so I will let you know if they are right. I've read other posts stating they've had this done and the problem just came back though.
  • uriknurikn Posts: 6
    I hope you are lucky and it works, Ford did this to my expedition unsuccesfully at least four times. I finally got them to take a test drive with me, this rough downship happens when the transmission is a bit hot. If they test it for 2 minutes it seems ok but later reappears. The car has been in their shop for a full week, they tested and it failed, so now they are ordering parts (i do not know what parts yet). Hope they fix it this time for me. If you repair fails let me know and by then i will know what needs to be done if resetting the unit is not enough.
  • So far it's working fine since they did the reprogramming. Let me know what they end up doing with yours in case my problem comes back. I'm sure it will. Thanks
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