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Ford Expedition Transmission Problems



  • I am the original owner of a 2003 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer with 79,000 miles. Two days ago, I noticed that the transmission attempted to shift to 3rd gear... but would not engage (it dropped into Neutral). When I added gas, the RPM revved up to 4500 RPM when the transmission finally dropped back into 2nd Gear. It drives and shifts smoothly in reverse, 1st, and 2nd gears with no abnormalities noted. With O/D OFF selected or "2" selected on the shift selector, the car drives in 1st and 2nd gears only... up to 60 MPH at 4500 RPM. I replaced the Transmission Fluid and Filter... all looked clean with only minor micro-dust size particles in the fluid and a nice vibrant red color. Does anyone know what else can I do before sending it to a Transmission Shop for a costly rebuild or replacement???
  • If my '03 Ford Expedition sits for several days, and the weather is about freezing or colder, when I start it and shift into gear, nothing happens for maybe 5 seconds. Then once it engages, all is fine for the rest of the day. 39,000 miles. This only began to happen this year, and I've owned it since new. Is this a first warning of something expensive in the near future?
  • I had the same problems with my 2004 Expedition. By driving it and not paying attention to the blinking overdrive light, it cost me over 2 mos. time in the shop and eventually a new trans. Mine started at 20,000 and they finally replaced the trans at 55,000. there were 6 times it went into the shop replacing only the planetary gears. Now I;m having problems with the new trans. and only have 1,500 miles left on the warranty. I'm checking into the lemon law since I bought it new and there isn't an additional warranty on the reconditioned trans that was put in two months ago! Pay attention to that light, it is telling you the problems have just begun!
  • DpolkDpolk Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 EB Expedition with trailer towing package. I have a dramatic "clunk" as I slow to a stop. Have you had any luck diagnosing the problem?

  • buzzz1buzzz1 Posts: 42
    You need to take it in. That problem has been talked about a lot. A slight tip in bump is normal, a clunk or bang is not. It's the tranny shifting into first, which happens around 3mph or less. There are TSB's on this.
  • (2003 Expedition with 40,000 miles) This afternoon after driving in AWD for 2 1/2 miles, mostly downhill, I got to a stop sign. In a moment there was a break in traffic so I pressed on the gas. It was as if the truck was in neutral. Nothing happened for several seconds. Then it was ok.

    So what is going on? What sort of big bucks to repair?
  • dieselonedieselone Posts: 5,627
    I had similar issues with my 07. I had the trans reflashed back in July and no issues since. I also had the delayed downshift to 1st gear. The reflash completely changed how the trans behaves and has been a huge improvement.
  • I was wondering if you ever figured out what was going on with your expedition. Mine is doing the exact same thing. I have taken to the dealership a few months ago and they said I was just trying to put it into gear to soon but it is much worse now. Do you have anything that will help? Thanks Dee
  • My son suggested that I check the transmission fluid. After driving more than the 20 miles the book says, I checked. No fluid showed on the stick. I had to add about 8/10 of a quart. No more problem, but I suppose I should wonder where the fluid went. I park on gravel, or snow, and see nothing underneath.
  • I have a 2000 Ford Expedition XLT and it has started clunking when it goes into the last gear overdrive. It does not clunck when I do not have it in overdrive (towing mode). This problem just started. Does anyone have any ideas as to the cause and possible repair.

    Thanks, Kbarkhouse
  • Once I take off in my exp. the OD light will start blinking and after getting to about 2500 rpm's my tranny will slip and and then I can move to nuetrel or to 2nd gear and it will go again. There's is no vibration nor clunking going on. I was told it could be a bad ignition problem, can this be possible? Or what can i do to fix it?
  • wnixwnix Posts: 4
    I have taken my '08 in for the clunking and they tell me they can't find anything wrong with it. Did you specificalls ask for the flash and what about the downshift to first gear? I had an '07 and had major problems and finally traded it for the '08 in August. It ran great and totally different than the '07 until about December. Now I feel like I am back in the same vehicle!! I wish they could eliminate 1st gear all together!! Please let me know your suggestions.
  • buzzz1buzzz1 Posts: 42
    I requested to drive with a technician before I brought it in. Once he saw what was happening and I asked him a few time "do you hear this? Do you feel that?" They called the hotline and reflashed the TCM and PCM. They referred to TSB 082207. Performed Operation 082207A.

    This made a big difference. There is still a slight bump when coming to a stop. But it's very slight and is normal for these cars. I was having a BANG when coming to a stop when the tranny shifted from 3-2 at around 10mph.
  • Hello, I have a 99 EB 5.4. I have never had to use the selector knob to shift the transfer case into 4 hi or 4 lo. I bought 2 new rear tires because of a incoming snow storm. As I leave the lot everything is normal. I take the highway ramp, and all of a sudden, I get a hard shudder from underneath the front end. I have been 4 wheeling in my jeep and have manually shifted a 4x4 t case, so I know the feel of 4 hi offroad.The 4x4 selector knob was still untouched & I was on the street, I head back to the tire place, the the service guy said after test driving it, he felt it was due to new tires on the back, and the all wheel was trying to compensate for them. I bought 2 MORE tires, no change. I had my expy towed 200 miles home, and my mechanic visually checked it and removed my front driveshaft as a temporary fix. Has anyone had or heard of this happening? It feels like you are driving in 4 Hi after you get up to about 35 mph, and then it randomly happens after the 1st trans shift.
  • Today while driving I noticed my O/D Off light come on. I also noticed my vehicle was leaking reddish/pinkish fluid which I would assume is transmission fluid. I have figured out the exact spot where this is leaking from. Also though while driving later I had problems getting the vehicle to move from a stop in drive. I had a light come on about Check Electronic Throttle Position. Is this all related to the fluid leaking into the engine? I am afraid I need to get a new transmission. I know nothing about vehciles and don't want to get taken by somebody. Has anybody had a similar problem?
  • bwanapetebwanapete Posts: 15
    I think that if you follow the instructions in the manual for checking and filling the transmission with more fluid, your transmission will work just fine. Mine started doing what yours did, and I was down more than a quart. Filling it solved driveability, though I have not yet done anything about the leak. I doubt that any of this is related to the Check Electronic Throttle Position message, but I do not really know.
  • boffinsboffins Posts: 2
    We're seriously considering purchasing a used 2006 EB 4x4 with about 34K miles on it. The car was previously a rental in Hawaii and then was sold at auction. A new buyer in WA purchased the car and only owned it for 8 mo before trading it in--he had brought it in to the dealer because the car was misfiring and stalling (at a cold start and on the highway). Supposedly faced with a $2000 repair, he traded it in for a compact (although who only buys a car for 8 mo?). The dealership made the repairs (and has given us copies of the work done), but we're wondering is this engine problem likely to be a long-term problem, or will it most likely be fine for the long term. If it matters, coil #4 was replaced as well as the cam phasers. It also looks like a couple of gaskets and the camshaft sensor were also replaced. Otherwise, this is the only time this vehicle has been in the shop since its first owner. The Ford warranty expired in January. This will be the only vehicle we have that we can fit all 4 kids (in carseats!) in so reliability is key. Thanks and we look forward to your advice!
  • SInce new we have experienced slipping problems with our transmission. From a dead stop, the vehicle will jerk couple times before going. When trying to accelerate, the accelerator can be depressed all the way down and the vehicle won't go any faster. We have taken the vehicle in many times and was first told the computer needed to get used to our driving. Now they say that cannot replicate the problem to get a code. They also cannot visually inspect the trans because Ford's policy requires them to get a diagnostic code before repairs can be made. Anyone else having this problem? :mad:
  • With the problems we are experiencing with our 2008 Expedition, think really hard about it. I traded in my 2007 Honda Pilot for the Expedition because of the same carseat issue as you and I've been facing nothing but problems. I have taken my vehicle in several times and still cannot get the problem resolved. We are now at the Lemon Law stage. We have also mentioned to Ford that there is a safety issue as I was almost involved in a serious accident with my newborn in the vehicle. Thank goodness the other vehicle reacted to avoid the accident. The dealership here in Hawaii is on my side but their hands are tied due to the policy setforth by Ford Motor Company. When children are in the mix, it is my opinion that Ford is not a good choice. I should have listened to family and friends who advised me not to go with the Ford Expedition.
  • dieselonedieselone Posts: 5,627
    I don't believe mine ever had a trouble code. I just called and made an appointment describing that I was getting a delayed 2-1 shift and occasional hard/harsh downshift out of o/d, plus the occasional clunk when coming to a stop.

    They had it for a full day and reflashed the ecm that controls the trans and it has pretty much been flawless ever since. The reflash was done around 30k miles and I now am close to 50k w/o issues. Once in a while I'll still get a harsh downshift out of overdrive, but it has only happened maybe 2 or 3 times since the reflash last July.

    The 07's have a TSB for the reflash, don't know if it applies to 08s. So far I'm very happy with my 07 Expedition. My previous Suburban didn't mess around with bad shifting, it went all out and puked a whole transmission at 45k.
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