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Ford Expedition Transmission Problems



  • we are at 98,000 miles. we have never had it serviced yet. but we haven't had it too long either. any suggestiosn as to what it may be?
  • The fluid breaks down over time, which is why they have service intervals. There is also a filter in the pan that needs to be cleaned / changed. I would ask a Ford dealer to pull the records on it and see what has been done. You may get lucky and the previous owner may have had it serviced by a dealer. Or you may strike out. Can't tell until you try. In any event, I would take it to a dealer and have them do the trans service. Better done at adelaer because they power flush the lines and get all the old fluid out.
  • Sorry for my bad spelling at the end other way to tell if it has ever been serviced is by the presence of a rubber plug in the bottom of the pan. It is assembled with a plug in one of the holes (dip stick hole maybe?) and during final assembly the plug is pushed out of the hole and drops into the pan. If it is in there, then it has never been serviced.
  • pagtarappagtarap Posts: 10
    Guys, I bought this car January 2010. 2 months after I noticed car having several "jolts" before it comes to a full stop. Went to the dealer, i was told they need to chexk transmission. Anybody had this kind of problem before? thanx
  • The dude answered you in the other forum before you posted this, I'd say he is pretty spot on with what you described and since there is a TSB it deosn't sound like it is too mysterious.
  • Just received word from Ford that they will not honor damages and transmission from a similar incident which happened to my family. Our 2008 King Ranch jumped and rolled from park into reverse while running. Thankful that no one was injured. Ford road assistance sent a tow company to take vehicle in to dealer ship and it happened to the tow driver also.

    We had transmission problems in June 2009 and the dealership "fixed" it under warranty, funny now that there is body damage and we are close to end of warranty they are washing their hands. The pros from Ford have never contacted me, my wife, or the tow driver to get our information either. It ain't over!
  • buzzz1buzzz1 Posts: 42
    Call your insurance company and tell them what happened. They may go after Ford.
  • nathaliecnathaliec Posts: 3
    I started having the exact same problem today. I have a 2007 Expedition EL and I'm the only owner. I had the transmission fluid service done at 30K (albeit not by the dealer) and 58K (by the dealer). I'm now at slightly more than 60K and this morning I noticed that my transmission was really sluggish going from a stop into accelerating or going from Neutral into Drive. It's fine in reverse though. Then a few minutes after that, my transmission start "sticking" at about 40 MPH and I'm afraid to drive my car faster than that. I pushed it to 45 MPH and the gear didn't change over from maybe 3rd gear to 4th gear? And my RPM is stuck at 3000, will go to close to 4000 if I push to 45MPH. I drove straight home and called the dealer. The service rep told me it sounded like a coil needed to be replaced. He said there are 8 coils and if one goes bad, you get the exact symptoms I described. I have an appointment to take it in in the morning and they said it would need to stay there all day. I forgot to ask for a price range for that type of repair.

    Reading the previous posts on this forum, I also realize that the slight bump that I get sometimes switching from Neutral to Drive wasn't just my bad driving, it might be part of the problem? This was very intermittent and it started several weeks ago. I just didn't think much of it.

    The only warning signal I have been getting is the Low Tire Pressure Warning because I'm missing a TPMS and I'm not paying over $300 to get it replaced so I just override it all the time. I don't ever tow anything.

    I can't find any information about "coils". Can anyone confirm that I'm not just being told a B.S. story because I'm a woman and if you had a similar problem and got it fixed, how much did it cost you? I still have 2 years of payments on the car! Grrrr.
  • nick012nick012 Posts: 3
    good morning .... i am sorry to hear you are having problems ... have you recently had mis fires on your coil pack? that was our first issue of many to follow .... you have 8 coils under your hood that ignite your engine and keep it running ... when those coils misfire your vehicle will have the problems you described .... we had 4 of our coils misfire (go bad) and they were approximately $50.00ea and my husband was able to do them himself .... we had a check engine light eventually come on and it told us which coils were misfiring so we only had the change the ones we knew were bad ...

    then no too long after that happened our catalytic converters needed to be replaced {the isues you are having now are similar to what your describing - our suv didnt wanna go it has no power at all and took forever to get to 40mph} on both the drive and passenger side which is a pretty penny ... we were told this normally occurs due to the coil packs misfiring .....

    good luck ... from researching on the web it seems like these issues are issues many people face who own an expedition .... i hope what we have endured helps you diagnose your issues much quicker than what we endured ....
  • alwaysfords2alwaysfords2 Posts: 293
    Your issue does not sound like a coil pack problem. Coil packs generally will give you a check engine light, especially if it is as extreme as what you say it is doing. Coil packs are usually good for 100k or more, over time the boots will degrade and the spark will arc to the motor rather than to the plug which is what will effect performance. There are thresholds for what will set a CEL message, and intermittant misfire may not do that, but if they scan the computer it will show what it is storing. An autoparts store will scan that for free so you should be able to double check. Your problem sounds more like a torque converter or transmission problem as you suggest. The fix could also be as a simple as a reflash of the control module for the transmission. I believe there is a TSB for a reflash concerning the bump you describe.

    BTW, A coil pack from the dealer will run you around $90, from an auto parts store around $50, and on ebay you can find a set of 8 for $90. Other users in boards I follow have reported great results with the ebay purchases.
  • ghost28ghost28 Posts: 1
    Exact same issue! 07 was the first year making the EL, and apparently Ford doesn't know how to actually fix a problem. This car is a fricking lemon, as we've had the car into the service shop at Ford no less than 14 times in 3 years. the lurching/jerking of the transmission is an issue that we've had since the beginning, but Ford attributes it to different drivers with different driving styles. BS. Ford is giving the run-around on this issue, and every time we bring it in, it costs $250 and they don't fix the problems. Someone's gotta know what the issue is...
  • buzzz1buzzz1 Posts: 42
    You should have lemon lawed it after 4x. Now if you don't sell it, you can't blame anyone for further headaches. And don't take that the wrong way, I agree, it's a horrible design. Get out of it!
  • nathaliecnathaliec Posts: 3
    Thanks so much for the feedback and sorry that I didn't post a follow-up until now, I totally forgot to. I hate when people do that :)

    So I didn't drive my car the rest of the day and made an appointment at the dealership for the next morning. My husband drove it to the dealer's and I followed in his Focus and there was NO problem. No sluggishness, no tachometer getting stuck on 3000 RPMs at 35 MPH, nothing. The service guy said they would still drive it around to check it out and kept it the whole day. They didn't find anything wrong with it. They supposedly drove it "all over the place" and nothing was wrong, they couldn't replicate the problem. I asked if they had hooked it up to the computer and he said they had and nothing had come up, that they even drove it while hooked up to the computer and nothing had come up. He didn't mention the TSB that you mention and that I saw posted in other threads, btw. He told me that the initial "bump forward" is a standard feature of that transmission and absolutely normal. I had to let it go because that guy was getting on my last nerve... I've been driving my car for 3 years (I put 60K on it) and I know perfectly well that it's not "normal" because it just started doing that. On the upside they didn't charge me anything, but I should have written down my mileage before leaving in the morning because I don't believe for a minute that they "drove it all over the place". 1) They would have charged me something if they had spent as much time on it as they claim and 2) when I picked up the car, it was stifling hot in there, like a car that has been left in the sun the WHOLE DAY. Not like a car that had been driving all over the place just about an hour prior as he claims.

    But I haven't had the problem reoccur since then so I'm keeping my fingers crossed? I'm driving 2 hours out of town tomorrow so hopefully I won't get stuck somewhere!

    Otherwise I haven't had any problems with it (apart from a darn tire pressure sensor getting ripped off when I had a flat and I won't pay over $300 to get it replaced so I have a permanent "tire pressure sensor problem" warning) and I love driving it.

    I did experience the rattling in the transmission when I would brake down to 10 MPH or less and try to negotiate a driveway in the very beginning and I saw that there had been a TSB that seems to address this, but it hasn't happened in over a year now. I thought it had been my imagination until I read about it in a post here.

    Good luck to everyone else. If your mechanic finds a solution to this problem, let us know!
  • nathaliecnathaliec Posts: 3
    Hi Nick012, I'm just seeing your response today, for some reason I didn't get an email telling me about your answer.

    I appreciate your feedback and I will bookmark the info in case I have more problems in the future. No, I didn't have any "misfires on my coil pack" before, it's the first time I had a problem with the car. My problem was a little different, I think, in that I didn't have a problem getting to 40MPH (apart from the fact that it felt sluggish when going from neutral to drive, I kept on thinking that I would stall in the middle of the intersection) but it caught on after a couple of seconds and then would go to 35-40 MPH but then wouldn't switch into a higher gear and I didn't want to drive it any faster for fear of damaging something. I didn't have any warning lights or warnings flash at all.

    As I stated in a reply a little below, the next morning my car was running fine and has been running fine since, a week ago today. I still took it to the dealer's but they couldn't find anything wrong with it and the computer didn't return any problems. So at this point, I'm kind of hoping it won't happen again or if it does, I'll be close to the dealership so they can see what I'm talking about (fat chance with the hours they keep :).
  • fsteilfsteil Posts: 3
    I may have posted before about the jerking when stopping... I had that problem on my 07 and I took update sheet, I found on Comp in and they updated the codes in trans...That took care of the problem...Smooth stopping now....I was still under warranty 36000 mi.....If you need I can locate sheet I gave them.....
  • pagtarappagtarap Posts: 10
    fsteil sir, I have the same problem with the 2010 ford expedition model can you send me a copy of the update? thanx
  • ceegee3ceegee3 Posts: 1
    My 97 Exp has @265000 miles on it. I am the second owner and have had it for about two years without issue. I love my truck and need the space most of all! For the past two weeks I've had some thumping/shaking in my tires when I go over 60mph and when I have been accelerating from a stop, there is hesitation before going to 3rd gear...revs to about 3500 before switching. I thought the thumping was the tires but from reading here I see it might be something else. This morning it started sounding like a lawn's loud and slow...especially when I accelerate and the RPMs are not moving. It sounds like it's coming from the front driver side area. Any suggestions/ideas?
  • well my 2002 expedition's (wife's) transmission thunks at around 50 m/h and makes a grumbling noise at around 60 m/h but not all the times mainly does it after a while from driving it, at start up is ok and at a high speed does good but if we go trough a speed limits of 50 and 55 m/h the tranny will keep on doing the thunking untill we get out of that speed limit range by the way the truck has 112k mile on it, I don't know if changin transmission fluid will help out? can someone give me a hand on this "please" :cry:
  • luvakluvak Posts: 1
    Our 2004 Expedition started jumping out of gear. Took it to dealer, 3 hours later and $100 bill, we were told transmission problems and needed additional appoinment to check skid pan. We removed and checked it and indeed there were chunks. After talk with dealer manager, car towed to dealership and on the computer again, removed skid pan and given obscene quote (even though we were described as long time loyal customers). Got quotes from Independent shops, considerably cheaper, only to discover that transfer case was also destroyed. I'm guessing I might have had to sell some kids in order to pay for it at the dealer. This car has not been driven hard and meticulously maintained and serviced. It only has 62,000 miles on it and in checking, this does not seem to be an isolated incident. In talking to Ford they offered no sort of assistance only a "have a nice day". Will be trading this car in the future and it won't be for a Ford!
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