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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Trailer and Towing Questions



  • chrmdomechrmdome Posts: 107

    The " emergency " switch is actually a small lever on the bottom of the unit. The unit is in easy reach of my left hand..with the right hand on the wheel I would not even loose sight of the road. The unit is level with the bottom of the dash ... no problem, it's not down in the foot well.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Gotcha, from your description it sounded real low, was just worried about your safety is all.

  • dee004dee004 Posts: 1
    I have an 05 F250 Super Duty CC 6.0L. Does anybody know where the connector is under the dash to hook my controller to? I received the connector with the truck and wired it to my new Prodigy controller but can't find the connector under the dash.
  • Chromedome,

    Thanks for the info on the 2007 Silverado brake controller wiring, VERY HELPFUL, I found all the wires as you stated including an orange one under the dash, in that same wiring harness, does the on/off light work on your controller when you apply the brakes without that orange wire being hooked up?
  • chrmdomechrmdome Posts: 107

    I have a Prodigy. The Prodigy has only 4 wires and does not use the orange wire. If I understand the Chevy wiring description, the orange wire is not used. The Prodigy goes on when you move the vehicle and turn on the engine and remains on until the power saver mode kicks in.... at rest , the Prodigy does not have any light display on its screen..until you start the vehicle and then it goes on automatically from movement, it is not wired through the ignition switch.

  • I found this post!! GREAT!!

    Questions, you say fuses 65 + 70.... My GMC has a fuse in 65 and 70 is empty.

    Also, the power from thats under the brake booster, I only find 1 red/black wire. I asume this is correct, but I want to 100% make sure.

    And, where do I hook up the red/black wire. Is it on the front of the under/hood fuse box? Because you talk about small post,big post. Is there a difference.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    Check out this link with pics and the official GM
    tech bulletin with wire color chart for trailer
    brake controller install on 07 GM trucks !!!!

    Why the heck did GM do away with the plug n' play
    setup like the GMT-800s have???????????

    Sure glad my new GmT-900 3/4 has the built in factory
    controller ! :P
  • jklingel8jklingel8 Posts: 10
    I have an 07 Classic, and the wiring was a cake-walk; pigtail in glovebox, plug into harness at floor, and wire to Prodigy. The small "unused" wire is for illuminating the brake controller, which the Prodigy does not need. Keep the wire handy (and well insulated from grounding out) in case you need to illuminate anything, like the knuckle heads at GM who decided to not pre-wire the trucks any more. IDIOTS, I say, even if some folks were screwing the wiring up.
  • aboo155aboo155 Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 silverado with the tow package. supposedly that has an electric brake wiring harness behind the instrument panel. does anyone know where this is?
  • akwrxakwrx Posts: 9
    I have a question that I am hoping you all can weigh (pun intended) in on.

    I am in the market for a used pickup to tow my new boat. I am looking at towing around 6300 lbs on 50 to 100 mile trips 20 times per year. My budget for the truck is around 18K. My question is, should I spend the dollars on a 3/4 ton or a newer 1/2 ton??

    I know that most 1/2 tons are rated to tow that much, but I don't trust those ratings. Also, suggestions for a specific truck brand/year to look for would be appreciated.
  • davethecarnutdavethecarnut Posts: 248
    If the truck is gonna be used more than 20 times a year, you can stick with the 1/2 ton for the better ride when empty or not towing. Any of the american 1/2 tons and the Titan will pull that 6300lbs. easily. Note: make sure the truck came with the factory tow pkg. (see above posts). Because you will get the heavier duty radiator and other parts to make towing easier. ;)
  • grizzly4grizzly4 Posts: 12
    I have a 2003 Chevy 1/2 T Ext Cab. Do you know if it has a pig tail for the trailer brake or if it has a plug for a pig tail?

    Thanks for your help.
  • hotel1hotel1 Posts: 50
    GRIZ........For a couple years ( 02-03?) GM did the
    decontenting thing and quit supplying both the
    trailer and the brake controller plugs..........
    Best bet is a trailer supply, auto parts store,
    or even a GM dealer for replacements.........
  • You do have the factory tow package, right? On my 03 2500, it's under the dash by the steering column. Ask the mfg of the controller how to hook it up for your vehicle. I have a Prodigy, and they answered my question through e-mail
  • cyclorecyclore Posts: 1
    I was reading this forum tonight and have a quesiton. I just bought a 2004 Chevy 2500HD. It has the tranny cooler, oil cooler, etc... The hitch is getting put on Friday. I ordered the wiring harness for under the dash and wired it to a new break box. I plugged it in and using the breaks or manually trying to get the red line to come on it didn't work. I then got out my volt ohm meter and see there is no power where the hot (red) lead is under the dash. I am assuming I need to put a fuse in somewhere under the hood. I have looked and do not see any dummy plugs or open slots for this. Can anyone give me a hand?

  • hotel1hotel1 Posts: 50
    Stumped by GMs wise decision to eliminate the
    underdash plug n play trailer brake controller
    and the underhood mystery wires that must be
    hooked up to get everything working?
    Dealer scratching their head stumped also?

    Check out this link w/pics:

    Heres a link and pic to the underhood mystery wiring
    and where to connect it and where to put the fuse !,67334.20.html
  • hugh8hugh8 Posts: 2
    Just bought a classic 31' 1989 5th wheel. Turns out the original Chevy dually with matching paint job is for sale as well, 70,000 miles, one owner. Its a 4-door crew cab, big block, needs a new heater core. Other than that it runs well (tho the brakes groaned a bit and the guy said it needed fluid). I am looking to go across country for a year or so. I can afford to have a mechanic do a full checkup, replace hoses, etc. But I am no car wiz and don't know whether it would be foolish to take this thing on a long journey. I love the idea of putting the whole rig back out on the road, but got nervous at your comment in a prior discussion of 5-6mpg. Any advice?? Tempted to get a new truck to eliminate headaches - but that doesnt have much style. THANKS!!
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