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Disco I Service Engine light

discoveryone2discoveryone2 Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Land Rover
My "service engine" light switched on. Car has about 85000. Owners manual says this indicates need to service it. Checked for problems with OBD scanner and all is normal, zero codes. This feels like a routine maintenance prompt. Anybody know what this is and how expensive this maintenamnce is? Thanks, B.


  • Does anyone know where the fuse box for the dashboard is in a 1997 landrover. I just purchased one without the users manual.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Yep, normal light... it takes a Testbook to reset it, available only at your friendly Land-Rover service dept.

  • tomy04tomy04 Posts: 6
    you can check you passage side footwell, and trying to find a small control unit with a tamperproof label. remove that unit from plug, and remove tamper proof label,will find a small hole for resetting. :)
  • plesterplester Posts: 3
    I cannot locate where to put the transmission fluid and why does the "Service Engine Soon" light stays on even after being serviced.
  • plesterplester Posts: 3
    Do you have this information for the Disco II?
  • does anyone know how to replace the accelerator cable/spring on a 1996 discovery se7.
  • Is anyone familiar with this code. 2000 disco II with 100k.
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