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Pontiac Grand Am Starting/Stalling Problems



  • I have a 2002 Grand Am V6 with 98k miles. Recently, while the A/C is on, my door locks will unlock until I turn off the A/C. I can let it sit for awhile, and then it works for a few minutes, but then the locks act up again. It only does it when the A/C is on. Yesterday it started blowing the fuse and won't start until I replace a fuse. There obviously is a short somewhere. Any suggestions on where to start??
  • matymaty Posts: 1
    My Grand Am will stall or have alot of diffiulty starting at the gas station after fueling. Most times I have to leave the car run, or will not get it started without pumping on the gas pedal, and then it will run rough for a many minutes after. Any other time the car has no dificulty starting
    If the car is running and the gas cap is removed, you immediately notice the engine running rough. We have replaced the gas cap, and one time we could not get it restarted, towed to garage and they could find nothing wrong with the fuel system, changed the spark plugs. Once we had to crank it so many times we killed the battery, bought a new battery, Already has a new fuel filter, Any ideas?
  • Any help would be appreciated. I drove to work just fine when I went to leave the car wouldn't start. Not even a click or attempt to turn over. I changed the starter which didn't help and I tried jumping the car after that to make sure it had enough charge to turn over. Still no luck. A friend said it might be the computer. Any one here have any ideas?
  • Hello. I have a 2001 Grand Am GT. The other night the car was running fine. Yesterday morning we went to start it and it would crank but not start. After a few times of trying the battery went completely dead. 5 people tried boosting it at different times of the day but it didnt work. Without the boost the car has absolutely no charge at all. I really dont want to take it to the dealer to have it fixed. Any suggestions...battery maybe? Thanks in advance if I can get some help on this one :cry:
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    If you drained the battery then boosting it won't recharge it. Your root problem, even though you could have a weak battery, sounds like it's something else. You need to see if your getting spark to the plugs, fuel to the injectors, etc.
  • so what did you figure out we have the same problem this evening, it worked great today, then tonight car cranks but will not turn over, sounds like it is flooded we let it sit and it does the same.
  • I would start in your dash first.Where your stereo and all the other wires come together thats probably where your problem is and check the back of the fuse block.
  • Ok i replaced head gaskets about a month ago and replaced the pushrods. Then when i went to start the car after it was all put back together it wouldnt run i took it to a shop to get a code on it and they just told me i need a new motor but i dont think that is the case now since i figured out that when i installed the new pushrods i was told by the pontiac dealership they were all short on the front and thats not the case thanks to this forum i got the rod sizes in the correct order but something is still wrong. My car still wont run the only way i can keep it started is to keep giving it gas soon as i let off the gas the car dies. The motors shakes but not as bad as it did before i got the rods in correct order i have a exaust leak on the front manifold so its popping out of there but it should still run ive always had a small leak on the exaust.It seems like the car chokes its self out or the timing is off. I have changed the timing position sensor, and nothing . I have checked all my vacume lines i got new plugs and wires, coil packs still old, I have no idea what is wrong someone please help!!!! Could it be bad throttle position sensor or idle air control valve????? ANYONE ANY IDEAS PLEASE HELP
  • fuhrtfuhrt Posts: 2
    I have a fuel smell inside my 2005 grand am. What could be causeing it?
  • fuhrtfuhrt Posts: 2
    to give more info. the smell is worse when first start when cold. it is coming through the defrost/ventilation. I looked for a leak did not see anything arounf the rear of the engine.
  • hey guys i got a grand am gt year 2001 and every time i give it gas it doesnt hit the next gear right it over revs, its hard to explain it but its as if its struggling to get into the next gear it over revs a little bit and then changes but this is only wen i punch it. I drove a civic and it would shift gears right away so i was a bit worried wen i drove my car right after and it didnt switch right away. hopfully u guys know wat i'm talking about and if not feel free to ask me to clear things up and let me kno if u guys know how to fix this problem. thanks.
  • gtxgtx Posts: 16
    GM paid off on DexCool. I didn't get what I asked for, but I got something. I hope everyone else that had the intake manifold gasket/ head gasket problem got taken care of.

  • OK! I joined this blog hoping have any answers that could help me! Please!

    Last October I made a copy of my key just in case, my aunt used it and the secury light got on, she turn off the car and turn the key around and started the car with no problems.

    Since that my car had some starting problems, I chaged the ignition and the mechanic view for other problems about battery, etc. And was all right!

    Suddenly the starting problems came back! About two weeks ago I drove to my work fine, when I got off the car wouldn't start. You can imagine how I felt, after 45 minutes of traying and no other ideas, I put my car in Neutral and started with no problem. I drop my car to the mechanic and they didn't found nothing because the car started with no problems! (I left my car with them almost 5 days and nothing). :S

    So last Saturday was happy on my day off and what I got? Yes starting problems again! The first time I replay using the same method on Neutral, I stopped in my second place and had the same problem, and did it again on the third one! So I realize that it was the perfect time to drop it with the mechanic so they can experience the same problem and find out what is wrong with my car, but no success, it's Monday now and they haven't got any starting problems at all.

    Any ideas? Help needed! :cry:
  • Good with the 01 grand am.Hope you didnt spend too much on it. Mine has poor accleration. Try cleaning the mass air flow sensor with carborator fluid. That may help. I am trying to get rid of mine. Too bad it stopped working again. :mad:
  • Sorry, no ideas here, but when you find a solution please post it. I have a Grand Am GT '01 with about 119,000 miles on it. I already cut the security wire due to getting sick of having to leave my key in the ON position for an hour in order for my car to relearn the key code. I just had the fuel pump replaced Tuesday, ran good all Wed. Thursday it was low on fuel towards the end of the day. The fuel gauge jumped back and forth from empty to a little more than 1/4 full. (never did that before). Filled it all the way up. That night parked it to wash it. Went to start it up and it would start, then kill about 2 sec later. :mad: Over and over again it would start then kill. I let it sit overnight. The next morning it wouldnt start at all and now makes a low boom noise as I turn the key to OFF after trying to restart it. Once it starts the last drive it will take will be to a dealer to trade it in. It still doesnt start...did anyone ever find out WHY it starts then kills? I have seen this problem here before. :sick:
  • I havent tried putting my car in neutral to get it to start when I had Passlock/security key issues. Look in the Passlock/Security forum on here. It should explain to put the key in the ON position for no less than like 12 min (which lets the car relearn your keycode). Eventually if that doesnt work try 1 hour. Thats what I had to do. But make sure you have your parking break on otherwise the battery will drain. If that turns out to be the solution...think about cutting your security wire. It is posted on the internet how to do that as well. I had to.
  • Here is my problem 3 times in about 500 miles my car has stalled out first time I was doing 45 on a straight away the lights came on and stalled I put it in park started right up went on my way the second time I put gas in it drove about 6 miles slowing to a stop car made a buzzing sound stalled out in the road someone helped me push it to the side would not start up waited about 10 min started right up drove home last night got gas same station (walmart) just about the same spot it stalled out again this time no buzzing just quietly stalled I threw it in neutral started no problem and I went home it is not over heating drives great no engine light or any thing I had a new fuel pump installed in December along with a new battery from time to time security light will come on and I have to wait to start it sometimes the light does not come on i just have to wait to start it anyway the car is a 2003 126thousand miles anyone have any ideas because no one else does.
  • :cry: i have a 96 pontiac grand am has 69000 miles on it had it for about 6 months. was driving home saturday night and the engine light flickered i heard this rapid ticking noise then all of the warning lights flickered and then the engine stalled... the intereior lights were still on, and the head lights were still working... i tried to start it it turned over on the 4th try...i had he battery replaced it worked fine until tonight, i was at a red light and the engine just quit, same thing interior and exterior lights were still on, luckily it started back up on the 3rd attempt... i'm thinking its a short, but what could it be?? back in september i had a new ac compressor put in becasue the other one was shot... NEED HELP PLEASE...
  • You most likely need a new starter. I just had the same problem, and had a new one installed.
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