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Infiniti G35 New Owner Reports



  • bolucaboluca Pittsboro, NCPosts: 25
    top right of instrument cluster there is a button to scroll through the display.
  • mgk5mgk5 Posts: 2
    It worked... Thanks a lot :)
  • kominskykominsky Posts: 850
    Leave it to the Japanese to put it in the wrong place... :P
  • i'm about ready to take the plunge to a g35. i'm considering a m35, but think the g may be just what im looking for.

    any one care to share with me their thoughts on the 5 speed automatic versus the 6 speed manual?

    I'm also leaning toward the sport, but what are the big differences in the sport versus the "x" model?

  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    here's my 2 cents. I considered the M but looked at the design and the fact the engine was 275HP vs 306 for the 2008 G35x, that made me think the M35 is a REV behind the G35 especially considering the 09 G37 Sedan the G35 replacement has 326HP.
    As far as the 6 SP Manual vs the 5 speed, reviews show the difference 0-60 to be very minor tenths of a second the gas mileage maybe 1-2 MPG better. Bottom line I just came out of a 6 speed I loved for the first 3 years than got very tired of, so it depends in the type of traffic you drive in. I drive mostly in non high traffic time periods and enjoyed playing with the performance advantage of the stick, but after 3 + years I was looking for out. The automatic is very quick. If I were you I would make sure I liked the way the stick drove meaning clutch engagement point, stiffness of the clutch, how the car launch's things like that. Things you realize pretty quickly can be a major detriment.

    As far as the sport vs the X on non X it is different size tires front and rear (Actually a negative) paddle shifters, the trim, the wheels (The best looking part as far as I'm concerned) and the seats, which you actually have to sit in to see if you like as the seat bolsters are pretty tight, search the internet people are taking there cars into upholstery shops to cut out supports to make them comfortable long term.

    BTW I love my new G35X with premium and Nav

    Good Luck with your Decision
  • Driving my buddies new g35s and i think i stuck the key in the wrong way bcause im not used to the oush button start. the key is jammed in and i cant figgure out how to get it out! someone please help me...
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