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Mercury Grand Marquis Water Leaks

I have a 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis that leaks water on the driver's side whenever it rains. I have spoke with several mechanics and took it to the auto shop but no one can find where it comes in. I have sprayed water on the windshield and still couldn't find the leak. Has anyone else had this problem???


  • Hi! Go to the post about the water leak on the 98 to 2002 Lincoln town car. This is about the water leaking on the passenger side, but will probably be the same problem which is a gasket seal under the black plastic tray that is under the black plastic cover that is under the wiper arm. Bill E
  • 2006gm2006gm Posts: 1
    our 2006 grand marquis leaks water that pools on the floor in the right rear. :mad:
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    Here is a link to that topic in Maintenance & Repair. Water Leaks-How to fix and find

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  • Hi Karen! My Lincoln was a 2001 and the repair cost at dealer was $195 but your 2006 should be covered under warranty.
    Your dealer will know what to do as they have had plenty of Crown vics, Merc Marquis and Lincoln Town Cars that leaked1

    Water runs through the bad seal, then down under the front carpet and then to the back carpet. The first time I noticed it the front didn't seem as wet as the back, but found out it depends on which way the car is sitting as the next time it leaked in both front and back A LOT! Bill E
  • leovicleovic Posts: 2
    Hello, I have a 2000 Crown Victoria. I've just found that the carpet underneat the passenger side is completely wet (but not damped on the top)...the carpet and floor mat in front of the back seat (passenger side) are completely wet. The car is kept in a garage most of the times. Do you think it's the same problem? I have the impression that the water is coming from underneat the car...bellow the back seat of the passenger side. Thanks a lot for your input!
  • beaton38beaton38 Posts: 8
    Hi! I'll bet it is that bad gasket and if your car sat outside more you would find that the carpet would be soaking wet after a big rain.

    Water runs through the bad seal, then down under the front carpet and then to the back carpet. The first time I noticed it the front didn't seem as wet as the back, but found out it depends on which way the car is sitting as the next time it leaked in both front and back A LOT! Your Ford dealer has probably had dozens of these, so they will know of the fix. Bill Eaton
  • leovicleovic Posts: 2
    Hey Bill,

    Thank you so much for your reply. I'll take the car to the dealer...hopefully the repair won't be expensive! I'll post the outcome.

    Best regards, Leo
  • lovemymgmlovemymgm Posts: 1
    My 2001 merc marq leaks on drivers side floor have change heater core, & front winshield (had a small crack in it) and still have the leak please somebody tell me what the real problem is!!!
  • beaton38beaton38 Posts: 8
    Hi! Most of these develop your type leak. Usually it's on the passenger side, but some leak on the drivers side!

    See my previous posts: the dealer has had dozens of these so he will know what to do. My 2001 Town car did this and the dealer said 'that's a common problem'. Cost fixing it was a little less than $200. That was in January and it hasn't leaked since. Bill Eaton
  • Hi,
    Our Merc Marq leaks on the drivers side. It has been to two different dealers and so far it has been a BIG waste of money at both places and we still have the leak. We are in Winston Salem, NC. Our windshield was replaced, rubber in side windows have been replaced, Seals have been replaced, black plastic tray around windshield wipers have been cleaned out. Love the car but ready to throw up hands. Did you get yours fixed and what was the problem????? Thank you.
  • beaton38beaton38 Posts: 8
    Hi! If you can figure out how to get to the past posts there were several who had the same problem with Merc, Linclon TC and Ford Crown vics.

    Basicly....there is a gasket that is behind that plastic tray under the windshield wipers. That gasket goes bad and when it pours rain.... it leakes. It may leak more one time than another as it depends on how the car is sitting.

    Dealer replaced that gasket with silicone seal and it has not leaked yet. Dealer says it's a common problem. Cost was about $190 which included the dealer keeping the car for three days and drying out the carpets. Bill E
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    If you can figure out how to get to the past posts...

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  • Sounds like you need to watertest the car yourself. Hopefully you know a little about how to remove interior trim. Its easy . Pull the side plates off and lift the rug up in the front. Park the car the way you normally do ..uphill downhill rightside higher...left side higher. Slide the seat back so you have lots of visibility on the floorpan. Dry it out so you dont get fooled by existing water. Heater will work fine. Get out the hose. clean the hose so not dirt is on it ..dont want to scratch the paint. Approach the car from the pass rear and set the hose on the roof. Put a towel down so the metal hose end doesent scratch the paint. Put something like a block of wood on the end of the hose so that it stays there. turn on the water so it rolls towards the front and down the windshield...and over the front and hopefully rear door. Let the water run. Be patient. Get out your flashlight and open the pass front door so you can observe any water trailscoming in on the drivers side. If your sight is bad puff some baby powder over the floorpan and up the sides . wetness or trails will be more obvious with the powder. Eventually the leak will show itself. Let me know what you come up with. Sounds like we will have to figure this one out ourselves since the dealer doesent know how to fix leaks. I do. All other replies in this section tell how to fix the passenger side leak but they dont apply to a driver side problem. Write back with a full explanation of what you come up with and I will help you figure this out . Been doin this 25 years.
  • I have a '97 Crown Vic which use to have a water leak on the driver's side carpet. I had to remove the wiper arm on that side and lift that plastic tray up and clear leaves and other debris that had plugged a weep hole. I used a long piece of plastic (12" cable tie worked for me) and swished it around until water began running out behind the drivers side front wheel as it should. I have not had a problem since and it has rained cats and dogs here on several occasions. The whole procedure takes about an hour as there are five or six screws to be removed and a plastic snap off rivet to be removed but you only have to do this once. Hope this helps.
  • I came across your post looking for ideas on how to fix mine, and sure enough I've seen here that a lot of folks are with the same problem. I know were the water is coming in, right thru the lower plenum (I think that's how is called) which indeed is the lower portion of the outside vent. I did the clean up and check up of the gasket but it looked good to me I applied a bit of plummers putty to the
    far right side of the gasket to cover every gap, and still it leaks when I put the hose like you said on the roof towards the right side of the windshield. My idea is if there is a gasket right at the firewall were it meets the
    plenum inside the car, how can I replace this without messing to much withtall that plastic, my Grand Marquis is a 92 and after all those years things can get pretty brittle.Thanks for your help.

  • Hi Mike! I think the only sure way to stop this leak is to do what the previous posts say. The dealer did my 2001 Town Car, but charged me a little less than $200.

    I think Ford Motor Co should have had a recall on all these Ford Crown Vic, Mercury Marq, and Lincoln town cars to fix this problem but they have not! Bill Eaton
  • Hi Bill;

    After my first posting, I did called the local Ford dealer in which I have a friend working at the parts dept., and asked him if he had heard of that problem, he said no but in fact he has a 92 Marquis as well and it leaks at exactly
    the same place, but he did not mind as long as it drives good. After checking for the gasket he said the same thing mentioned here, they sell the entire plenun for $65.98. So
    I will start today by taking that air intake out and prepare the gasket myself with plummers putty, and observe
    how it behave before closing that area again. I will also look for a drain tube that should be somewere around the A/C plenum at the engine side firewall to see if it is clogged., By the way do you know were it might be?. Thanks.
  • That black plastic tray which is under the plastic cover with the slots and holes for the wipers was filling up with water on my 97 crown vic. After I got the leaves and other debris out of it I felt a small round hole at the bottom right side.This is the weep hole that I referred to in my previous post. I swished a 12" cable tie around in it and water immediately began draining behind the drivers side front wheel. I put it all back together and have not had a problem since August. I have no idea why the gasket should have to be replaced if the water does not overflow as it is draining properly.
  • Last night I pulled the wipers and plastic cover (everything clean under there), pulled the intake at the right side, which by the way was perfectly clean inside that
    housing. I did find the weep hole and make sure was not clogged because I swished the area with the cable tie.
    After checking the gasket I've decided it was deformed mainly flattened, so I removed it and applied a thick bead of silicone and tight everything back. I haven't tested out yet, and it's sunny today, so later on today I'll spray some water on that area to see if it made a difference.
    Will post result, but still can't understand (as vernes97
    mentioned on previous post) if nothing is clogged and water
    runs free on that area why water sips thru there and ends up
  • I hope yours is fixed. A mechanic at a used car dealer told me that they routinely fix interior carpet leaks by doing just what I did. MY 1996 E350 was doing the same thing last year but was much easier to fix as there was a foot long hose that drained the wiper tray into the inside fender area.It was totally clogged with leaves and stuff. I didn't have to remove anything as the hose was right out there in plain sight and easy to remove.
    One thing I didn't mention about the crown vic is that I drilled a small hole just to the right and of that weep hole after all the water drained out in the plastic tray as insurance. The hole was in the side rather than the base of the tray. My carpet has stayed dry after numerous heavy rains.
    Good luck and best wishes.
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