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Mercury Grand Marquis Water Leaks



  • cathiewcathiew Posts: 1
    I have a water leak - passenger side - not coming from windshield, no debris clogging cowl; not coming from heater fan motor; dealer says leak is a common problem most likely coming from windshield wiper motor cowl and can repair for $400 -$500. Any ideas where else it could be coming from?
  • afretafret Posts: 2
    My wife & I inhereted the 96 Crown Vic from her parent's estate....found that we have a water leak. Only on the passenger side--but BOTH front and back floor boards are wet after a hard rain. I read about 5 pages of posts on this discussion...but, haven't seen comments about both front and rear floor boards becoming wet. If the water is coming in through the firewall (as it seems with most of these posts) can the rear floor board become wet?

    BTW....took the car to the local Ford dealership. Lets just say they found nothing and had only wags at the potential problem.
  • afretafret Posts: 2
    Took it to the dealership (again) to give them more time to troubleshoot. They found the problem...they said it was a hardened door seal (NOT--notice my sarcasm). A friend suggested an auto body shop as they deal with things like this on a regular basis. So I did...they called within a couple of hours and said that they wiper tray drainage seal was bad. $125 later...and numerous rains, it's dry!
  • My 2006 Grand Marque leaks rain a lot of water on the right rear passenger side.
  • Does anyone know of a fix for this problem.
  • I purchased 2008 , used, from dealeship-the dr door was maladjusted-rubber sealant on windshield-front cowl maladjusted --Dealer said nothing was wrong with car at sale..--whenever I use wipers and washer the cabin fill with fumes from washer fluid. Also ac never gets cool on 80 degree days with 3 people inside. 2nd dealership charged me about 800$- they readjusted dr door and trunk lid--watered down washer fluid so as not to have a scent--completly ignored me when i suggested washer fumes leaking into cabin and lack of ac cooling was the same problem--lack of sealing. Also --when stopped behind idling cars -there exhaust is overwhelming.. also-the windshield fogs up on most rainy days. I do not use washer when cleaning windshield because of obnoxious fumes leaking inside. I must handwash/clean. Service-depts really are not astute to troubleshoot and fix-- A good dashboard/firewall tech could easily detect and fix this issue. I am sure there is at least one service dept with one qualified service rep in the Wash.,,DC area. I will continue on to a third service dept --just maybe I will luck up and have this one thing fixed and resolve all the above issues. I hope this letter helps you to refine and define your issues with water leaks or any leaks that brings in fumes- leaks ac air cooling, winter time heating not warm enough, foggy windows. thanks for reading id: sorrymodelyr08
  • faxjaxfaxjax Posts: 1
    I too had the infamous water leak on the passenger side.
    The passenger side wheel well needed removed then I could see the 1 bolt and nut that allowed water to run back in the cabin. The bolt was just under the Heater box assembly. Just put a silicone around it, and around the rubber flapper hole in the firewall. No more leak.

    Thanks to all that posted their scenerios This helped track down my issue.
  • perry16perry16 Posts: 2
    with 50 yrs experience i never saw water go up hill 99% of the time it is drain holes that are clogged under windsheild cowlings
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