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Nissan Pathfinder Fuel Problem

esoriaesoria Posts: 7
I have an 1988 nissan pathfinder. It's ran we'll for quite sometime till last week when i was driving and it felt a little hesitation. I didn't think much og it till it started getting worse and worse till now i step on the gas and it stalls. It will shut off, i have to keep stepping on the gas to stay on.
Does anyone know what it would be. I need to get it running asap.


  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    One possibility (of many) is you got some gas with water in it. If there is enough water you may have to drain the tank, but a good place to start is to put a litre or so of isopropyl alcohol in the tank. It absorbs the water and is itself absorbed in the gas, spreading the water throughout the fuel, allowing the engine to burn it without stalling.
  • esoriaesoria Posts: 7
    I had replaced the fuel filter last week and it did help for about 3hrs. It ran like a champ then 3hrs later did it again. I'm in square one. RPM's jump around. if i don't have my foot on the gas it shuts off. If i'm driving i need to keep stepping on the pedal back and forth so it will go and i can't step on it to hard or it bogs out. I'm draining the tank as i'm typing!
  • esoriaesoria Posts: 7
    i drained fuel tank and replaced fuel filter and it runs like a champ now but now at idle the rpm's jump around or completly shuts down. I did put injection cleaner with fuel. how can i keep it running at idling?
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    There is probably a separate idle fuel circuit. It sounds like there is still a little water in that circuit. Or it could be dirt - you probably found rust in the tank along with the water. That rust will clog the idle passages in the throttle body. The last time I got a bad tank of fuel I had to drain the tank and clean the rest of the system as well - including disassembly of the throttle parts to clean them out.

    Did you find water in the fuel tank when you drained it?
  • esoriaesoria Posts: 7
    Yes i did find water in the fuel tank.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    OK, as I posted before, run some isopropyl alcohol through the system. You can save money by buying it as isopropyl alcohol or you can pay more by buying it as gasline antifreeze. One litre or so to a tank should be enough. Or fill up with the 10% ethanol fuel, which will do the same job. Either way will get rid of the last of the water. If it still runs roughly after that, there is probably "rust powder" stuck in some orifice in the fuel system. The effects of the alcohol will fix it in just a few minutes if it's just water.
  • esoriaesoria Posts: 7
    I ran some heet but still have same problem. RPM's are all over and now the engine light is on. I need to step on gas to stay on. It even back fires at times and muffler seems to be hotter than usual.
  • esoriaesoria Posts: 7
    What's does an a.b. valve do. The hose was broke. I replaced would that had done anything?
  • esoriaesoria Posts: 7
    I'm back to square one. It shuts off and no acceleration. I step on the gas and it hesitates big time. Any suggestions?
  • I have a 2005 LE that since I purchased it 2 weeks ago won't allow me to put fuel in the tank without it taking up to or above 15 minutes. The auto fill tank sensor shuts it off every $1 or so. You have slowly remove the nozzle and find a good position for it - which only allows you to continue filling - but continuing to shut itself off. The dealer told me that Nissan is aware of the problem but they can't do anything about it? Has anyone heard or seen this problem?
  • Personally, I think the dealer is BS'ing you. This is not an issue specific to any car brand.

    I've been to gas stations that take 15 minutes to fill, and I've been to others that take 3 minutes. Some shut off at the slightest back pressure from the filler neck, others don't care one way or the other.

    When you fill up, put the nozzle all the way into the filler neck, then pull it out a bit to allow for an air gap between the nozzle's rubber seal and the opening of the filler neck. That should help. If not, find another gas station with faster, less sensitive pumps.
  • Hi. I am having the same problem with a 2006 Nissan Altima that I purchased 4 months ago. I have taken it in to be repaired 3 times now. I is going back to the shop tonight. The first time they told me I did not know how to but fuel in my vehicle. The second time after i wrote a letter to Nissan Corp. reminding them of the lemon law they fixed the car. The problem was fixed for about 2 months before it started again. I suggest you continue to bother them until they fix the problem or give you a new car.
  • linighlinigh Posts: 1
    I have an '06 Pathfinder. Love the thing, with the exception of the gas mileage of course. It's supposed to take premium fuel, but are any of you putting in the (87 octane) cheap stuff & how is your engine running? I mixed gasolines (went from the expensive to the cheap) one time, & the "check engine" light came on & the car just about stalled out on me. I barely made it to the dealership, & they asked if I had mixed different types of gasoline. Well, the car got fixed & I was told to use at least the mid-grade gas. I've been doing that - yesterday it cost me nearly $70. But I'd like to know what kind of gas you put in your Pathfinder if it's '06 or later & have you had any engine problems from going to the "cheap" gas??
  • lewisllewisl Posts: 1
    I started having the same problem with my 91 pathfinder, so I did the alcohol thing and sea foam and replaced the fuel filter etc., to no avail, and finally a smart friend of mine told me it was probably the oxygen sensor, or possibly my catalytic converter causing the problem: rough running, hesitating, worse gas mileage etc.

    They won;t pull code on a truck as old as mine around here, so I'm not sure if thats what it is, although I'm ALMOST sure. My brakes went out today and I'm not sure why, which is why I'm here, and that has to be fixed first.
  • My 2005 Pathfinder SE failed emission because of a malfunctioned Fuel Level Sensor and I ended up stranded on a busy interstate. Can anyone enlighten me about this issue and what will it take to fix it? Any one know any good Nissan places in the north Atlanta, GA area.

    P.S: This is the first and last Nissan I buy by the way.
  • The service engine soon light on my 01 pathfinder is on again. The service manual tells me a lean situation on the right bank fuel injector. I have performed just about every possible fix the service manual tells me to check on but the problem persist. The fixes I've done are: replaced the oxygen sensor; replaced all fuel injectors; checked for exhaust gas leaks; replaced fuel pressure regulator;checked mass air flow sensor.

    Anybody knows the answer. Please the car is due for emissions test and I am sure it will fail. Iam sure the dealer will charge me an arm and a leg to have repaired..
  • is it okay to use regular gas, any noticeable effects
  • Did you find out what was wrong?
    How was it Fixed?

  • The feul sensor stops working on the Pathfinders around 40k miles (out of warranty). I am trying to get Nissan to fix it for me, however they insist that I take the suv to the dealer. The dealer wants to charge over $100 to tell me what others have told me for free. It is just an issue of principal. Nissan messed up with the quality of this part and if enough of us complain directly to Nissan (not the dealer) maybe we can get a recall to happen.
  • How did you check your MAF sensor? Last year my Pathy was losing power until it stoped and it would not run anymore; i would start it but three seconds later it would shut off.

    I went to dealer and baught the Maxima 01 MAF sensor because it is a lot cheaper and fits Pathfinder 100% because it is basically the same engine.

    The AWESOME power of my Pathy returned and i am happy.

    Please remove your MAF and see if engine runs any different.
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