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2008 Nissan Rogue



  • brett2007brett2007 Posts: 39
    I'm really excited about the Nissan Rogue, especially if the pricing/specs are accurate. I'm looking to replace my 2002 Liberty by the end of the year. I need something that get better gas mileage than the 17.4 avg mpg that I get from my Liberty now (which is in 2WD 99% of the time).

    My current prospects are:

    '08 Nissan Rogue - Right now this is the top contender. I really like the styling and from the early reports, it looks like its gonna have all the features I want/need (except maybe navigation) at a reasonable price. I just wish Nissan would release the final pricing/specs. It appears that the Qashqai offers a Nav. system, so maybe it'll be on the Rogue as well.

    '08 Jeep Liberty - Though I am getting sick of Jeep and Chrysler's financial problems concern me a bit.

    '08 Honda CR-V - Lacking a little in power, and now Bluetooth option. Will definitely be giving this a testdrive, I may be in the minority, but I like the new look of this one. Glad they got rid of the horizontal tailgate.

    '08 RAV4 - I really don't like the horizontal rear door on my Liberty, but at least that has the sep. top half which opens vertically to put stuff in, or allow long things to stick out. The RAV-4 only opens to the side, which is terrible if someone is parked behind you. :(

    '08 Saturn VUE - I like the new look of this, but again, no Bluetooth and no prospect of BT since GM is married to OnStar. Still waiting on the final specs, will definitely test drive it.

    '08 Hyundai Tucsan - Don't know much about Hyundai. They used to be considered a cheap company, but it seems their rep has gotten better over the years. Great warranty, this one will at least get a test drive.

    '08 Mitsubishi Outlander - Has a lot of features, priced well, and has a great warranty. Don't know anyone who owns one, or a Mitsu period. Have read several complaints of engine noise and mysterious rattling noises on the '07 models, maybe it'll be fixed for '08.

    '08 Subaru Forrester - Gets good gas mileage and handles well. It is reasonably priced, but might be a little too much like a station wagon for me.

    '08 Mazda CX-7 - Cockpit felt a bit cramped when I sat in one at the dealership about 6 months ago, but might warrant another look.

    '08 VW Tiguan - Still waiting on the specs on this one. Unfortunately all spy shots had that HORRID color.
  • I plan to replace my wifes Tribute for something that gets better gas mileage also.I am hooked on Nissans because I have had eight and all were reliable.My current Altima is coming up on 200,000 miles without a hiccup.I had planned on a Jeep Patriot until I read about the Rogue.It pushed the Jeep to the number 2 slot.Have you had trouble with Jeep?
  • brett2007brett2007 Posts: 39
    Before I bought the Jeep Liberty, I had two different Cherokees. On both the Cherokees right at about the 4 year point the AC died and the way the car is built they have to take apart the whole dash to get to the pieces they need to replace, costing thousands of dollars.

    I traded in the 2nd Cherokee (for the '02 Liberty) to avoid shelling out money to fix the AC.

    I bought the first model year of the Liberty and so far there have been 3 (or 4) recall repairs that needed to be done, otherwise things haven't been so bad.

    I am just about at 81k, there was one transmission issue that came up at about 79k miles. Fortunately because it happened before 80k miles I didn't have to pay for that (due to some federal law), it would have cost me 2-3k, but I did have to pay $200 for new O2 sensors.

    I was initially excited about the (better gas mileage) Patriot, but its been delayed for months. In the meantime I've seen other vehicles that interest me more. I have heard Chrysler has been having financial issues, so I'm not sure I want to buy another Chrysler vehicle. I think its just time for something new. I have heard really good things about both Nissan, Honda and Toyota. So I figure I'd give them a good look this time.

    Before I bought the Liberty, I did test drive a Ford Escape, but I really preferred the interior/features of the Liberty. I got more of a passenger/delivery van feel from the Escape.
  • Thanks for the info.I only know one person with a Liberty thats 4 years old,but very low miles.My Tribute has been OK but my daughters 2001 Escape needs a transmission.She is going to either a Hyundai or a Honda.
  • I have a 2003 Tribute that I looking to trade in 2008, Want better gas mileage, better safety & styling, my short list includes:

    Nissan Rogue

    Hyundai Santa Fe Limited

    Honda CRV EXL

    Ford Escape Hybrid

    Toyota Rav4 is off the list as I do not like the rear door.
  • A friend of mine has a Santa Fe and he gets about the same MPG as my Tribute.Otherwise it would be on my list also.
  • twaintwain Posts: 185
    That's a great list of prospects. A few of my thoughts...

    Rogue: Sounds promising to me too. The 2.5 and CVT do great in the Altima. The styling is slick and power and mpg should be good. The biggest threat to the CRV IMO.

    Liberty: I'm not a Liberty fan. But it's the best on your list for offroad. MPG not very good. For those more interested in price and economy, consider the new Jeep Patriot.

    Honda CRV: Great choice for good economy and well equipped. Those who want a 250hp V6 won't like it.

    RAV4: A killer V6 that gets decent mpg. I don't like the rear mounted spare.

    Vue2008: Will know more after test drives. The 3.6 V6 and 6sp auto sound great tho. Curious about mpg and pricing.

    Tuscon: Great warranty. MPG a little disappointing, even with the 4cyl. Like the styling. A little porky for the size.

    08 Outlander: An alternative to RAV4 and Santa Fe. Might be a case of good but not great.

    Forester: Great all around choice. Decent power, good economy and the security of AWD. May be too close to "car/wagon" for some tastes. The turbo is a hot rod blast.

    Mazda CX7: Great looks. Handling of a Mazda. Don't like the idea of premium fuel for the turbo. A good V6 might have been better.

    Tiguan: Real excited about finally getting a diesel SUV. Styling is good, mpg should be excellent. Pricing unknown. Like the Vue, will know more after test drives.
  • twaintwain Posts: 185
    Right now we have a Mazda Tribute with the V6.

    Well, we ended up buying a 2007 Mariner V6 for my wife. With a $2200 discount on the D Plan plus 0% financing, it was hard to turn down. ;) She loves it, I like it ok except for the mpg.

    My choice would have been a CRV or wait for the Rogue.
  • brett2007brett2007 Posts: 39
    I'm pretty sure that the Turbo engine on the Forester also requires premium gas as well.

    Unfortunately I've seen some reports that claim the VW Tiguan is an '09 model. Sent VW an email for more info, will post if I hear anything back.

    Right now I'm mostly interested in the pricing/specs/test drive for both the VUE and the Rogue. VUE is supposed to be available Spring '07 so I imagine we'll see these specs soon. Anynoe know when Nissan usually publishes the final specs of their fall-released cars?

    I believe the new (Dodge-Nitro-Like) Liberty is supposed to be revealed at the NY Auto Show during the first week of April so those specs might be available soon as well. Though I'm not expecting much in terms of MPG from the Liberty. The Patriot definitely appears to be the way to go for better MPG on Jeep.

    One addition that I might make to my list is the '08 Hybrid Ford Escape. After Federal rebates it could fall into my price-range as well. It looks like Ford classed up the interior a bit from when I looked at the Escape 5+ years ago, but for some reason it still looks a little cheap inside to me. (Same with the Huyndai Tucson). Maybe its the single color dash/wheel thing that just turns me off.
  • brett2007brett2007 Posts: 39
    I just got this response back from VW regarding the Tiguan:

    Dear Brett,

    Thank you for your interest in the Volkswagen Tiguan. At this time, this model is considered to be a concept only, but is being preliminarily explored by Volkswagen for possible inclusion into our model lineup at some point in the future. A decision has not been made as of yet.

    If you would like to be updated when information becomes available about
    the possibility of the Tiguan, please send us your complete name,
    mailing address and email address information.

    We appreciate your interest in Volkswagen.

    So I suspect this means the Tiguan will not be available in 2008. If the Tiguan's TDI turns out to not be 50-state emission standards friendly then I wouldn't be able to get it in MA anyways. :(
  • I was hoping the Jeep Patriot would have come out with a diesel,as I understand it the PT Cruiser in Europe has one.From what I heard it was something about emissions.
    The 2.5 Nissan engine is a big selling point for me
  • twaintwain Posts: 185
    One addition that I might make to my list is the '08 Hybrid Ford Escape.

    It's a matter of personal choice but I'd rather pay 20k for a conventional 4cyl that gets 30hwy than 30k for a hybrid that doesn't do much better. Granted, city mpg will be better on the hybrid.

    But I just don't think hybrids are cost effective. Except maybe the Prius or the Civic. I'd prefer a diesel over a hybrid. Great mpg, loads of torque and less expensive. The TDI VW Golf was near 50mpg hwy and had a 700 mile range on a tank. That is sweet. ;)
  • I agree.I live in a hilly area where a hybrid wouldnt make much sense and with the snow we get AWD is a must.A few years back a friend had a VW Rabbit diesel pickup that we drove 150 miles round trip to work.The thing ran forever.And fuel was cheap then.
  • twaintwain Posts: 185
    I was hoping the Jeep Patriot would have come out with a diesel,as I understand it the PT Cruiser in Europe has one.

    How does this sound?... A Patriot that gets 40mpg hwy and has 250lbs of torque. Please, hurry up with the diesels!
  • flightnurseflightnurse at 35K feetPosts: 1,522
    Well the Liberty Diesel didn't get anything CLOSE to 40 MPG..
  • Yeah, thats what I remember reading.Wasnt it something like 18 or 19?What kind of MPG does the PT Cruiser thats sold overseas get I wonder.
  • flightnurseflightnurse at 35K feetPosts: 1,522
    regarding what the MPG is over in Europe its a much different way to calculate then what we use here in North America. Remember, in Europe thier Diesels are usally small ones, like 1.2l or 1.5l in cars of PT curiser style. But I believe in Europe the PT cruisers diesel is 1.8L turbo diesel..
  • Not to change the subject but I got a brochure,actually more like a pamplet from Nissan today about the Rogue
  • twaintwain Posts: 185
    Well the Liberty Diesel didn't get anything CLOSE to 40 MPG..

    The Liberty is much heavier than the Patriot. And the Liberty used a 2.8, I think the European Patriot has a 2.0. The 1.9 turbodiesel in the VW Golf was rated at 49mpg hwy.

    If a 2.4 gas engine can achieve 30hwy in the Patriot, there's no reason a good diesel can't hit 40. With a lot more torque.

    And to stay on subject, I hope Nissan offers a diesel in the Rogue too. ;)
  • Didnt Nissan offer a diesel some years back in the Sentra or some other passenger car?
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