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2008 Nissan Rogue



  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    just became an owner of a 08 SL AWD loaded to the gills - MSRP $28070.00, paid $25500 plus TTL but not incl $500.00 rebate using the internet for 'bids' - don't know if that is good other than it is a bunch lower than Edmunds TMV - Comments?

    Agree with you about things like leather, bluetooth, and the xenons being tied to the AWD SL only - I live in Texas and would not have gotten the AWD otherwise although I do like the fact that both it and the VSC are easily user switchable. At this point obviously a bit early to tell too much about this vehicle as this is replacing an Altima but I especially like the perforated and heated leather seats as well as the XM/Bose upgrade. Heading on a long trip in it (about 1800 total miles) this week and am expecting FE something in the high 20s - guess we'll see.
  • renogeorgerenogeorge Posts: 8
    Where can I buy a locking gas cap for my 2008 Nissan Rogue? Would I have any problems with a locking gas cap? Will it make any of the engine lights light up? Any suggestions? Thank you.

    PS I just love this car. I bought it last Friday from Pohanka Nissan in Frederickburg, VA and they gave me a great deal and we ver y nice and professional. I first dealt with them by email and they honored the figures promised on the email exactly.
  • mlmcgaheemlmcgahee Posts: 102
    Part no. for the Rogue (and many late model Nissans) is #10508
  • renogeorgerenogeorge Posts: 8
    I went to Advanced Auto Parts and they looked up the Stant Locking Gas Cap and after I gave them the part #10508 they said this was the wrong #. They said the correct number is 11508 and that the gas cap does not lock and they do not have any locking gas cap for the Rogue.

    Any suggestions to find a locking gas cap?
  • psfod3psfod3 Posts: 63
    I am trying to decide between a 09 Forester premium and a Rogue sl awd premium.
    If they both have around the same horsepower why can the Forester tow 2400 pounds and the Roguen only 1000 pounds? Is this a weakness in the cvt tranny under stress?
  • mlmcgaheemlmcgahee Posts: 102
    This is from the Stant web site:

    Fuel Cap
    Regular Fuel Cap: 10838
    Regular Locking Fuel Cap: 10508

    Look it up.....

    Stant Part Locator
  • renogeorgerenogeorge Posts: 8
    I went to another Advanced Auto Parts store and they had the locking gas cap for the Rogue. Strange that one had it, and another did not. I bought it and it fits exactly like the one that came with my Rogue.">
  • tamoshantertamoshanter Posts: 33
    got my rogue SL AWD in 12/07 and already have 18,000 miles on it - i commute almost 3 hours/day. the CVT is very smooooth - took an adjustment to get used to the sound and acceleration (feels like my clutch slipping), but for a 4 banger, the acceleration is very good. not as much space in the back - but again, i had a 2001 grand caravan sport, so was spoiled on that. but after totaling it on a deer here in VA, didn't need such a big vehicle to commute in (kids grown now) and wanted better mileage. on a straight, even highway, i can get up to 30 mpg. Bose sound system is great and so is having the bluetooth! before when i had the stereo blazing, i couldn't hear the phone ring. now it rings up on the radio, so i don' thave the excuse to my wife that i didn't hear her call me. Sunroof is great, ride is verrrry smooth and i have plenty of space for myself (am almost 6' and big) very comfortably. absolutely no complaints, other than they put a Class II hitch on it instead of the Class III (2") by mistake. don't need it for towing, but for a bike rack - which aftermarket from etrailers works great. plenty of comfort and room for myself and my wife - and even for the two adult kids riding in the back; just can't take as much junk as we used to in the van.
  • just came back from a 2100 mile round-trip from VA to FL with 4 adults, 5 suitcases and 2 duffle bags ( we were driving down to Port Canaveral for a 5 day cruise - definitely the way to go, given airlines are now penalizing you for carrying more than one suitcase!!!). used a samsonite soft-top on the roof-rack. a little tight, but comfortable enough for th 13+ hour drive down and 15+ hour drive back (coming back, took two days) absolutely no problems with acceleration loaded down - for a 4 cyl. - and loaded down, averaged about 22 mpg (with poor wind resistance because of the soft top). in 100 degree+ weather in FL, A/C worked great and didn't seem to tax the engine at all; lots of positive comments from people thinking it was a Murano (i tell them it's the Murano's younger brother, that takes REGULAR gas, not PREMIUM!, and better mileage). absolutely NO mechanical problems at all during the whole trip.

    Pluses: very good mileage; very good performance for a 4 cylinder loaded down (remember, this is NOT a Honda Accord V6 with 6Manual!), CVT worked wonderfully - with not a hitch and smooth acceleration, fair comfort for 4 adults (of course, previously we were spoiled with a Grand Caravan Sport, so not fair to compare), XM radio and bluetooth were great.
    Minuses: a little cramped, and difficult to pack (what do you expect for the size), bottomed out a couple of times (we were probably maxed out on the GVWR), but no damage other than a scraped bottom of trailer hitch, wished the back seat would recline, wished for extra power plug in the back,

    rogue now has over 22,000 miles since 12/07, and no problems. took it to oil change after trip and all they recommneded was replacing the air filter (which looked fine to me, so i told them i'd replace it later)
  • I have a new Rogue with about 360 miles. I was just wondering if anyone has a feeling for how accurate the MPG indicator is on the trip computer. It seems to move around without much consistency. It has been as high as 27.2 and as low as 21 when going on an expressway without the AC on.
  • jimmysan1jimmysan1 Posts: 5
    It is actually very accurate. The MPG indicator is tied to a powerfull computalized system that shows the change of the MPG every time you accelerate smothly or fast as well as if you break. The concept of MPG is very changing and it is related with almost every maneuver you make when you drive in conjunction with wind, weight, type of gas, etc.
  • pitkeyspitkeys Posts: 18
    and it is related with almost every maneuver you make when you drive in conjunction with wind, weight, type of gas, etc.

    Which is averaged since the previous reset, according to the OM and SMs around here. If that's true, then my readout has been running much lower at between 26 and 28 vs. pump calcs of 33-35 (first three tankfuls, rounded and from same pump over same route).

    I've had MPG readouts on many cars and they've all been lower than real world.

    Some of these have been instantaneous updates (more or less), rather than averaged. IMO, that's more useful (if accurate) since you can vary inputs to conditions to get max MPG. And that can teach one a lot about how to use the powertrain for best MPG. And is kind of skippy to watch when you hypermile.

    However, this can distract one from being on top of road awareness.
  • jimmysan1jimmysan1 Posts: 5
    That is exactly one of the purposes of this revolutionary system, to educate the driver in how to use the powertrain to get a much better MPG but you have to keep your eyes on the road.. you can tell your wife to give you a hand on this... good luck and enjoy your Rogue!!
  • flightnurseflightnurse at 35K feetPosts: 1,523
    I have to call you on the 33-35 MPG on your first couple of tank fulls. Only reason is our Rouge which is a FWD has been averaging 24, the best was 28 on the highway doing 70. We are on our 3rd new Nissan in the last 3 yrs. The cars seems to get better mileage after about 10K miles on them. Besides the Rogue, we have a Altima Couple 2.5S with the CVT, After the first tank full, I reseet the MPG computer, and I was averaging 27 MPG, 90% of my driving in on highway, and slowly the MPG has gone up to 31 currently for the past 4 months (I have 14K miles on it) I'm one MPG shy of the EPA rating. I driving 75 on the freeway.
  • pitkeyspitkeys Posts: 18
    Well, come and see for yourself. It's for real under the conditions cited above.
  • flightnurseflightnurse at 35K feetPosts: 1,523
    You and I both know that is imposible, but like I said, owning one myself its hard to believe anyone would get better MPG then what the EPA stats... All the other posters are getting about what i posted. How would one person get better mileage then what is posted in the window sticker?
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,931
    I usually get better mpg that the EPA says (especially compared to the new ratings).

    My Nissan minivan is rated for 18 combined under the new ratings at and I get 21.5 combined (tracked every tank manually over 124,000 miles).

    So it can be done, but usually people can only get 3 or 4 mpg better than the EPA rating without going to extreme hypermiling techniques. Like your Rogue, my mileage didn't settle down for the first 5,000 miles and didn't really hit its stride until after 10,000 miles.
  • pitkeyspitkeys Posts: 18
    Not impossible. It's been done by lots of people ever since there were EPA loops. look at the EPA test specs and compare them to your routes & driving style, etc.

    It's not difficult to get better-than-sticker MPG.

    Don't forget that the EPA rates conservatively and always has their caveat on published figures. For example, on our '93 Grand Cherokee a Jeep sales rep and I used to trade beers on our weekly MPG receipts. We were always in the mid twenties with the 4.7 V8. I can't recall what the EPA was then on that rig, but I'm sure it wasn't that high, even with he old way of scoring.

    Remember, it provides a ballpark and comparison, not a guarantee.
  • Just put on the SportWing side moldings today on my Rogue and they are sharp looking. I feel they are worth the money and would only give one piece of advice when putting them on, at the end of each piece (where it begins to taper) the 3M strip that you peel off are not connected so make sure you pull that piece off too. I missed it on 2 of my 4 pieces but was able to pull off the other two tips.
  • Hello, has anyone found vent visors for their Rogue? My SL AWD (with leather, arrgh) is roastin' by 5:00PM here in hot-as-he77 TX. Please let me know if you've found universal-fit vent visors, etc., that work. Thanks. :shades:
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