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2008 Nissan Rogue



  • todd_gtodd_g Posts: 1
    Click lock on your remote and then go and try to open the fuel filler door. You should find that it locks with the doors.
  • i purchased mine online from Advance Auto according to the part # everyone wrote and had no problem - $19.95 plus shipping. works like a charm and now i don't have to worry about someone siphoning my gas (latest news, did you know that some neighborhoods are having people siphoning gas about a gallon or two from cars at a time so people don't notice that it's being siphoned out). also, doesn't work if someone just gets under your car and jabs it with a screwdriver and drains your tank.

    had my rogue now since 12/07, currently with 28,000 miles on it and still running without any problem. just drove up and back this 4th of July from Williamsburg, VA to DC, in almost 100 degree heat, and the car drove smoothly, in and out of traffic, and A/C was very comfortable.
  • komadokomado Posts: 3
    I purchase my Rogue about 1 month ago. At the time of purchase, I thought the deal er told me that the first oil change was free. I don't remember if I was supposed to receive a coupon for it in the mail or I just need to go to a Nissan dealer to get it done.
    Any one has info on this?
  • i got a call from the dealership about 3-4 months after i had the car to tell me that they needed to set up an appointment for my first oil change that was to be free (this is Mechanicsville/Victory Nissan in Mechanicsville, VA) of course, by then, i had already had 2 done, with the amount of driving that i do. but i did set up the appointment, and they did give me my free oil change.
    you may want to check with the person who sold you the car, or if during the sale, they hooked you up with the service team that would be working with you (dealerships are now doing this regularly - they realize that a lot of their income comes from having their new cars serviced in the dealership and the relationship with the customer). hope you enjoy your new Rogue! have over 28,000 on it and still going without a problem!
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 1,590
    We never got anthing from the dealer to take to service, but when we took the Rogue in for its first oil change, we never paid for it.
  • kcabkcab Posts: 10
    I can' say I'm thrilled with my new Rogue, considering I only have 1180 mi. on it and the "Service Engine Soon" lamp came on already. But I got my 2008 SL 2WD for just about $25K in Nov. 08. I have everything on it except leather, power seats (which when I did have; I only used once), heated exterior mirrors, and the Nav pkg. I do have the premium Bose sound system which is impressive. the moon roof and the bigger wheels. I can't understand why Nissan changed the keyless entry system where you need to lock/unlock the door by putting the key in the door if the engine is running with the key in the ignition, instead of using the key fob as I was accustomed to with my 98 Frontier.
  • i'm sorry to hear that you're new Rogue isn't doing well. i got the 2008, SL AWD back in December, 2007 and now have over 50k miles on it and i haven't had a SINGLE problem with it at all. i live in VA and it's driven to NY a couple of times, FL and DC at least a couple of dozen times; compounded with my commuting about 160 miles/day, with 90% highway. i average 27 mpg - sometimes up to 30 mpg - and with very regular oil changes, don't have a single complaint. i love the moonroof, BOSE sound system, bluetooth phone and xenon headlights. i test drove the RAV4, CR-V and CX-7 before settling on the Rogue and haven't regretted it since. i'll let you know its doing when i hit 100k
  • rl720rl720 Posts: 1
    I had read that the 2008 model had various transmission problems. Does anyone
    know if this was adressed on the 2009 model? My daughter wants to buy one.

  • i've had the 2008 Rogue for over 50k miles and haven't had a single problem with it. i'm not easy on it (i'll accelerate quickly on highway onramps, play with the manual shift about 25% of the time), but i'm not abusive on it either.
  • mlmcgaheemlmcgahee Posts: 102
    I have a 2008 Nissan Rogue SL FWD base model that I bought in November 2007. I now have 34000 miles on it and have had no problems. I work out of my Rogue and drive it every day. I'm getting 23 - 26 mpg. :)
  • kcabkcab Posts: 10
    Apparhently the "Service Engine Soon" warning lamp isn't that big of a deal. I downloaded the manual from Nissan to make it easier to find info quickly. Well don't look for "Service Engine Soon" you won't find crap, you need to search for MIL or "Malfunction Indicator Lamp". Only states to check the gas cap make sure its on tight, then ok to drive if not flashing and then if it stays on after a few re-starts then take it to the dealer. So I guess I'll just watch it, sent Nissan an email in regards to this haven't heard from them yet.
  • ecotrklvrecotrklvr Posts: 519
    Same thing happened to me when my '07 Highlander was new. I hadn't tightened the gas cap enough. Scared me a bit, but it's been flawless since then. Hope yours ends up the same.
  • rendomrendom Posts: 2
    The power window control buttons (driver side) do not light up during the night.Is this normal for a Nissan Rogue . I was told by the delership that only one button lights up.anyone please confirm. Thank you.
  • dajanidajani Posts: 10
    Last week I traded in my 2008 Rogue S FWD with only 6000 miles on it with 2009 V6 Altima, because of the transmission issue on the Rogue. Before u buy test drive it not just on flat streets but uphills. I took a beating on the trade in.
  • kcabkcab Posts: 10
    Doesn't the Altima use the same transmission, the CVT?
  • dajanidajani Posts: 10
    The Altima V6 I just purchased uses CVT transmission too, the rpm on the V6 altima stays within 2000-2500 as i go up hills, unlike the rogue that shoots to 4000 as i go uphills. I like my 2009 Altima V6 SE. it's worth the money.
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