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Jeep Wrangler Maintenance and Repair Questions 2007 and newer



  • For EVERYONE with 2007 Jeep with the DEATH WOBBLE....I spent 6 months or more on this.. went to the top of the HEAP at Chrysler... YOU NEED THE 2010 stabilizer parts. I did get new tires too...but honestly it is debatable if they were needed. No matter what they try it will not work... so just have dealer ship order those. So far now 15,000 miles i have gone with new parts and NO issues.
  • fair09fair09 Posts: 1
    My Jeep does the exact same thing when it's in first gear. I took it to a Jeep Service Center they drove it around and Nothing! They said that they couldn't find anything. Two days later it happened again. I have had manuals all my life this is fairly a new 2008 model. I don't know what to do. Maybe we should all write to Jeep there has to be some sort of recall.
  • Man, sure wish I had read this a few weeks ago. I just had the same problem, what a scary thing. I had a problem about a month ago, was stranded in Bakersfield for a night as they replaced a speed sensor when two lights came on my dash. Then two weeks later the shaking started. First thought it was the freeway then it happen a week later then a few days later of course when I was quite a ways from home. Found a Jeep dealer and they told me what it was but they didn't have the part. Said it was ok to drive home but take it to my home dealer ASAP. Did that and they did replace the steering stablizer. Now a week later my OBD light came on so its going back to the dealer again on Friday. I have a 2007 Wrangler Sahara 4-door. My third jeep but first wrangler. Never had any problems with my Cherokee's. Not too happy right now, only have 15,000 miles on it. Starting to wonder if this was a good choice or not being that I drive long distant alone alot and really need a dependable car. Not looking like this has been a problem that is being fixed. Any thoughts or anyone else changing their minds on this car?
  • 7500 miles and replaced the transfer case fluid with redline. But also just filled the tank and added the usual dose of redline to the gas. Just coincidence or what, I don't know but the rubicon is running better than ever. If it's the redline then I'll investigate the torque converter (for any aftermaket that will produce gains) and move the change all tranny fluid up on the list of things to do.
  • Just replaced 6 month old new style hood latches with the same part no listed in the tsb for $9. A few weeks ago traveled against the wind to OK and passing trucks had hood flutter. The next day again against a south wind, after better_half reclined to try and get some rest and while passing a truck, heard that horrible bang bang. Guess being an oldtimer was shocked but no pucker of the derriere.

    Yesterday, bought the daystars from the four wheel parts store nearby. Ignored their instruction sheets to remove the latches and break apart in a vise. Just carefully hack sawed off the passenger side lower pin at the front and popped the rest of the pin out towards the back. New pin bigger than hole in the bracket. Called the store about return and they also had me call daystar. At the store I offered the clerk to see what I was telling them. Got my refund.

    Several ideas on the net about these darn latches-just give us a normal hood like everybody else has had for years. Hood flutter on our previa and one of our e150 vans was cured by turning those stupid plastic or rubber hood stops.

    Some say use the daystars (not for 09 or 10 yet), others use the cable tie over the weak rubber, and another says to remove the hood spring. Nobody ever posts why they did what they did. The spring wants to push up the hood the latch rubber bands want to hold it down and that little piece of rubber on the latch protects against hood metal meeting fender metal. I'll stick with the weak factory rubber, which might last longer, now that the hood spring is removed.
  • Finally found good googled hits about the mopar tranny, tc, and software. Spent quite a bit of time this week trying to get answers for another issue that developed on this recent TX-OK sprint.

    Trying to pass a truck (wish more people wouldn't ride the truck rear bumper but better yet pass that truck and quit riding along side them for miles), doing the 70 speed limit ( thankfully didn't have to respond to anybody that yes slow down and follow or take 10 miles by not exceeding the speed limit to pass a truck) punched the throttle and rpms go to 5500 then 5000 and nothing. What good was all that gas if the response was that bad. Did it drop to 2nd? Did the pressure in the tc get limited and wasted, did the clutch pack burn up, did the sw fail to unlock and and let the rpms pull with fourth at that speed was 3rd even necessary and 2nd would've been totally stupid.

    Years ago a post here and possibly by a woman seemed to be dismissed about not being able to back uphill with her jeep. I tried doing just that in the crd with the 545 after that post. I don't like to dismiss the internet as a bunch of idiots and that don't believe those internet idiots. Dex-cool, 5 speed automatics, etc.

    Posts here and elsewhere talk about this issue. In our 06 h3 at about 60 with a punch ours, confirmed by dealer heavy line mechanic thru obd, downshifts to 2nd per design - that is baloney design give me the old tranny from that deuce and a quarter or that 472 deville and keep your modern learning garbage.

    Mentioning that to a parts store manager his first thought was torque converter. Lost members looked to suncoast and trans go to fix their CRD. Never did that with our crd. modern diesel ptooey as the say about gassers. Think I remember a post from Caribou sometime back that Europe was loosing its' love affair with modern diesels - fuel, high pressure pumps, or cheap parts - why don't know.

    Talked to a famous Ft. Worth high performance shop owner who said it wasn't the torque converter or transmission and that I didn't know what it was (and presumedly what I was talking about). Got their tranny rebuilder's name west of Ft. Worth. Told him my story including the crd getting the wrangler diesel tc - all you get is stronger spring for the clutch pack. lost members still go to suncoast. He said it wasn't my tc and goodby I have another call coming in. And keep getting that it is a brick going down the highway-baloney again. Both conversion vans e-150's one with the 351 and one with the 5.4 (speed limited), when at speed took that throttle to keep up with the herd.
  • 07jeep07jeep Posts: 1
    Same problem and need help in what to do.
  • Found the newer-style frameless wiper blades for the JK generation of the Jeep Wrangler. After doing a lot of searching I found that the 'Trico Neoform Beam Blades' have a option that fits the Jeep wiper arms and the JK windshield. They're not 15" but they're 14" (the 1/2" difference on each side isn't noticable). They wipe excellent and are quiet - like them better than the old-school framed wipers. Came with removal and replacement instructions - easy install. Got them online.
  • Shauna,

    I have a Jeep Wrangler 2008 and have had the same problem. It started about 35,000 miles so I guess I consider myself lucky?

    I have had endless conversations with Chrysler Senior Resolutions and my local dealer. They have replaced my transmission twice and have now determined that there is a synchronization problem between 1st and 2nd. As of the writing of this they are creating a technical service bulletin for the problem which should be out in the next 2 weeks. They assure me that the steps are being taken to make the parts to solve this problem, they don't exist at this point. As soon as the parts are manufactured they believe it will solve the problem.

    Keep your figures crossed. I'm remaining optimistic this will work.

  • My 2007 4-door Sahara started "Death Wobble' at 22,000 miles. The dealer(s) have had it back 5 times! They have replaced the: Tires, shocks, ball joints, steering stabilizer three times, and now the control arms. GUESS what - it did it again yesterday! What makes this horrible is my wife drives this jeep with my kids in it all the time and when it happens you think your dead! We work on jeeps all the time, rock crawlers etc... They need to go to a dual steering stabilizer but they don't make one yet. The engineers in Detroit know about this, the head of Quality Control knows about this and I am getting back with them today to let them know it happened again. I now have 35,000 miles and I have just a little bit of time left to declair it a LEMON!!!! I hate to do it, but they have no solution yet. I am at my wits end! :mad:
  • Traded in our 2007 Wrangler X with about 16k miles on it. Wife, kids and I were all in the Jeep and got the Death Wobble. Dealer put on a "heavier duty" stabilizer/dampner. Not sure if it really resolved the issue. Traded it in on a 2010 Subaru Outback. Haven't regretted it once!
  • Glad you like your new car however it depends on why one buys a Jeep. Many buy it to go off-road and the Subaru cannot come close to a Jeep when it comes to that. I enjoy taking the top off for the summer and you cannot do that with the Subaru. I guess if you got lemon and couldn't get it fixed you had no choice but to trade it in but you could have bought a new Jeep.
  • And just the opposite is true as well. There are many Subaru's that see places that many Urban Jeep owners will never see. There are just as many that buy a Jeep to just drive, and not go offroading or rock crawling. Yes, taking the top off is nice, and the moon roof will have to suffice for the fresh air while not the same thing, nice nonetheless.

    I have zero reason to believe that Jeep has resolved the issue that has plagued how many gererations of Jeeps as I have see posters complain about their 2008 Jeeps with the same problem.

    Just not a chance I was willing to take with my family. Thankfully I was the one who was driving when it happened and there was no incident to speak of.

    So yes, the Jeep has a niche that is unmatced, but most of us do not fit the niche that requires the Jeep to enjoy the drive. I hope your Jeep is always safe for you.

    Best regards
  • adelabreadelabre Posts: 2
    Ah, yes...the high pitched squeal. If you have a soft top then have them tighten it down at the head rail. Over time there becomes a gap in the top and the head rail seals.
  • adelabreadelabre Posts: 2
    Soft top is not any better, leaks like a strainer.
  • I too have the 2007 4dr sahara with a wicked death wobble....nothing like hitting rough terrain on the 401 off ramp and almost taking out 2 cars going 80km/hr. U-joints are shot after 80k. Damper also replaced but did not resolve. I have done extensive search on recall, lemon law but no luck. Sad but true, you'll need to go with after market front end parts, (u-joints stablizing bar ect..) to totally solve problem.
  • skyking49skyking49 Posts: 112
    Urban Jeeps are capable of seeing any places that a Subaru can see and the opposite is not true for the Subaru. After all, you did BUY the Jeep for a reason.. iIke I said, you are satisfied now and that is all that matters. Right now you couldn't trade me a new Subaru for my 06 Jeep....well I guess you could but I would sell the Subaru and buy a newer Jeep. Jeeps should not have all these problems and I can understand how frustrated it can be. I had my Rotors replaced 2 wks after I bought my Jeep. There are a lot of Jeeps on the road.
  • clewsewclewsew Posts: 7
    Being capable and actuall realizing that capability are night and day different! Less than 20 percent and probably less than 10 percent will ever see their potential. If you are wanting to purpose build a rock crawler then yes, go with a Jeep. I can tell from your post that you have never owned a Subaru or you wouldn't be so quick to discredit it. Is it a Jeep, no...will I have to worry about death wobble with 16k miles...absolutely not.

    You are right, we did buy the Jeep for a reason. It was what the wife wanted...not because she needed an extreme off road vehicle, but becuase she wanted a Jeep. Truth be told it was a great learning experience for us. I know this, unless "Jeep" can build a higher quality vehicle I don't want another one as a primary driver! This is not an issue of a leaking seal above the drivers door...this is a safety issue.

    One other probabably did not know...the 2010 Subaru Outback was named the 2010 SUV of the year by Motor Trend. Something that Jeep did not even qualify for...why, because they fail to refine the Jeep to make it a more well rounded vehicle. Like I said...Jeep has the niche market tied up when one wants to go extreme. But again like I said before, probably 90 percent of Jeeps never come close to seeing the conditions where they actually do excel, which in turn means that they actually pail in comparison to the competition for the driving duties they actaully DO perform.

    I am not saying that someone shouldn't own a Jeep by any means. That was our decision. If your Jeep does well for you then that is great. However, our Jeep did not and so it got traded in for something that I know would be a safer vehicle for my family and would still serve the purpose of a 4x4/awd for the conditions that we DO see.

    And with a very similar HP/Torque number the Subaru will actually eat the Jeep for lunch! Another thing I find baffling. The new V6 that Jeep went with was "supposed" to be a better choice for optimum power and torque. Again...glad you like your Jeep. Maybe you don't know have the experience with something else so you are not disappointed...or maybe you are one of the very few out there that acatually DO use the Jeep for the extremely narrow niche market it was desined for. In either case, again, good for you. You are happy with your Jeep and that is all that matters.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Another thing I find baffling. The new V6 that Jeep went with was "supposed" to be a better choice for optimum power and torque.

    Ah, it was never that. The 3.7 V6 is poor substitute for the original 4.0 I6. The problem was that the manufacturing facility was at the end of it's life, plus the 4.0 wasn't going to meet future emission and fuel consumption criteria.

    A much better choice would have been the Hemi, which as demonstrated by several aftermarket companies can be made to fit quite easily, but that was too much of a leap for the Chrysler execs.
  • skyking49skyking49 Posts: 112
    You are wrong on many counts. I DID know it was named the 2010 SUV of the year. You stated that I discredit the Subaru. Cite where I did that. I love the Subaru. It might be my wife's next car. I agree that the I6 is a better engine and that is why I bought an was the last year for it. I think it makes it an instant classic. There is nothing like riding around the country, back woods etc. with the top and doors off. While the Subaru is excellent in snow, I go places where it would get hung up and that has never happened with my Jeep. By the way, I am 60 and this is the first Jeep I have owned. They really need to improve the quality, gas milage and that death wobble thing has got to do. As for it being a niche, it depends on who you talk to.

    But consumers' off-road-use data can be skewed somewhat, depending on the definition of "off-road." Auto industry researcher AutoPacific Inc. of Santa Ana, Calif., found 13.4% of sport-utility drivers said they "go off-roading for recreation" and another 21.7% use their vehicle "to get to off-road camping, fishing and hiking sites."

    "Where 15% of men SUV drivers said they go off-roading for recreation, 10.8% of women said they do, too. And while 24.1% of men said they use their SUV to get to off-road camping, hiking and fishing sites, 17.9% of women do the same."

    •"In a world where only 15% of SUV owners ever go off road, Jeep says 60% of Wrangler owners do; for Rubicon models, its 80%. Those percentages are the industry's highest, says Kevin Metz, Wrangler brand manager. (Next highest, he says, is the Hummer H3, at 30%.)"

    Like anything, it is a matter of choice. Put a Subaru and a Jeep side by side and most people that walked by would be checking out the Jeep. That does not make the Subaru a bad just does not have the wow factor that the Jeep does. I am on your side here. The Subaru is a great car. my Jeep was 4 yrs old in March and I only have 24,000 mi. on it. I like to do number 2 trails but avoid rock crawling. That type of activity is for folks that do their own work in the Jeep or have lots of cash. I do not.
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