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Hyundai Santa Fe Exterior Problems

I have an 03 Sante Fe and the washers shoot only about an inch jet of fluid. The rear washer is the same. The washer motor sounds like it is working. On the front hood you can see fluid come out of the jet holes so it would not appear to be blocked. Any ideas or is it the washer motor?


  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Are you seeing any residue at the bottom of the washer reservoir?

    tidester, host
  • gabejogabejo Posts: 5
    Can't really tell, as I refilled it before this problem happened. Is there a way of blowing out the lines? Since the rear is doing the same thing I was thinking it might be a motor problem, but if gunk had stopped up the lines???
  • trebltrebl Posts: 5
    I posted this problem on the Hyundai newsgroup to see what the folks out there thought. I've yet to see them not figure out a problem, or at least point in the right direction. Here's one response you may want to check out:

    Since the problem is the same with both the front and the rear washer, it
    > appears to be a pressure problem. I would look at the pump in the washer
    > fluid reservoir first. Make sure it is getting 12V and there is no
    > voltage
    > drop at the pump. I would find a T somewhere in the washer fluid line,
    > close to the pump and pull it so I could check for obstructions early in
    > the
    > line.
    > This one really should not be all that difficult to figure out. Perhaps
    > the
    > original poster in the other forum simply never updated everyone, and has
    > really found the problem and repaired it(?).
  • Hi
    I have a 2004 Santa Fe which has the same problem it has been back to the dealers who blew the lines, however the problem has returned and the dealership have told me that the washer bottle needs to come of and cleaned out due to gunk. it thats about 1 hour to do this as the bottle is in an akward place, and its not covered by the 5 year warranty. :cry:
  • Not really as hard as you think. The bottle is easly accessed from the fender. Remove the mud shield (3 bolts)from inside the fender and you have clear access to the fluid bottle. The pump may be removed.
  • HI,
    In reference to the mud shield, I looked in the well and am not sure where the shield joints are? The mud shield seems to be almost one piece? The fluid bottle neck juts out of a bracket of some sort so you'd have to remove it from underneath or from the well as you described.
  • Found at least a temporary "fix"! Reading the other threads I decided to try to blow the lines out. I got a $5.00 can of "Dust Off" basically a can of compressed air with a long spray tube to clean electronics etc. I disconnected the fluid lines at a couple of places and inserted the spray tube in the plastic connecting fitting joining the compressor lines-it was a perfect fit. A couple of shots and bubbles came out of the washer bottle. I did the same on the rear and they work fine. I know I will need to take the bottle out to clean it, but this works in the mean time!
  • axiaxi Posts: 2
    Does anyone know of a touchup for the door or dash? My paint has slight chips (wife's ring)that show through white. It is the dark grayish black color. I contacted the dealer and he said HUH>
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Posts: 167
    If you are referring to the actual outside paint w/clearcoat, the dealer should have in stock OEM Hyundai paint touch-up paint pens that have both clearcoat and color tips that match your cars' color. I bought one recently for a small scratch in my clearcoat on the edge of the rear pass. door. The part # is Touch-up paint 00284-02007-BF then the relevant color code.

    You mention "door or dash" What do you mean by that? Dash does not have paint on the Santa Fe. Are you referring to the plastic covering? If so, you will have to get other advice on how to fix any plastic scratches.
  • axiaxi Posts: 2

    Thanks,I have touchup. And yes, I am referring to the plastic covering on the dash and door. any idea where can I get other advice on how to fix plastic scratches. When you scratch the plastic surface white shows through and you need some kind of flat paint to do a minor repair.
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    check - they have differet interior paints - not sure if they have what you need...
  • ravenfan50ravenfan50 Posts: 14
    Speaking of door panels. Does anyone have a recommendation on what I should use to clean the beige interior? I am a little apprehensive on using a household cleaner. I really like the beige color, but it can get dirty really fast. Thanks.
  • jimsistjimsist Posts: 62
    i uuse the cleaning wipes i get at walmart made by armor all. it does great. for my seats i use the first place fimish seat cleaner it does great to. i have a bordor collie that ride with me and some time her paws are wet and dirty just wipe off the seat with thww cloth with first place on it and it is as clean as the first time i got it.jim and sassy :D
  • butsie13butsie13 Posts: 7
    Hi, my name is Mary and I'm new to the board. My father-in-law purchased a 2004 Hyundai Sante Fe brand new from the dealership which currently has only 17,800 miles on the vehicle to date. Recently the UV protection on his headlamp assemblies have been pealing off. His warranty booklet only stated that the head light bulbs were only covered 3/36000 not the headlamp assembly which I figured where covered under the 5/60000. Dealership said no deal. I contacted Hyundai Corporate and they told me part #92101-26251 and #92102-26251 was covered under the 5/60000. Dealership told me that Hyundai does not know what they are talking about. Feel like I'm beating my head against a brick wall. Can anyone give me any advice or help - Sure would appreciate it!

  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    talk to consumer affairs - they should contact the dealership for you and set them straight - they're the boss!
  • butsie13butsie13 Posts: 7
    Thank you but I did talk to consumer affairs, they were the ones who told me that the headlamp assemblies were under 5/60000 mile warranty. Ask them if they could contact the dealer and they told me it was up to me to negotiate with the dealer whether they wanted to replace them or not. This burns me up. I'm having a hard time understanding if you purchase a vehicle with a warranty all dealerships should honor said warranty and Hyundai should be doing something also to back up the consumer!! :mad:
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    you should make an official complaint - that is what consumer affairs is there for.... they are supposed to make sure the dealerships comply with and adhere to the warranty - all they might want to do is make sure your odometer has not been tampered with...
  • butsie13butsie13 Posts: 7
    Do you happen to know if there is a website I can go to for a formal complaint. I have been in telephone contact with Hyundai and that is getting old to say the least! :sick:
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    Have you tried a different dealer?
  • butsie13butsie13 Posts: 7
    No I haven't. Would it really make a difference? I thought a warranty was a warranty and all dealerships should honor said contract!
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