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Nissan Quest Heating / Cooling Problems



  • park it with the nose as high as you can get it them fill it. this one is tough to get the air out of. when it blows cold it is always low on coolant, my 97 did this.
  • Ihave an 06 quest yesterday i turned it on and now it wont stop blowing air .its not heating or cooling unless i turn nob to on
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    How much air is coming out of the vents? I've noticed that if you do have the air directed to the vents (ones on the dashboard), you may feel a little bit of air even though the know is set to "0". Try switching the direction of the air to the floor. At least you won't feel it.
  • dp33dp33 Posts: 1
    i don't know the answer to your problem however, if you have a full service gas station nearby that does mechanical work, he will probably be online with a company called alldata, this service is for auto repair shops and will provide the same schematics and troubleshooting codes as the dealerships, and these places charge a lot less money, good luck
  • ob1ob1 Posts: 6

    It happened again.....It was in the low 90's here and all of the sudden our front AC just cut out while on a local freeway. Would not start back until I turned the ignition off and on again. Took it to the dealer and of course they could not replicate the problem. They re-charged our cooling system and all seemed well except the other day it did it again for about 2 seconds and came back again......Additionally the other day my auto up drivers window would not stay up.....would go all the way up and then roll down about 4 inches.....of course the next day all seemed well.....apparently our Quest is posessed and wants to make a fool out of me everytime I take it into the dealership.
  • motonationmotonation Posts: 34
    I've found the problem, and the cure.

    Our '97 Quest started doing this last year (a/c on, warm/hot air up front, cold in back). It was very intermittent, and often a little "love tap" on the dash got it working again, and when it did blow cold again, it was almost instant from hot to cold, leading me to believe it was electrical - not mechanical - in nature. It didn't happen very often, so we made it through the rest of 2007 with only occasional problems.

    Fast forward to Feb 2008. Problem exists all the time - nothing but full heat out of the front unit, back works fine. A/C has no effect - heat all the time.

    Still thinking I was dealing with an electrical issue, I grabbed my father-in-laws HVAC controller from his '97 Villager and installed it in our Quest. It worked great - temperature could be controlled, and I had cool air UP FRONT. To prove my point, I installed our Quest unit in his Villager and went for a drive. HOT AIR ONLY UP FRONT!! AHA! Its the controller - NOT a vacuum line, valve, etc.

    Back into the garage, I disassembled the HVAC controller and could not find anything wrong - no burned areas, etc. Bummer. But I got to looking closer at the wiring coming off the back of the temperature selector knob - the connector was attached, but it was loose and could be moved around very easily. There was no real way to tighten it any more, so I unplugged it, applied some dielectric grease ($.99 at the auto parts store) to the connector, plugged it back in, and crossed my fingers.

    A few minutes later I had the controller back in our still hot-engined Quest. The engine hadn't been running five seconds and I knew the problem was fixed - cool air immediately, and as I turned the temp control knob, I could instantly hear the system cycle from one setting to the other. Problem fixed!

    After driving our van for a few thousand miles since that day, I can say with 100% certainty that the loose connector (all wires not making contact) is what fixed our problem. Although this may not be everyone's fix, it is easy enough to try - just 30 minutes of your time, and a dollar bill for the grease.

    Here's some pictures of this, let me know if anyone wants hi-res versions or more info.
    Quest HVAC

    Oh, and let me add one more thing. This did not happen on our original HVAC controller, but rather a new unit that I purchased and installed 2 years ago because our original unit (200k on it at the time) literally fried itself. We had smoke inside the van when it failed electrically. The new unit worked fine for about a year before the hot air only problem started, so it wasn't old age, but rather a poor design or poor assembly of the new unit - which seems to be common on these "old" vans.

  • taddmantaddman Posts: 1
    My wife has a 97 mercury villager nautica with the problem of no cold ac in front, but cold ac in back. So I took out the hvac controller. Thanks for the pictures in your post. Ours is digital control, not a knob and was not able to do the dielectric grease fix that you noted.

    So I put it all back together and made sure all connections were snug.

    Next I filled up the freon, and I noticed that the compressor kicked on and the back was cold, but the front was cooler, but not cold.

    So we headed up to AutoZone and I purchased more freon with a clear tube so I could see what was going in. This one was called sub zero with hose 15oz. I figured that I would go old school and have my wife sit inside the van while I filled it up and let me know if the cold air was coming out the front vents.

    Note: the other freon refill bottle I used came with guage, but I think that guage was faulty as it said my system was full.

    After filling up with the sub zero with hose (hose is clear) 15oz, the front ac is ice cold now.


    In your case it had to be the connection to the hvac controller since you swapped the unit and came up with the same problem in the other van with that unit.

    In my case..... it was a simple matter of filling it up.

    The important and good news is ... it works now.
  • motonationmotonation Posts: 34
    Great to hear you fixed it. Mine is still ice cold...which is great news since its been 100 degrees the last few days.
  • aj4611aj4611 Posts: 2

    Thanks for the above information, hopefully it is the same issue I have with my 2000 Quest.

    Do you happen to have detailed instructions to remove the HVAC controller ?

  • motonationmotonation Posts: 34
    You're welcome AJ. I don't have our van here today, but sometime during the next couple of days I will provide some instructions - its easy - only eight or ten screws or so. I can put up some pictures if you'd like.

    Be back later.
  • aj4611aj4611 Posts: 2

    I did manage to get the HVAC controller out - I had a Haynes Repair Manual and the instructions to remove it were slightly out of place.

    The connectors on the HVAC controller look fine, I made sure that all the connectors are snug and not loose. I am waiting for the weather to give me some high temps in the 90s to really confirm if things have changed..

    I will keep u posted.

  • motonationmotonation Posts: 34
    I'd put some dielectric on that connector shown in my pictures if you still have it disassembled. Can't hurt! And it was definitely my problem.

    (Our van is at the tire shop right now, having tires put on at 245K miles; I think this might be our 6th set of tires) :P

    Be back later tonight sometime.
  • I would like to know if anyone would be kind to help me solve this problem, I was on a long road trip. and my front ac blower stop working. I check the fuses, everything check out find. when I start the car the front comes on and fade to stop working. The rear AC is working just fine. Please help.
  • haughhaugh Posts: 12
    This sounds like a connection problem whereby a broken or cracked lead heats up due to a poor connection to the point where the expansion from heat causes the connection to separate. You don't mention whether or not it does this in all speed modes or one. If in one or two speed modes it could be the front blower motor resistor network that needs to be replaced.
  • haughhaugh Posts: 12
    99 Villager Sport, 3.3l, 139k miles.
    I have had my A/C system leak out refrigerant (likely shrinking seals) over a winter to the point where it was blowing warm when we used it the following summer. I took it to a mechanic to get belts and seals and water pump replaced and have him look at the A/C system. He asked if it was working fine the previous summer (which it was) and suspected seals that were leaking. He asked if I wanted it charged and because the wife HAD to have A/C before a trip we were taking in a couple of days, I said yes. It is a 134a system but he filled it with Red Tek (I did not know). The system worked fine for a while but now the rear A/C only blows warm while the front continues to blow cold so I know there is no leak in the refrigerant lines.
    I am suspecting that the rear expansion valve has become plugged and needs to be replaced.

    Has anyone else experienced this or gone through this repair? The expansion valve is under $10.
  • I'm looking at the same issue. I just replaced the blower resistor and it's overheating. Did you find the solution? Replace the blower motor?
  • skybiz1skybiz1 Posts: 3
    1995 Villager rear blower not working. Front panel works fine but will not control rear blower also will not transfer control to rear panel. Temp control and upper and lower conrol button work fine on rear control. blower motor works when connected directly to 12v dc.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,936
    This is a known problem (at least I think your facts apply).

    If you have No Rear AC Blower Motor on your Villager/Quest (look under SubTopics)

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  • skybiz1skybiz1 Posts: 3
    Dear Steve, Thank you for your quick reply. Tis sounds exactly like my problem. How do I get the decorations off the dashboard in order to access the heater panel?
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,936
    Decorations? If you mean all the bezels and such, that link has a few photos.

    And my Fixing a Stuck Tach in a Nissan Quest guide has some dash photos too.

    Good luck!

    Steve, visiting host

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