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Pontiac Grand Am Service Engine Soon / ABS / Trac Off



  • joe318948joe318948 Posts: 3
    It seems that it is the SLRS fuse underneath the hood. It is a 15 amp fuse. i had to buy a 25 pack and replace them about every week or so. Luckly GM is buying this POS from me for an incident that happened with it.
  • stevew2stevew2 Posts: 3
    Rox, the ignition switch or the ignition module?
  • ginny13ginny13 Posts: 6
    i have the same problem and just like everyone else dont want to replace parts not needed.. id love to know if this fixes yours.. please reply..virginia ;)
  • ginny13ginny13 Posts: 6
    i got the Hazard module and the plugs and hubs replaced and havnet had anymore problems .. i do have to get a new gas cap cause the vapors are causing caos with the check engine light it makes it come on when it is not a securly fitting cap.. :)
  • ginny13ginny13 Posts: 6
    first module i replaced was only $69.oo that was the Hazard module,the hubs and plugs were just $40.00 and now i have to do the gas cap approx $6.00 I did mine one thing at a time and that way i could afford the fixes.. you dont have to do it all at once.. wish we could but have tight budget also so i definitly understand.. :)
  • As our Alero is very similar to the Grand-Am, I hoping someone on this site, may br able to help:-

    Our 3.4 2002 Alero (65,000 miles), has a problem with acceleration. It is very sluggish when accelerating, although after about a 5 mile run on the freeway, it improves, but is not perfect.It's now virtually impossible to drive safely, and on an incline, we are in trouble!

    About 10 days ago, we filled it up with gas from our usual gas station, and inserted a well known make of fuel-injector cleaner, which we use about every 3 months. Therefore, we thought it may be some dodgy gasoline. So, when it dropped to about 1/4 full, we filled up again, but it has made no difference. Now the 'Service Engine Soon' light is on, but is not flashing. I've checked the fuel cap, and that seems to be fine.
    Can anyone advise before I take it to my shop for yet more remedial work!

  • Turns out the repair shop guys ran a scan, and the catalytic converter was shot! Apparently, the average life for the 3.1, 3.4 & 3.8 liter engines is 71,000 miles. Total cost to repair was around $450! HOWEVER, the good news is, GM waranty these converters for 8 years or 80,000 miles; at least for our model (2002). So, if you have this problem, check with GM, to see if it is covered by their warranty.
  • I have a 96 grand am, In the past month my ABS and ETS off light is constantly on. Once in awhile when I go to pull out my low trac light will come on and be kinda sluggish when it is on and I am pulling out. I was told it was my ABS sensor, Does anyone know if this is the problem and if so what it looks like? And is it something you can replace yourself? My check engine light doesn't come on at all. I would appreciate any help ! Thanks
  • ok i am having pretty much the same problems that yall are experiencing but with a few variations -- my security light is constantly on since i had to do the 'reset' thing with my key is the on position for 10 min. (that went on for about 2 months) now my "trac off" "security" & "service engine soon" lights are all on and it shifts so hard out of 1st into 2nd and then gets a little bit beter with the more speed i pick up or not pressing the gas pedal when it shifts. The whole engine shifts and it feels like maybe a transmission mount is broke. i have had several mechanics look at it and they all claim in 1 form or another that its the security override protection system.... PLEASE HELP!!! (i saw where somebody mentioned a switch under the battery?
  • Here are my problems! Hopefully someone knows whats going on or has the same problem.

    My Trac Off light has been coming on quite frequently over the past couple of weeks. Usually if i would turn off my car and turn it back on again the light would go off. I noticed that when I am driving with the Trac Off light on my car kicks back when ever i accelerate.
    Yesterday my Service Engine Soon light and my Trac Off light came on at the same time. Again, whenever i accelerated my car would kick back. I pulled over and turned off my car and turned it back on a couple of seconds later and my car did a powerful kick back when i put it in Drive. That scared the crap out of me! After I left my car off for a about 10 minutes and turned my car back on, both lights turned off.
    Now the day after, both my lights are now on and they do not turn off. I still get that horrible kick back when i accelerate. BUT if my car has been turned off for a couple of hours it does not do the kick back when i put it in Drive.
    Another is the shaking my car does when I drive, it might mean that my tires need to be rebalanced. Does that sound right?
    My last problem is this rattling noise that sounds very very loud when i am braking or the first time i accelerate. The noise eventually fades away once i am driving (or so i think). I notice that when i have my car on and i put it in park, the noise quiets down. And it quiets down when I turn off my air.
    Ok that is the jist of it! Hopefully someone else can help me :)

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  • Have your EGR valve checked for the service engine light and have your tires and or rotators checked for the wobble. I am having the same problems that you are having with my car. Margaret
  • :mad: Ok, I just bought a 2000 grand am this morning. I drove it around today and this evening got on the interstate got about 10 or 15 miles down and was going about 75mph. The car just lost power, starting slowing down, got off on the shoulder and the whole engine started jerking and it died. I waited about 15 minutes and started it again. I got about 2 miles and it did it again. So I waited again, did it all over again and this continued until I got home. When I got into town and was driving slower, it didn't happen again. Does ANYONE know what this could be? I will be calling the man I bought it from in the morning, but I would really like to know what it is. It also has the Trac off light on and I don't know what that means. Thanks!!
  • What plugs did you change, and did you have to have the system reset to get the lights off or did they go off on thier own? Also I changed my hubs, and I wish they only cost me 40 dollars.
  • I think I've got a similar problem with my 00 2.4L SE Grand Am,101k miles.My service engine light came on several weeks ago and when I took it to autozone the reader said Cylinder 1 misfire.Took it to a repair shop & they said it needed a tune-up,new plugs,wires,the works.Well, $200 later,the car had the same problem.They said it needed a new 'computer'.Took it to another shop and they charged me $70 to tell me the same thing.My question is how easy is it to replace the Ignition Control Module and where can I get it cheaply?
  • Last night i was driving home and the service engine soon light came on then the trac off light came on and then the car died on the side of the road and wouldnt start back, my dad thought it might be the oil so we put oil in it nothing, it turns over and acts like it wants to start but wont go all the way. Also when i try to start it the trunk is now popping open on its own.............? any suggestions?
  • I have a 2000 Grand Am GT and my trac off light keeps comeing on! I don't even know what that means! Can someone tell me what it means and how I can fix it! Thanks so much! :cry:
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    It means that the traction control in the transaxle is being disabled. It could mean a transmission problem or a problem in the control systems for it. The only way to know for sure is to have it diagnosed.
  • hook2hook2 Posts: 6
    I have a 2002 grand am, and the abs light, traction light
    and service vehicle soon, lights come on when i put the car in reverse. when i put the car in park, turn it off and restart it , they go off. but come back on again when i go in reverse. any one know what causes this?
    thanks , Hook
  • We just bought a 2000 pontiac grand am, 93000. miles. My son went to move the car and there was no power, you could put it in gear, but it would not do anything, When you press on the gas there is nothing. Can anyone help?
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