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Pontiac Grand Am Service Engine Soon / ABS / Trac Off



  • i had this happen also. snow packed up in the cv axle and froze to the abs wire. so when i drove off the next morning the wires were basically stuck to the axle so the tore in two. easy fix the only two wires running to ur front brakes just wire nut them back together and zip tie them back like they were before
  • i have a 2000 se 2.4 liter making the same noise i replaced the left wheel bearing the left cv axle and lower ball joint none of which has fixed the problem if you have any info you can give me it would be greatly appreciated
  • calgarycrittercalgarycritter Posts: 2
    edited February 2012
    I also have had this problem, when my dash says " service engine soon,ABS and Trac off " it is the wheel hub/ABS sensor which are all in one, am in the process of replacing the right side, at a shop it will cost be just over $500 and I own a 2001 Grand Am SE. For some reason the wires will crack/break. I replaced both 4 years ago and am now doing it again. must find some sort of protection for the connection

  • My 2000 Grand Am SE. did the same thing...the ABS and Trac off lights came on, and thanks to other replies, I figured out that it was a vacume leak. A four inch long, 1/4 inch ID Vaccume hose was dry rotted and was causing my car to stall out when idling. As long as I kept my foot on the gas it was fine, but I couldn't keep doing that, so I bought a hose, and it fixed the whole problem. Crazy!! One little hose caused all of that. Anyway, I hope that I helped! good luck
  • Got the hub done, but still have " service engine soon " light, found out it's my Daytimes, anyone know where the sensor is :cry: ? Figured out, turn on headlights before putting in gear stops the light from coming on but if I don't turn them on first once I put it into gear then the dash light comes on
  • maalimaali Posts: 1
    i have a grand am gt i rember it was raning i was trying to do a brinout and it started to slip but the tires were not moveing what do you think is is
  • I have an 01 GA, trac would turn off, ABS lights on, service engine light on,, turned out to be a defective speed sensor ( in the hub ) it was spiking intermittently causing an alert to the computer
  • you do realize you have a rev limitor,, mine ( have an 01 GA ) is set at 170 k,,am in the process of finding a programmer to change the limit level but it is prob what's causing the wheels not turning whilst trying to do a burn out GA's can be finicky but I love mine
  • flynfastflynfast Posts: 2
    I am having nearly the same problem and have tracked it down to the ABS wiring harness. Does anyone know of any step-by-step directions to replace this part and a corresponding wiring diagram? Also, do I have to replace the hub to do this job?
  • I have been having ABS/TRAC OFF prob for a while. Each time I get it check turns out the wheel sensor is malfunctioning. I am now on hub number 4 in 13 months ( costs approx $500 CAD each time) and it's happening again. Not aftermarket parts, straight from GM, wish they made parts that would last. The sensor is inside the hub so must change the entire hub each time
  • Can you tell me where the vac hose leak was so I can check mine. Please and thank you a
  • How do you find out where the leak was? :cry:
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