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Taurus/Sable Electrical Problems



  • jimbod69jimbod69 Posts: 1
    :( we replaced the steering column on a 01 ford taurus (some on tried to steel it busted up the column) now the security warning lights flashing and the car won't start. do you know of any way to reset it or disable it?
  • ernie46ernie46 Posts: 2
    Hello, I'm having pretty much the same problem and the "experts" at the Ford dealer don't have a clue. We have fried 3 control modules so far. Wondering if you found out what was causing your problem. I'm on foot till I get this fixed. Any information would be helpful. Thank you. Ernie
  • ernie46ernie46 Posts: 2
    BTW, we are 99% sure we found the problem. We traced the fuel wires back to the tank and on the firewall the bundle was near the exhaust manifold and when you put it in reverse it touched the wire. The orange fuel pump wire was burnt and exposed. Getting a new module tomorrow to test our theory. :D
  • dcvanndcvann Posts: 1
    Hi, My 2002 Taurus SEL has recently intermitently kept the security lighting on, shutting down after extended periods and now is turning on without any reason (i.e. keys and fobs are not being used). My husband and I were standing in the driveway tonight and the lighting turned on by itself. (Interior and outside mirror lighting) Can anyone help? I have owned this car since 2004 and it has never done this. No after market alarms have been installed. The car has all OEM parts and has 66,000 miles.
  • Yes I know what this is. You need a new transmission switch. It is on the top of the transmission under the hood on the left side. (If you are sitting in it.) The shift cable is attached to the switch and an electrical connector.
    I think the power windows will work when the car is in reverse. That would confirm it.
  • I am currently experiencing the same problem with my 2002 sable wagon. I have replaced the alt & batt. but to no avail. Someone said it was a superfuse under the hood, but I haven't checked yet. Please let me know what your solution was.
  • Is anyone having this issue or know a cure.... While driving my 99 Sable, my winshield wipers come on by themself maybe twice every 4-5 months, yst my speedometer needle was out of control, then my O/D light started flashing on/off, recently while driving in the rain the car would appear to cut off while im driving (the dash lights would come on & the car would begin to hestitate and make steering a little rough) :cry:
  • jmn1jmn1 Posts: 26
    While playing a CD from the 6 CD changer, the CD stopped. Hitting the CD button on the dash gave a "NO DJ" error message. Then, the radio display and clock would not display. After restarting the car, the radio worked, but, I could not change the station or volume and the clock did not advance. Now, nothing from the radio or the display....all the other items in the unit work (rear defroster, AC, vent, etc....I did not try the cassette player).

    I checked the fuse diagram and cannot locate one exclusively for the radio. I tried #22 for the cluster (15A), but it was OK....

    ANY IDEAS???
  • meekomeeko Posts: 4
    Cruise control will not turn on can anybody help?
  • warwagon1warwagon1 Posts: 1
    did you ever find your electrical problem? I have same problem with my 99 wagon
  • jmn1jmn1 Posts: 26
    Try replacing the Cruise Control Switch. I know a few years ago Ford had recurring problems with the switches across the model lines. I had a 2001 Taurus and the only way to deactivate the Cruise was to hit the brake.
  • sis2giasis2gia Posts: 2
    I had a 98 Taurus several years ago and had problems I thought were electrical (acted like a ghost in the car). Radio would come off and on, wipers, windows ... A co worker had the same problem and they put his car through the ringers (he spent mega bucks trying to find the problem). It was the "Neutral Switch". When I took mine to the mechanic I told him thats what I wanted replaced. He thought I was a "dumb broad" but replaced it anyway.
    Lo and behold the car worked perfectly after that.
  • sis2giasis2gia Posts: 2
    I have a 1996 Ford Taurus. First, when in reverse, the car was hard to steer, then I noticed when in reverse the windows would not work. Now, after driving the car a couple of miles, the power steering isn't working in "drive" and the windows and wipers will not work unless it is in "neutral" or "park". Is there an inexpensive fix? :confuse:
  • Any luck? Our 2003 was doing this and is now dead. Please share what you got sorted out.
  • Got rid of my taurus and bought a honda. No more problems.
  • toddsultoddsul Posts: 1
    Same exact problem with my 1999 sable. Please help. Any ideas out there?
  • jayduboujaydubou Posts: 1
    edited August 2011
    how can i tell which relay is the fan motor high speed relay?
  • del19del19 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem, now. Did you finally fix it? Where is the cruise control switch located? TIA
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