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Ford Explorer Brake Problems



  • When I press the brake pedal, it often has a popping sound or kind of like a rubber gasket somewhere that needs some type of spray applied to make it stop making a noise but I don't know how to get to where the noise is coming from. Has anyone else noticed this problem on a 2001 Sport Trac?
  • sufferin1sufferin1 Posts: 1
    07 Explorer (lease). 20k on it. Frt. brakes pulse. My question is; the frt. rotors, do they pop right off after I remove caliper or do I need to disassemble hub assy as well? :confuse:
  • I just experience an brake line failure. Right rear. 75K miles on the vehicle. It wasn't a line rupture. No signs of overpressurization (bulges). The tube broke at the joint where the tubing meets the connecting tab to the brake cylinder. I don't remember hitting any chuck hole. ( I'm thinking the rubber tubing is for wheel travel)

    Has anybody experience similar problem or there might be a service bulletin on this?
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    I just rented an Explorer for a week from Hertz, and I'm concerned about the brake performance. The brake pedal is firm, but the braking distances and required pedal pressure are much greater than I'm used to. (My daily driver is a Lexus RX350) Is this normal?
  • My 2002 ford explorer sport trac abs brakes pulsate below 5 mph everytime I stop. Any ideas?
  • julmarojulmaro Posts: 1
    That is caused by a dry rubber boot around the brake shaft. It is located in the firewall and under the steering wheel. An occasional spray of silicone or w40 will cure it.
  • swburbguyswburbguy Posts: 3
    I installed new brakes rotors and pads on the front brakes. I get chattering as i turn one way in reverse at a certain point ? what could be the problem? any ideas
  • 1snoopy1snoopy Posts: 1
    Dont ever go to Firestone repair for anything ever, unless u like getting hosed, hard.
  • i cannot solve this problem, just come to official service and dealer to repair and solve this probelm...

  • I have a 1998 Explorer that makes a Binding/Dragging sound in the front wheels only when turning, either moving forward or in reverse. This could be comming from one wheel or both, can't pinpoint.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Failing front CV joint, not all that unusual.
  • I just bought this Explorer, 2009, a month ago, with 29K miles. Several times, I have experienced, at low speed, pushing the brake & nothing happening. On two occasions, came very close to hitting the car I was parking next to. Ironically, had it in the dealership yesterday, they couldn't find anything, then it happened again after I left.
    I push the brake, nothing happens, car continues to move, then feels like the brake takes hold. Very scary.
    Anyone else having this problem?
  • I have a 2006 Ford Explorer with a very similar problem. I've had it to the dealer on two occasions, but am still having the same problems. They did put new rear brakes on and it did improve, but have had two episodes since the new brakes. Yes it is very scary. I came much to close to hitting a car in the rear on one occasion. No one seems to know what to do for this problem. Previously I owned a 2004 Explorer, but never had any problems with it. Would trade it in if I could afford to.
  • sandy1027sandy1027 Posts: 1
    I purchased my 2009 ford explorer eddie bauer edition May 20, 2009. Had first break failure on 8/24/10 - dealer changed "booster". Second failure on 9/3/10 - dealer said there was a bad production of "boosters" so they replaced again. The breaks have now failed a third time on 5/16/11. Ford engineer cannot find anything wrong. There is something wrong that Ford is hiding and we will be the victims just like Toyota customers went through a few years ago. What happens if we hurt someone during a failure? We could end up in prison because no one can duplicate the problem and it would be our word against the Ford giant. This is beyond scary, it's a crime waiting to happen. I'm on my way to an attorney.
  • hpurdyhpurdy Posts: 2
    We live in Colorado mountains. We're having severe brake problems. On a downward slope, gravel or snow, the brakes grind and vibrate, and do not stop. So, we have 2 options, depress brakes and do not stop or let foot up from brake and do not stop. Not a good scenario when the road is a hair pin turn, drops off 500 - 1000 feet , you want to stop. Took the vehicle into our ford dealer in canon city, colorado, and they took it for a test run and couldn't duplicate it. I think they should take it on Shelf Road and see how serious they'd be during their trouble shooting. It sounds like others have similar problems. What is the deep secret or solution? Buy a Nissan instead?
  • hpurdyhpurdy Posts: 2
    I agree with garden lady. This is beyond scary. I will need to make a decision before winter, and it will not be another ford if they don't step up to the plate.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    edited August 2011
    What you describe is SOP, Standard Operating Procedure, for modern day ABS, Anti-lock Brakiing Systems. ABS wil often sacrifice braking ability in favor of allowing the driver to maintain directional control. That can be very frustrating in certain circumstances, like the one you describe, but ABS, overall, definitely improves safety.

    My '92 Jeep acted the very same way, ABS continued to remain active right down to virtually zero, "creep", speed, NEVER letting the Jeep come to a full and final stop.

    I am a BIG fan of a new design that would disable ABS unless the vehicle direction of travel deviates, according to VSC, from the desired one.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    edited August 2011
    Back in my days in MT, long before ABS, I often made judicious use of the rear implemented e-brake in situations such as you describe.
  • In the evening on October 17, 2011, I attempted to pull my 2011 Ford Explorer into a parking space in Sunnyvale, California. I was driving between 5-10 mph at the time. As I depressed the brake pedal to come to a complete stop, the car failed to stop. Instead, it rolled into a closed business that was being remodeled. The car came to a stop at the glass front doors to the business and did not penetrate the business. The good news is that no one was hurt in the accident. Additionally, the front airbags never deployed given the low speed I was traveling. The car has about 7,500 miles on it. Much to my surprise, the Ford dealership it was towed to was unable to find any problem with the brakes. In fact, according to the dealership, the brakes appear to work fine now. I have been driving for over 37 years and know the difference between a gas pedal and a brake pedal. I clearly recall pressing the brake peddle in my failed attempt to get the car to stop. I also recall the brake peddle going to the floor and looking down to verify that my foot was indeed on the brake pedal. If I had hit the gas pedal by mistake, the car would have penetrated the business and not been stopped by its glass front doors.

    I discovered your web post regarding similar brake failure on your Ford Explorer. 2 questions for you:

    1) Have you had any other brake failures, other than those listed in your post?

    2) Did you ever find out what caused the brake failure and what if any repairs were made to the SUV'S braking system?

    Thank-you in advance for any assistance you can offer.
  • I had to do a panic stop in my '07 Explorer ad the brake peddle went soft. I felt like I was on ice. The Explorer would not stop and I hit the car in front of me. There was no damage to the vehicles but the driver of the other car received a jolt and went to the hospital. Now I have a claim on my insurance record. I took the Explorer to a garage and had the brakes serviced. They found nothing wrong with the brakes that would cause it to not work properly. I have tested the brakes myself, doing panic stop applications. The Explorer peddle feels mushy, it goes to the floor, the vehicle rolls on and eventually stops. I think the ABS is screwed up. The brakes do not pulse, like the ABS does, but 'feel' is similar :mad: .
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