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Audi A4 Reliability



  • Audi and Volkswagen in general are great driving cars but have horrible reliability. I have a 2000 Audi A4 Quattro Automatic that has 68,000 mile on it.

    During the first 3 years, I only had the following issues: bad keychain remote, noisy climate control, bad antenna connection. Once the warranty ran out, all kinds of things started to go: driver's side airbag ($850), driver's side window ($500), engine seals, drivetrain seals, transmission seals, differential seals ($1500), then the throttle body, o2 sensor ($400), more seals ($900), Instrument Cluster ($900), rear control arms ($500), all 4 fuel injectors ($1000), etc.

    I fortunately had an extended warranty, which has alread paid more than $9000 in repairs. This car is not a lemon, it just shows the terrible parts durability in volkswagen and audi cars.

    In contrast, our 6 year old subaru legacy has never had a single repair. Stay away from audi unless you lease it.
  • Nary a car anymore has "horrible reliability". You just oulined your own personal experience, which cannot be extrapolated over all Audi/Volkswagens. They may not be as realiable as a Lexus; however, I hardly classify them as "horrible". Look in the forums for every car sold and you will find the same statement. Sorry...just tired of people making such statements.
  • Sorry rascal99 et al. but I am just tired of people taunting Audi as reliable when they aren't. Speak to any used-car dealer and they will tell you that due to serious problems with variety of components (read NOT JUST ONE) all cars made by VW which include VW and Audi have a terrible resale value.

    To give example, 1.8T engine is just a plain piece of junk and everybody knows it - if you are unsure then read up on their problem with oil - sludge accumulation. Electrical system is not much better and god damn "Check Engine Light" seems to be coming on every month requiring a trip to the dealer.

    Audi Dealers in NJ stink. Example : Jack Daniels or Princeton Audi. They are a bunch of thieves trying to rip you off doubling their labor rates every year. Jack Daniels charged over $120 an hour in May of 2006 deliberately misquoting the necessary work and not willing to stand by repairs they made themselves a year earlier.

    AudiUSA is not much better. Not willing to stand by it's own products and disregarding all customer complaints asking to purchase a new Audi vehicle in the next 6 months in order to be refunded the cost of the most recent bunch of repairs. "We understand your concerns but unable to anything. We stand by our Audi dealers" - they say. This is not just my experience - read what others have to say about this.

    Extended warranty - yeah right. What I was offered was not even a manufacturer policy but rather something like a third party insurance policy that was so complicated I needed a lawyer to read it and explain it to me in plain English. I suspect that at the end of the day whatever I needed to be repaired would not be covered under this policy because of this or that paragraph.

    The truth of the matter is that Audi is a very expensive car definitely not your economy line. As such, it is expected to be somewhat reliable than any car you can get for 15k-20k less. IT ISN'T.

    No other car can probably match Audi's ride quality but even this short lived pleasure cannot make up the fact that you have to be at the dealer shop almost as frequently as you do grocery shopping.

    AUDI and VW (they all share components) is ABSOLUTELY 100% HORRIBLE UNRELIABLE CARS not worth your money. Strongly recommended to stay away and consider ACURA or LEXUS instead. :sick: :lemon:

    Unless you have a bag of cash and are willing to spent your precious time eating donuts at your local Audi dealer STAY AWAY from Audi - SELL SELL while there are still buyers thinking that this car is worth any money at all.

    I did, just in time last year - 2000 A4 1.8T - 67,000 miles - got $5,000.00 for it from an Acura dealer. It's rediculous amount but better than nothing - covered my downpayment on Acura which has not given me a single problem for over 12 months. :P :shades:
  • My recommendation and advise would be to stay away from Audi's - particulary with this milage.

    There is a reason why the asking price is so or your daughter will have to shell out much more in repairs very soon if you buy it...

    Repairs are VERY expensive too - Audi dealers charge over $140 an hour in my area. Parts seem to be somewhat expensive as well.

    Used Honda's are great and reasonably priced - reliable and nice - capable of handling 140,000 of milage without issues.

    Good luck!
  • Say what you want. Go to and read about the reliability of audi cars. I love driving the car, and keep it only because of the extended warranty. My independent audi shop owner says that audi's on average need about $7,000-$8,500 in repairs from end of warranty to 8 years old, not counting routine maintenance. You cannot compare audi reliability to japanese, korean, or even US manufacturer cars. That said, the car will not strand you, but will empty your wallet.
  • It is never surprising on these post sites to hear horror stories. Our family is on our 4th Audi, and getting ready to look at a new A5 once they are available. (The S5 price is a bit steep!) My current 2002 A4 3.0 has been a truly great car. Now at about 100k mile, and I'm getting ready to replace the timing belt (which is expensive, I'll admit) but a necessary preventive item. The car has never stranded us, and the only repairs out of pocket have been brakes, tires, etc. It was hit in the back end once by a cell-phone-using teenager at close to 50 mph. The car crumpled where it should, and was repairable. I was fine. Great cars.
  • I think you just proved my point with all that writing. You obvioiusly have an axe to grind.

    All I am saying is people who get burned are the ones who complain, and loudly. I know I would; however, I would rather look at empirical evidence than get scared by rantings on a message board. No offense.
  • rjorge3rjorge3 Posts: 138
    Hi gang, this past Saturday I went to my dealer to clear a check engine light on my 2005 A4, Quattro 1.8L (5 times already yeeepeeeeey, I think that by now, I am an expert in clearing the "code"). Since I was the last car they service that day, I got to talk to the mechanics for quite a while and they shared with me something that I don't know if some of you guys have hear before. He indicated that the 3.0 and the 3.2 (06 and 07) are virtually trouble free or at least have far less problems than the 1.8 or 2.0. He went as far as to tell me that he would have bought a used 3.0/3.2 than a new 1.8 (at the time I had bought mine in 05) or a 2.0.

    Have any of you heard this before? and for those of you that are 3.0 or 3.2 owners, have you have a good experience with your car aside from the regular maintance?

    R :confuse:
  • Don't even THINK about buying an Audi, new or used. You have been warned.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Any new Audi with the new grill and engines 05.5 on up is far superior to anything they've done in the past. Even the 02-04's are not that bad. It's the older 90's models thru 2001 that had more problems that I would try to stay from.

    Even consumer reports which is usually hard on German cars and Audi now recommends the newer A4 2.0T. Audi is having record sales and profits in the US market in 2007. They wouldn't be selling all these cars if they were junk.

    Stay away from older 01 on down used Audis, and be selective about used 02-04's as well.
  • consume reports recommended the audi a4 in 2000. The problems with audi are age related. The seals, sensors, and electric parts start to break after 5 or 6 years. If you lease or keep cars for 4 or 5 years, you are fine with audi/vw.
  • I am seriousley interested in a used, 2004 audi a4 1.8T Quattro with the ultra sport package, and i was interested in peoples opinions about the reliability. this is really my only concern, because i heard from a friend that the 1.8T is a great engine IFF you PERFECTLY maintain it, and if you miss one oil change the engine can become very unreliable and expensive to replace. also, i think it is a little sluggish, having to tugg around a heavy car with a 4wd system so i was considering putting some type of a chip in from a reputable company used in one of car and driver's golf gti's. would this make the engine even more unreliable? thanks for any info and advice!
  • Audi A4 best ride ever.
  • I love my 2001 A4 1.8T wagon (Avant) AND I have regularly invested about $2000 a year in maintenance/repairs since about 60K around 3 years old. I put about 20K miles/year on it and enjoy my commutes. You just need to make sure the following have been taken care of or you will pay for it. The former owner should have done this if he/she was a good owner...

    full-synthetic oil changes every 6 months or 10K miles (Mobil 1 or BMW oil)
    brakes (both front and back) BOTH pads & rotors replaced or you will have to do it.
    Coolant flushed at least once
    Brake oil flushed/replaced at least once (for a few extra $ this can be done during a brake pad replacement job).
    New battery (make sure it is a more-expensive sealed type)

    and ask if the fuel pump has been replaced (it goes about 100 - 120K, mine went right at 100K) as it vibrates loudly under the passenger seating area (the pump is attached to the fuel tank!).

    Good luck - James
  • And I forgot to mention to check/replace ALL the critical rubber hoses as it gets very hot under the hood. Check on the coolant and ESPECIALLY the turbo-crankcase vacuum hoses. If these turbo-vacuum hoses leak, your turbo will not work and a engine check light goes off.
  • I had a 2001 GTI with the 1.8T, and a Neuspeed chip..Also tried the Revo flash for a short time. They both added lots of power, and made the car 100x more fun to drive. The only problem I had was with the clutch, it didn't seem to like the extra power and started to slip after about 30k miles. Also had a turbo-back exhaust system with high flow cat, N75 valve from a Audi TT, and Forge diverter valve. The 1.8Ts are very reliable, even with punishment!!
  • See my posting at #1727.
  • 604doc604doc Posts: 182
    There's only 42 posts. How can we look at #1727?
  • My advice for prospective buyers.
    Lease/Purchase the car but DON'T keep it for longer than 2 years.
    It's goes downhill from there. Better safe than sorry!
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