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Audi A4 Reliability



  • eddie650eddie650 Posts: 26
    Any hesitation should only exist, I'd think, from a dead stop. I also experience hesitation with my 2005 1.8 from a dead stop, but usually don't notice it because my driving tends to be conservative. It's those times when I am relying on a quick start from a dead stop (like getting out of the way of someone else) that I might notice this problem.
  • lagirl2lagirl2 Posts: 7
    I recently bought a brand new Audi A4. I know absolutely nothing about cars, but it was cute and Edmunds appeared to have rated it highly in reviews.

    The day after I bought it, I had to take it back to the dealer for a check engine light. They said it was the fuel sensor and replaced it. 2 weeks later, I got another check engine light. They cleared the fault and sent me on my way. 2 weeks after that, I took it in for another check engine light. When I pulled into the dealership, they said they knew it was the fuel pump that needed replacing. According to the dealership, the Audi manufacturer had "compared it to another new car and decided it was the fuel pump." They replaced it and sent me on my way. It's been about a week and everything's running fine so far, but I hope that this isn't going to be a reoccuring problem. I'm thinking I may have just had bad luck with that one part. Sometimes new cars are like that I guess.

    Otherwise, my experience with Audi is pleasant. The dealership puts up with my histrionics when something goes wrong. They fix it under warranty for free and offer me a free rental car (usually a Mercedes) when they fix my car so at least I get to try other cars out. Overall, my Audi is beautiful and has every amenity offered. I hope it doesn't have more problems, though, because I think it looks really cute and it's fun to drive.
  • fkuciapafkuciapa Posts: 12
    I really don't want to spoil you joy with the new car but unfortunately the infamous check engine light, particularly right after you drive a brand new car from the lot is not a good indicator of what's ahead of you ....

    I had very similar experience to yours. Yes, the dealer fixes the check engine light free when car is under warranty...the warranty will eventually run out unless you purchased extended one from the get go...when it does, you will be out luck. They will give you a loaner while they fix the issue but the issues will keep coming back....ok when car is under warranty but still you will worry and waste time visiting the dealer. True, most of these issues will be classified as "leaking hose", "loose gas cap" etc but each one will result in dreadfull check engine light and will require a trip to the dealer. Unless you have tons of time and enjoy spending it at the dealership ....

    I had so many of these little but requiring a day off from work in order to visit the dealer to drop off the car issues that I finally gave up selling the car for a lousy trade in value .... and started sharing the issues with the general public on this forum.

    Audi is a very sexy agile car. It is notorious for tons of small issues all cuasing check engine light...

    It is not good for a brand new car to have a gas pump issue....and regardless, all dealer repairs are good for 12 months. I had my air pump repaired once by dealer for $600 and going bad 14 months later....naturally 2 months after the dealer service warranty had expired :)

    Good luck with it....enjoy but be prepared for lots of ridiculous stories about what was wrong with your car next time the check engine light comes on and you're forced to pay the dealer another visit.

    I now drive an Acura...had not had a SINGLE issue for 2 years.
  • lagirl2lagirl2 Posts: 7
    Thanks for the warning. So far, minus the little problems, I love it. However, what does comfort me is a- the extended warranty I bought, b- my bf is a mechanic and literally called the dealership for me to check on the work actually being done this last time, etc... and c- the law. So far I've been in 3 times in a month and a half. Under CA's lemon laws, I'd have cause to return it and get my money back if I so desired. If it keeps happening, then I'm going to definitely take advantage of that law, something I keep reminding the dealership each visit in. They do bend over backwards now to help me, so I'm hoping that they are as concerned about their workmanship and the cars they sell as I am about owning one.

    I used to drive a Japanese car. It was so easy to maintain and I had zero problems. Absolutely nothing happened on that car. I changed tires, brakes, and got oil changes and that was enough to make it last. I traded it in at 75k to get the Audi, though, because 4.5 years seemed a long time to own a car. However, I am confident that my old car would've kept going and going and going. That thing drove like a dream. It's just not as sexy as the Audi and it's not the powerhouse that the Audi is.
  • ingvaringvar Posts: 205
    I now drive an Acura...had not had a SINGLE issue for 2 years.
    Good for you. I had horrible experience with Accord and TL with 0 issues when cars had warranty and LOTS of issues when warranty expired. I wouldn't touch Honda any more, only German cars. 0 issues with my BMW, girlfriend's parents have 0 issues with VW.
  • rascal99rascal99 Posts: 54
    Nope, no issues here on my 3 year old A4. Absolutely nothing. I am not going to assume all Audis are perfect based on my experience, just as someone shouldn't assume they are crap based on their ONE single ownership experience, or that Uncle Bob and one and...blah blah.
  • fkuciapafkuciapa Posts: 12
    Rascall99 - assume what want, your car, your choice. Not sure why you're getting all worked up about the facts - notice plural.

    I recommend this interesting site to you, pehaps this will help you expand your horizons juust a bit further beyond the windshield of your own car ... blah blah


    Most recently (last 2 weeks), my friends drove a brand new VW JETTA from Germany to France - the manual transmission broke down in southern France on their way back forcing them to return by train. Now this is what I call PERFECT turn of events.
  • rascal99rascal99 Posts: 54
    Not getting worked up. My point being, if you read my post, is I AM looking beyond my own windshield. All car makes have problems and basing a conclusion that a car is junk because of one or two personal experiences is not statistically valid. "My aunt Mildred broke down in her brand new Toyota on the way home from the dealership". So what. That sucks for Mildred but that certainly doesn't mean all Toyotas are junk.
  • ingvaringvar Posts: 205
    Thank you for recommendation. Lot of interesting stories about uber quality Honda cars
    BTW, on my brand new Accord, transmission broke down on 8K miles first time.
  • i too am an audi owner or rather still am paying on the car that is sitting in my driveway as it sits there most of the time. I have had to replace the engine and to the person with the check engine light i do feel sorry for you, because that is what kept coming on in my audi but the dealer assured me everything was fine and he got the light off but then the engine blew and another engine was put in and now the car sits again, problem after problem, audi a4 quattro no more :sick: :sick: :lemon: :lemon:
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Hi, listen I was just curious what current Audi A4 owners/lessors of A4's post 2007 feel about the reliability of the A4 is and what the future holds for not just the A4 but for Audi in general?

    Reason I ask is, having been a Japanese luxury owner.lessor for a few years and not really caring for German styling, I have taken notice and really like the styling, LED DRLs, of the new Audi lineup and might consider leasing one in a year and half when my current lease is up?

    Consumer reports and JD Power have listed poor reliability of the A4 pre 2006 and do not recommend it as a used vehicle but both sites have shown great improvement in reliability starting in 2007 to the current one; I wanted to know if this is true based on current Audi A4 owners/lessors and do you recommend leasing this vehicle or at the very least give it consideration?

    I really like the direction Audi has taken in the styling and interior department over the last few years but they aren't exactly known for impeccable reliability but I don't hold problems of the past against improvements in the companies current models, a good example of this is Nissan, so I would love some insightful criticism and opinions!!! both good or bad!!
  • When I purchased my 2005+ A4 (4 cylinder convertible model) I did so after reading that Consumer Reports had given the car decent ratings - including probable repair record. I'm satisfied with the car even though it needed two repairs. Those were covered under a good warranty issued back then.
    I find the car reliable and I think many people on this site do report on their car problems, but people satisfied with the car don't bother to report that fact. It's my opinion that Audi has more problem cars, but that doesn't mean the average car buyer will have more problems with their cars than buyers of American cars.
  • I currently own an audi a4 2000, and my father owned an a4 2001, which he was happy to get rid of. We both liked the cars, but frankly, the reliability of audi and vw is scary. The cars will not leave you stranded, but they will empty your checkbook very fast. There is a reason you don't see older audi's on the road.

    My experience with the audi a4 is:
    1) engine seals replaced 2 x
    2) diff seals replaced 2 x
    3) dash display replaced
    4) entire throttle body replaced (sensors, valves, etc)
    5) fuel injectors replaced 2 x
    6) driver's airbag replaced
    7) abs module replaced
    8) driver's and passenger window lifters replaced
    9) drive shaft boots replaced
    10) various sensors (temp sensors, oxygen sensors, etc)
    11) hoses, pipes, etc.

    This is a 10 year car which started breaking after 2.5 years. Thank god I had a full coverage warranty. The warranty paid out $12k in repairs, and from speaking with the audi/vw shop, this is typical of audi's.

    Have they gotten better? I hope so, but I can guarantee you that their reliability is still poor. By the way, consumer reports gave the a4 a good reliability rating in 2000 and 2001. We'll see what happens in a couple of years to the 07's.

    In comparison:
    1) 2002 subaru- no problems with anything
    2) 2003 camry- 1 engine mount went bad
    3) 1995 maxima- 2 starters

    In my mind, audi's are great driving cars, but horrible transportation cars. They are not reliable, expensive to fix, and expensive to own.

    There is simply no justification for getting one. Do yourself a favor and get something else. If you want performance and have to get a german car, get a bmw. They seem to be the most reliable of the german makes, although they are not close to the japanese cars.
  • I drove my 2008 A4 about 6 miles in the cold the other night not ever getting over 35 miles per hour. At a stop light the clutch developed an issue out of nowhere and would not allow me to go into 1st gear. I finally had to drive it home in 3rd gear but after getting it into my garage, could not get it into gear again.

    Upon driving it to the dealer, my clutch was burned out completely. This surprised me because I saw no smoke or heard no grinding noises whatesoever when I was driving it.

    Has anybody ever had this issue? I cannot believe that I "broke" my Audi A4 in a matter of 35 miles per hour for 6 miles.

  • r34r34 Posts: 178
    My wife is driving a 2006 A4 3.2 auto - no issue. We were surprised it's more reliable than our Saabs (although we still missed them).
  • Unfortunately, I have had very similar problems with my now former 2005 A4 3.0 Quatrro. After the warranty expired the costs piled up. Within a year of the warranty expiring the car was towed twice and I spent over $2000 on new tires and brake pads. The first time the car was towed the car needed a very costly new fuel pump. The second time the car was towed the dealer informed me it needed a new $13,000 engine, worth almost as much as the car if not more!!! At 4 years old and 62,000 miles a car should not need a new engine. No one in the dealership could tell me exactly what went wrong except that I had an excellent service record and all my fluids were fine. The dealership tried to offer me $2,000 for the car, which I just shelled out for the tires to the dealership. They would also not make any deal towards a trade in for a new Audi, which I was willing to try again with Audi. Audi obviously does not stand behind their vehicles or their customers.
  • rrrxrrrx Posts: 1
    I'm hearing all these bad reviews for the A4 1.8T. I am about to buy a 2002 A4 1.8T that has 84,000 miles on it, it was owned by a female bank worker, the seems to be in great shape. It's a local dealer who has it for sale, they are not an Audi dealership. Should I stay away from this car? they have it priced @ 10,900.
    Any help would be greatly welcomed!!!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    This is a really difficult question for anyone else to answer. The plus side is that it's really fun to drive. The minus side is that there will be times when you can't drive it at all, and it will require more than the average amount in repair bills to make it drive again.

    You should do a forums search here on the terms A4 problems. Then, assume that you will experience at least some of the problems mentioned by others. Can your budget handle that? If so, can you also handle your car being out-of-commission for those periods of time/frequency?

    I have owned two vehicles in my life with poor reliability histories. The first one, I was spending $800/month in repairs for about the last 5 months of ownership. The second one, I beat the odds and experienced almost no problems at all. It's up to you to decide whether you can afford the risks. Personally, if I were spending $11K on a used vehicle, I'd be looking at something less exciting, but with a better likelihood of lower impact on my future & ongoing budget.

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  • gatillo21gatillo21 Posts: 1
    I saw a cheap 07 A4 Quattro manual transmission with 100,000 and I'm thinking about buying it. What are your suggestions??? Tell me fast please I don't want to make an expensive mistake.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,250
    You didn' mention price or condition. Get it checked out thoroughly by a qualified indy mechanic. 1-150 bucks. Does it have a complete service record?
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