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Ford News



  • heyjewelheyjewel Posts: 1,046
    Yep, and now our friend Chavez in Venezuela is fixing to nationalize the GM and Ford plants there. Arent the commies wonderful?
  • lemkolemko Posts: 15,071
    Just like those heating fuel commercials that say "from our friends in Venezuela!" Yeah, just like our "friends" in Iran and North Korea!
  • Yep, and now our friend Chavez in Venezuela is fixing to nationalize the GM and Ford plants there. Arent the commies wonderful?

    Yet another good reason to keep domestic manufacturing on our shores, not overseas or across the border.
  • Yes it's a loss, and yes it would still be large even without the extraordinary items. But, the losses were expected as part of restructuring, and if it turns the core business around to profitability, then that's what's needed. FoMoCo wasted many opportunities in the past and is now paying the price, but sometimes some pain like this is necessary to turn things around. It seems to be working for GM.

    Pointing to the current losses and saying it's over for the company is shortsighted, the same shortsightedness for which domestic auto companies themselves have been justly criticized.
  • Yes, you are right, but it was still devastating and Wall Street, from a lot of analysis, was NOT expecting this.

    It is almost like they're trying to screw up! No new ideas, except the concept of bonuses for doing nothing - yeah, that's a winner!

    What is that car over in Europe that's a hot seller?... Ford keeps making excuses as to why they can't do that here. I had a friend laughing so hard, I exclaimed that at this point, they should bring back the Ranchero - at least it would be something different! He actually thought about it, and said it wasn't a bad idea.... Population is getting older and he has often wished his pick-up bed wasn't so high....

  • How do you figure analysits were not expecting this?

    Look at the Ford stock price it did not drop with the news of the loss.

    In fact it actually finished yesterday at about even.

    Not sure if that chart will pop up but you can try it.

    Yesterday it opened at 8.15 and closed at 8.22.

    Looks to me like the market had already taken into account the loss.
  • Thanks Bumpy,

    Heaven forbid that vehicle should ever be sold here. Add another vehicle to the list of "Why doesn't Ford sell this here!"...... Morons.

    I don't follow the trades, does this have any chance at all in America? I think the kids (as well as their grandfathers) would love it!
  • Um...... It was so far off analysts expectations, it hit the nightly news (national) on the major networks. When something garners that much attention... A storm is brewing.

    I would say that pretty much illustrates some analysts did a double take.

    The stock can do anything it wants.... historically that happens all the time.... go ahead and invest.
  • bumpybumpy Posts: 4,435
    Not the current one, since it wasn't designed with LHD in mind. Hopefully Mulally is kicking the right butts to have the next platform designed with global aspirations. Maybe by 2010?
  • GM's Holden also produces something like this. I remember thinking when I saw them "man, I wish they still sold something like that back home".
  • Um...... It was so far off analysts expectations, it hit the nightly news (national) on the major networks. When something garners that much attention... A storm is brewing.

    I certainly wouldn't expect what we see on the national nightly news to accurately reflect what the professional analysts were or were not expecting.
  • Ford seems to never change their marketing strategy or they just don't care what consumers say and want!

    Lets take an example, look at the all new 2008 Focus! Come on guys, don't we have talented people in America. Compare it with the Europe version of the Ford Focus...sigh! Oh, how about that new Mondeo briefly showed up in the latest Bond movie, Casino Royale? It's sexy and attractive. You do the pick, drive the 500 or that suped up Mondeo!

    My family once had 3 cars from Ford, they are just disappointing. We will never go back to Ford unless we see new changes.

    How about bringing in some European models like?
    Mondeo (vs the 500 in US)
    S-Max (vs the current Focus wagon in US)
    Focus (vs the 2008 Focus in US)
    Focus ST (vs the 2008 Focus in US)
    Galaxy (vs the Freestarin US)

    Europe has less line ups, sell less cars but more profitable.

    Something really wrong inside of Ford. :sick: I hope Mulally can do something about it. Heard he studied what Toyota did when he was with Boeing back then.

    More info: or any other sites that features Ford outside of U.S.

    The world is changing and Ford thought Americans are still living with phone lines and local broadcasting only! :sick:
  • When companies come out with earnings that are well below expectations then the stock price plummets.

    Ford's stock price held steady for the most part therefore the price of the stock had already dropped enough to take into account the poor earnings reports.
  • Then go ahead and invest......
  • I already have some Ford stock. I was looking to buy a little more if the poor earnings report drove the price down some more. At that point the stock would truly be undervalued and a great bargin.
  • rockyleerockylee Posts: 14,011
    DEARBORN, Mich. — The Ford Motor Company has announced that its base 2008 Escape XLS will start at $19,245, including a $665 destination charge, which is a $740 reduction over the 2007 Escape. The '08 Escape Hybrid also gets a price cut of $580 versus the '07 model. The vehicles will be in showrooms by March.

  • rockyleerockylee Posts: 14,011
    DEARBORN, Mich. — Ford is considering a plan to bolster its North American lineup with a limited group of Europe-built models, according to new boss Alan Mulally. Among the models under investigation for sale in the U.S. market are the upcoming fourth-generation Mondeo, the European Car of the Year award-winning S-Max and the Transit Connect commercial vehicle.

  • Hee Hee...... You got the ball Alan. Show 'em the brain cells!

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