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Toyota Avalon 2008-2010



  • At least on my 2008 Touring you do not have to fill the tank to reset the MPG calculator. You just have to open the fuel door. Every now and then I pop it open as I get out of the car and close it as I walk by. When I get back in the car it is reset.
  • Thanks for the info, will try it when I get home.
  • Has anyone had to buy a new key for their 2008 Avalon? Mine has a fat headed key which has buttons for alarm, trunk, door lock. Dealer said it would be $275 plus $100 for an hour of in-shop programming. Can anyone else here verify that? They might as well have told me it is $1,000.
  • I have not tried these guys, but you might call for a quote:

    Email Us: Call Us Toll-Free: 1.866.BUY.KEYS
  • Not to change the subject, but I will...I am seriously considering purchasing a 2008 Avalon Touring Edition. However, believe it or not, I have not found one on a dealer lot to test drive. My concern, just how rough is the Touring suspension ride ? One review I read referred to the 2008 Touring ride as "brittle".

  • I am seriously considering purchasing a 2008 Avalon Touring Edition. However, believe it or not, I have not found one on a dealer lot to test drive. My concern, just how rough is the Touring suspension ride ? One review I read referred to the 2008 Touring ride as "brittle".
  • I have been very happy with it. I admit that when traveling country roads you feel the washboards and cracks more than you would on the Limited. However, on normal surface streets and freeways I really don't notice any issues. I had a 2005 Touring and the 2008 Touring seems even less harsh and rides better even on the back roads. The 6 speed tranny is light yrs ahead of the old 5 speed as well. I couldn't imagine a better car for the money.
  • Would you mind telling the group what the msrp with options was and amount of discount? Also did you purchase the extended warranty and cost.
    Thanks in advance for the info
  • Had my new Avalon 2 weeks. All ready I have noticed the 6 speed trans changes too quickly. First change at 5 mph is too quick, 2nd at 20mph and up to 5th gear before I hit 40mph. Tans shifts back and forth as you drive at varying speeds below 40 in city driving. The vehicle shifts are easily noticed. Runs beautifully once you are up to highway speeds. I am not happy with 1st shift point. Has anyone had similar issue? Can it be adjusted? What speed does your Avalon shift on first change? Overall very pleased with the car, but this issue is growing larger by the day and may change my opinion.
  • The MSRP was $34190 for a Touring with Anti-Theft, moonroof with wind deflector, JBL, VSC and Tracton Control, heated seats, tinted windows and floor mats. I traded a 2005 Touring that had considerable equity so the water is a little muddied regarding the actual discount but they gave me approximately $4500 off the MSRP. The price they put on the deal sheet was in the mid $29000s. All in all it was a very good deal. They offered me an extended warranty of 6yr/100k for around $1300. However, I had complained so loudly and frequently with Toyota about the 2005 Tourings transmission that Toyota gave me a 7yr/100k warranty for free. They did this in place of the trade assistance most automakers offer when one has issues but buys their product again anyway.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Apply the rear brakes lightly and the car will remain in each gear a bit longer...

    The reason you have a 6 speed transmission is to improve FE by keeping the engine RPM as low as is possible and still have enough torque to move forward at a specific speed.

    Either learn to live with it or buy a car with a CVT.
  • Another solution is to keep the lever in 4 instead of D. You really don't need 5th or 6th gear for speed below 40 mph anyway.
  • From what I can find on the internet, the invoice price for an Avalon '08 is $30,285 and the destination charge to the dealer is $660.

    A dealer is telling me that "the Internet just don't provide correct information for cost for a Toyota." He tells me that invoice price is really $31,499, and destination charge to our area (Texas) is $715.

    The difference between the invoice price on the internet and what the dealer is telling me is over $1,200. He recommended that I ask around about his numbers to--as he put it--keep him honest.

  • finfin atlantaPosts: 586
    Respectfully disagree. Yes, it will hold a given gear longer, but using a brake while applying power produces significant excess wear and wastes gas. The problem can't be solved in this manner.

    On dry pavement you might try a firmer foot (than necessary) on the accelerator. This will produce the same result, delaying the shift. This also wastes gas but at least the brake is not wearing out. Wet pavement is another problem.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to adjust or reset the on-board computer that controls shift logic? Can a dealer even do it? :confuse:
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 5,025
    It was mentioned a while back that simply moving the shift lever into "S" mode resets the adaptive learning of the trans. I have not been able to confirm this as I am the only one who drives my car and it is used to my habits. I do agree with you in using a heavier foot. For the car to shift at 5MPH it must be really being driven softly. I also stand to believe that whenever the car feels "lazy" and holds gears too long just go where you can give a few full throttle "treatments" :) and all will be well again. Just my .02!

    1999 Chevy S10 / 2004 Merc Grand Marquis / 2012 Buick LaCrosse

  • burlburl Posts: 40
    Hi folks
    If you rember I'm the Guy that traded his 3rd XLS in on an 08= XL with the full traction package. I have had leather and moon roofs till I'm sick of them for several reasons.
    i have 2500 miles on the car and love it .
    I liked the original settings for the 6 speed and if was smooth as teflon untill about 1800 miles then it started shifting funny ocassionaly (200-400 RPM) with an occassional mild funny shift............ Having read all the 2007 2008 6 speed it scared me silly . I thougth it had been fixed.

    Short Version..............took in in to my dealer-"WOW we haven't heard anything about that and we have no TSB's from toyota so we can't change any settimgs."

    Went up 3 levels with basicly same answer.

    The 2 things that I pick up forms were: disconect the battery cable and it should reset, Could be but didn't try it. sounds like it might work.

    What I did do Was try to retrain Transmission by driving it.
    I love a quick car 0-60 plus we have to get on a 4 lane death trap both ways. (142 accidents in the last 4 years on a 6 mile streach}

    So I tried the run it more often full throtel .................And it worked 95%
    Worth a try for you folks...................Still getting 31 mph on hyway and 0=60 on a stop watch at,,,,,,,,,,,,,5.9-6,0 this thing runs like a sidewinder missel,,,,,,,I LOVE IT
  • Could someone tell me what the color of the top of the dash is in the 2008 Avalon Limited Blizzard Pearl with Lt. Grey Interior?

    In 2007 it was a dark, almost black color.

    I can find no matching cars in my area to check it out myself and my wife is about to order one.

    Even better, could someone send me a picture!

  • Issue #1: Transmission
    My transmission is slipping. Not always and not always the same gear, but mostly 1st - 2nd or 2nd- 3rd. It has slipped from 3rd -4th though not often.
    Issue #2: Gas mileage
    I got the car in Sept. and was running the A/C and getting 25-26 MPG. It has now cooled off and the A/C is hardly used at all and I'm getting 20-24 MPG ( mostly 22).
    In the beginning I thought I was nuts, but the tranmission problem continued so about 1000 mi. I called the dealer about the tranmission and was told to drive it for about another1000 mi. and then bring it in.
    At 2000 mi they said they were unable to duplicate the problem and to drive it for another 1000 mi. and bring it back.
    At 3000 mi. the transmission problem continues and now my gas mileage is down. I was told Toyota might be coming out with a download to fix the transmission problem, that they still can't duplicate.
    Also that the gas mileage was with in the stated range 10-28 and that was why it was a range and not a set mpg.
    So, I should drive it for another 1000 mi and come back.
    At 4000 mi they didn't bother to write it up they just told me that Toyota hadn't come out with a fix yet and I should check back in another 1000 mi.
    This is outrageous so, I got the 1-800 # and called Toyota. Bottmline was that no one else was having any problems like this and I should take it to another dealer and get a second opinion.
    At 5000 mi I took it to another dealer (oil chg & tires rotated) ck transmission and gas mi. I was told that they drove it and were unable to duplicate the concern withthye tranmission and that the gas mileage was within specs. ( I did notice that it was checked in with 5085 miles and when I checked it out it had 5085 miles on it. Doesn't take long to find nothing, Iguess.)
    Drive it for a 1000 mi and bring it back.
    It goes back next week.
  • Can you say stonewall?

    Make sure that everything (with odometer reading and dates) is documented at the dealer(s) (and have a copy for yourself) and familiarize yourself with the Lemon Laws in your area.
    The troubles that you are describing are the same that the 07 Camry and ES 350 have experienced already; check the respective forums for info.

    Hope it all works out for you.
  • Hi
    I have my 08' Limited for almost two month now and only 750 miles on it. Have engine replacement when car has just 570 miles (crack in the engine block). Car was in repair shop for two weeks. They dropped new engine and car runs like new anyway. Still waiting responds from Toyota, if they can provide me with additional warranty for car/engine. Hope they will. I am a half way toward one month, until car can be cold a lemon. Have a few questions if you please:
    1. Have anyone experienced such problem with brand new car under 1k in Toyotas?
    2. My fuel consumptions are always about 17-19 mpg, even on freeway for 15 miles drive. Dealer told me that this is normal for new car.
    3. I always have some strange sound - like a servo motors runs - behind the dash. Is that normal? What it can be?
    4. MP3. When playing MP3 discs, it does not shows on display which disc is in use at the moment, only when you change the disc. It shows what file is in but you will have no idea which disc is playing. Is that just in my car or it has been designed this way?
    Hope someone have an answers on my questions. Thank you guys.
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