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Toyota Avalon 2008-2010



  • finfin atlantaPosts: 588
    On a 2007 the instructions are on page 153/154 of the owner's manual. Probably similar page numbers for the '09 models...
    All you do is turn the engine off with the total car mileage showing (not Trip A or B). Then..Hold in the the mileage button as you move the key or the start button to ON. Hold the mileage button in for 5 seconds and the light should blink and go out.... you will also see the mileage show 000000..briefly...
    Good's not hard once you know the secret...... ;)
  • Thanks, will try it today.
  • Toyota maintains a website for all its old brochures. Go to:

    All the older "original" brochures can be downloaded from there.

  • Has anyone had similar problems? This seems extremely weird. The dealership is giving me headaches and is blaming me for the problem. The care WAS garaged for 11 months (because of a death in the family) in Southern CA, but it was in a garage.

    :mad: The dealership does not want to take any action until the tires actually fail. My warranty on the tires is still in full effect; but the wording is unclear on what to do in this situation. I don't want to run the car on tires that could blow out at any time. These are original Michelin tires.

    Any suggestions, or other similar experiences?

    My 16 year old daughter is learning to drive now. I don't want her driving an unsafe car. How do I convince the dealership to replace the tires????!!!!

  • Look in your car manual and follow the steps they outline. It is not that difficult and it works.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    I didn't have tire rot, but did have a flat with 10,234 miles on it, and the dealership said "Tire warranty is handled by the tire manufacture, and not Toyota". I called the tire manufacturer who said "We will gladly replace the tire, and you will be pro-rated on the tire, for the miles it has on it". Now this could ONLY happen, if I had the car brought to an authorized dealer, and they did the work. You guessed it, the Toyota dealer ISN'T and authorized dealer!

    I would have had to have the dealer take off the tire (yes I had them replace it), they would have had to put on the bad one, I would have had to take it to the place (35+ miles away, and after all of that, it would have cost me $150.00 + (I paid $215.0 at the Toyota dealership) - and a ton of wasted time.

    If you can believe this, the Tire Company (Headquarters that I called), suggested that when I purchase a new car again, I consider getting it WITHOUT tires, and that I purchase tires NEW from an authorized dealer, and that way I'd get a much better warranty! Now how's that for weird?


    PS If it wasn't for the fact that Toyotas will likely have a VERY poor trade-in value at most places, I'd likely be looking at other makes / models of cars for my next one.

    I'm kind of hoping Toyota dealers give GREAT trade-in values towards a new Toyota (I think I hoping:)).

    I'm thinking, this might be an issue for several years to come? What do you folks think?
  • I have a 2008 Avalon that sat in the Long Beach, CA Toyota lot for 11 months even BEFORE it sent to the dealer. All four tires rotted out, both rear pistons sprung leaks, and the seal around my sun roof was failing.

    I learned all this NOT from the Toyota dealership who claimed to do a full inspection on the car (nor told me how long the car had sat), but from a Firestone dealership where I stopped to get an early oil change. (at 1,800 miles - just to make sure there were not any metal fragments in the oil).

    I went back to a different Toyota dealer, SPOKE WITH THE SERVICE MANAGER, and after some arm twisting, he agreed to make an "accommodation" for me because I was "such a good customer". I had never been to that dealership before.

    Lesson: PUSH for what is right. The 11 months of my Avalon sitting in a TOYOTA holding lot was their problem, not mine, and NOT the tire manufacturers fault.

    I have since learned that Toyota Service Managers have a lot of discretion on making "accommodations" to customers - even more so in the past month.

  • Anyone ever have an issue with a window rattle? I have a rear passenger side window that rattles going over bumps when fully raised. Poor seals, perhaps? Any guidance would be appreciated. It's take me quite awhile to isolate the I what to make it go away!

    BTW...2008 Limited.
  • D, I assume you are talking about "dry rot", and I am puzzled as to why new tires would dry rot in 11 months, regardless of where they were. What was the manufacture date on the tires?

    Did you actually get the tires replaced? At the Firestone dealer or at Toyota dealer, and was there any charge for tire replacement if it actually happened?

    A tire dealer recommending tire replacement on a new car with only 1800 miles would certainly raise a lot of questions from me.
  • bobbb1bobbb1 Posts: 2
    I have a 2008 touring also. The dash indicator shows high beam but the lights stay on low.. Can I replace the high beam bulbs myself? If so, do you know the lamp number? Is the high beam circuit fused separately and could that be the problem? The highs worked fine until I drove a dark winding road at night and switched repeatedly, after 20 minutes of this they failed. I've heard rumors about the cost of a repair on this at the dealer.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    I can say this.

    I had the low beam bulbs replaced at my local dealer (Under warranty) and it didn't take but 3 minutes per side.

  • bobbb1bobbb1 Posts: 2
    How much did they charge you Skip?
  • kbetts1kbetts1 Posts: 36
    The Touring has 9011 bulbs for high beam and HID D4R bulbs for low beam. If both of your high beams don't work then it's most likely a fuse or another problem. Take it to the dealer for warranty work.

    I took my '08 touring in because the battery wouldn't hold a charge and they said there is nothing wrong with the battery or the charging system.

    Fast forward to last week and the battery was dead AGAIN! So I took it in this time for a battery drain problem. They checked it out and said the headlights/parking lights weren't programmed to turn off right and killing the battery. OK.

    So I let the car sit for a week and the batter still died. SO.. I started poking around myself and was going to hook up an ammeter to the battery and start pulling fuses until I found where the problem was. BUT, before I did I opened the hatch between the seats and sure enough the light in the trunk was stuck on. Now I'm taking it back to the dealer and telling him to fix the trunk switch. Hope that fixes it for sure...

    Ain't cars wonderful.... oh, I just got my recall notice this week too so I'm going to talk to them about scheduling a recall appointment too even though I'm not convinced the pedal is the problem.
  • lewgeorlewgeor Posts: 3
    What do you think the clickin noise is on my 2008 avalon touring coming from engine. Purchased in Jan 010 with 40,000 still under warranty. I took it to a dealer and they said those types of engines run loud. They said they suspect the VVT-I gear assembly, R&R bank 1 valve cover inspected, all checked normal. It clicks while it is parked while car turned on. It does not make a clicking sound in the morning when I start the car up. I heard Toyota had a service butlletin concerning this.
  • twinbtwinb Posts: 140
    If there is a service bulletin about this problem your service guy should've seen it & corrected it. If you google Toy Avy service bulletins you can find out for yourself.
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 5,025
    I really think its the fuel injectors you are hearing. You wouldn't hear it in the morning when the car is on fast idle. However, when the car is fully warmed up and the engine is idling low it is possible to hear that clicking sound the fuel injectors make. I know on my 06 Avalon I could. Also, if it was something wrong with the engine it would most certainly be worse when first started. What I would do is have someone in the car with the transmission in park rev the engine to around 1800-2000 RPM and hold it there. If the sounds goes away it is the injectors (well it didn't go away you just can't hear it anymore over the sound of the engine)

    1999 Chevy S10 / 2004 Merc Grand Marquis / 2012 Buick LaCrosse

  • I got three different recall notices today on my 08 Touring.
  • lewgeorlewgeor Posts: 3
    what were the recalls. I did not get anything but took mine to a dealer. He looked at the accelerator and said that one was the recall so he fixed it. Other than the recall on accelerator, what was the other two?
  • mlinggamlingga Posts: 58
    After two months of waiting for the official Toyota letter I finally was told by their customer svc folks that they could not tell me when the letter was coming, but that some dealers were doing the "sticking pedal" recall without the letter. She said though that they would NOT do the "floor mat" recall without a letter. She stated they were sending out about 10,000 letters a day. (BTW, I find it incredible that it will take a vaunted company like Toyota months just to send out a bunch of letters. Let's see: take database. Print letters. Mail. And they can't figure out how to do that faster?)

    Well, I called my dealer and lo and behold, they will do BOTH recalls without the letter. Then, to my surprise, like stoneybrook, i was informed of a THIRD recall which has been totally unpublicized to my knowledge. It involves a problem with an oil hose, though they did not tell me more than that. The three recalls will be an all day affair as they said the engine must be completely cooled off before they can remove the oil line.

    On the bright side, I figure if my car starts to accelerate out of control, the oil line will rupture and the engine will die, saving my life :-)
  • tfeltontfelton Posts: 80
    I got three recalls last week for my 2008 Avalon Ltd. One was for the accelerator (had it done), two was for the oil line (had it done), and 3 was for the floor mat/accelerator (have not had that done).

    If you read the floor mat recall it indicates that under the right conditions all they do is inspect your mat and if it's a Toyota mat and properly installed they only have to up grade the computer so the car slows down if you touch the brake and accelerator at the same time at high speed.
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