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Toyota Avalon 2008-2010



  • stoneybrokestoneybroke Posts: 83
    edited March 2010
    (1) The all weather floor mats will be replaced if they are the "old style".
    (2) The gas pedal will be shortened and they dig out part of the carpet to prevent a mat from holding the throttle depressed. I've seen this. It looks like a rat chewed on your pedal and carpet.
    (3) A new fitting (bushing) will be added to the linkage to prevent sticking pedal.
    (4) A new rubber coupling will be added to the vvvti oil line. I will insist on the line that is used in the Lexus engine. It is ALL metal.
  • tfeltontfelton Posts: 80
    What is the "old style" mat? I bought my rubber Avalon mats in '08.
  • Your guess is as good as mine! I purchased a new 08 Touring and the all-weather mats last Summer. The car is with me, in Texas. The mats are in my garage in Pennsylvania.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Where to start.

    On cruise control 3 different times, it sped up all by itself.

    The brake pedal had to be pumped on 5-7 occasions (when first applied it went to the floor)

    The car would excel all by itself. Not a hugh amount, but it made me pay attention each time.

    It did act like it had water or something in the gas a few times (bucking and surging).

    I couldn't get the radio to get any classical music stations south of New York? (Just kidding - it's true but I'm not blaming the car:)

    The trip was from Maine to Florida, with a dozen or so stops in between (Scranton, PA, Savanna, GA, Charleston, SC, Charlotte, NC, Tampa, FL to name a few stops.)

    The good news is, none of these things caused me to have an accident. It made me drive a bit more careful thou.

    MPG seemed pretty much like it has been 28 - 30 MPG highway. It might have been better with summer tires, but those aren't that good, so I keep me snow tires on. Not to mention with the crazy weather we have been haing, I was concerned I might run into a snow storm on the trip.

  • doug3030doug3030 Posts: 20
    Do you have the laser cruise control on your car? I was somewhat surprized after getting my Limited and used the cruise control the first time. I didn;t realize it went into laser control initially and when the road ahead was clear, it sped up automatically. Kind of scary at first but used to it now and enjoy it on long trips.Perhaps you got some bad gas causing the bucking, etc.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Great thought, but no, I don't have laser controlled cruise. As for the bad gas, I'm hoping that's all it is, but the fact that it happen so many different times throughout out the trip, I'm thinking it's not.

    I'm wondering more about the fuel filter. I have an appointment the 7th, and hopefully they can find something. I'm not holding out to much for it (those sometimes yes, sometimes no problems are so damn hard to fix).

  • I identified this condition in an earlier post. When I took the car in for servicing this problem the service guy said use it in the standard mode.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    I'm not sure I understand the response. Could you please post your earlier response or clear this one up for me.

  • cantchipcantchip Posts: 1
    i purchased my 2008 Toyota Av in February 2008. My left headlight went out in June 2009. A computer box and bulb was replaced under warranty. April 15th 2010 my right headlight has gone out and dealership states that since my car has 44k miles that it is no longer in warranty. Keep in mind that my 3 years has not expired but the miles exceeded 36k. It does not seem right to me that i will have to pay $800 + dollars to have this fixed and if I do when will this happen again! I am very dissatisfied with my selection of cars. Thought that Toyota was the best money could buy.
  • mlinggamlingga Posts: 58
    Have you reviewed the earlier posts on this issue? If you have an Av with the HID headlights (i.e. the self-leveling headlights on the Limited model) then this is absolutely typical and expected. The HID bulbs are extremely short-lived, and I and others have replaced theirs as well around the same time as yours.

    Do review the earlier posts as they really cover the issue completely. In particular, look for a post containing a copy of the letter from Toyota in which they admit that the problem was the bulbs, NOT the computer controller, and that, at least for Prius owners, they would refund the cost of any computer box replaced (though yours was under warranty so no harm there).

    You will also see that you can purchase the HID bulds (D4R's if I recall correctly) online from multiple sources at much less (mine were about $100 for a pair). I was also able to have the bulbs installed by a local body shop, rather than the Toyota dealer, for another $100 or so, so my total cost was $200, NOT the $800 my dealer quoted me.
  • kenb757kenb757 Posts: 149
    Instead of self-leveling headlamps, why not have a self-leveling suspension? My DTS, Lucerne, and now my Town Car has this feature. No embarrassment when you take a few friends home from the all-you-can-eat Chinese Grand Buffet.
  • My 2008 Avalon touring nneds:.
    (1) The all weather floor mats will be replaced if they are the "old style".
    (2) The gas pedal will be shortened and they dig out part of the carpet to prevent a mat from holding the throttle depressed. (3) A new fitting will be added to the linkage to prevent sticking pedal and the computer will be reflashed.. (4) A new rubber coupling will be added to the vvvti oil line. I insisted on the line that is used in the Lexus engine. It is ALL metalI. Two weeks ago I Told the service manager, that I would pay the difference in cost to have the all metal Lexus line installed-even gave him the part number and told him I would need a loaner while they complete all the above the work. (3 hours) I'm STILL waiting for a call.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    HID ballasts (computer box) are quite sensitive to 12 volt supply voltage so be sure the battery is in good shape. Try switching them on AFTER starting the engine so they don't have to "re-fire" after the starting voltage sag.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 588
    This would apply to any car using the HID/ballast headlights. The system probably has a voltage regulator built in to protect it during operation.. but the start-up drop would tax the system to the limit especially with a weak battery. Excellent idea, start the car, then turn on the lights, might make things last a lot longer... :)
  • popsavalonpopsavalon Posts: 231
    StoneyB, stick to your guns on the metal oil line. In my region (Gulf States Toyota) service managers have been told by Toyota to replace the metal line under warranty if the customer pays for the new metal oil line at the parts department. The metal line, installed on my Avalon, cost me $30 and change!

    Apparently some service managers/dealers are doing everything short of double back flips to keep from installing the metal line that is the only real fix for this problem. More "Toyota logic" I guess.
  • Dad's 2009 Avalon backs out of the garage, but misbehaves when put in drive. The engine revs but the car moves forward little if any for a few seconds. After that, it is OK. This only happens after a cold start such as first thing in the morning. I hear the dealer claims this is completely normal, but no other Avalon I've driven (including my own and others that I tested when buying) behaves this way. All the recall work was performed, and this problem presented shortly after the second recall where the pedal and floor are addressed along with the electronic override of the throttle if the brake is applied. It seems concerning in light of whatever electronic gremlins may yet be involved in throttle response, and I can't believe his dealer's response. Any insight on this is appreciated.
  • kbetts1kbetts1 Posts: 36
    edited April 2010
    Go to a different dealer as that one is really stupid.
    Your problem sounds like classic low transmission fluid level and the dealer should have checked the transmission. Before you back out, try putting the car in Drive with your foot on the brake for a few seconds. That should pump fluid through the drive valves and charge the system. If it works I'd really suspect low transmission fluid level.

    The transmission is only serviced every 100,000 miles and my '08 doesn't even have a stick to measure it with so you'll have to take it to a dealer. Not the original dealer, though.

    Hope it works out for you,
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    I've got a rental Avalon for a few days. i wanted to zero out the average fuel economy, but couldn't figure out how to do it. i dropped by a Toyota dealership,and they said it goes back to zero when you fill it up, but that it can't be reset this true?
    Do the rear seats fold down?
  • nimiminimimi Posts: 249
    That is true: the mpg cannot be reset manually. The rear seats recline 10 degrees, however, they do not fold down as the only pass through from the cabin to the trunk is the small area behind the middle arm rest.
  • stoneybrokestoneybroke Posts: 83
    I had the Lexus oil line installed by the dealer yesterday. $21 for the metal line and $80 for installation.
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