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Toyota Avalon 2008-2010



  • twowallstwowalls Posts: 1
    We are having the same problems with our Avalon high beams shattering. Are you still having problems with Toyota taking care of the cost to fix this problems? Would like to hear back from you. Thanks!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    If you mean the actual bulb itself then simply disable the DRLs.
  • My 2008 Avalon Ltd has high mileage (140K+) The dealer quoted $ 2,600 to replace the headlight assemblies in response to the shattered HB / DRL bulbs. No other offers made. I ordered two of the Toshiba HIR 9011 bulbs off of the net for around $ 34 each. One 15 amp fuse apparently blew (There is one fuse for the L highbeam / drl bulb and one fuse for the R highbeam / drl bulb). I have replaced the bad fuse and installed both new bulbs. And all is okay for now.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The problem is that halogen incandescent bulbs do not like being operating at sub-standard, DRL voltages (less than 6 volts). Over time they will deposit enough "soot" on the interior of the glass encalsulation to trap light and heat, and the bulb begins to MELT.
  • After a bit of pushing and gent threatening, Toyota agreed to replace both Avy headlight assemblies at their cost.
  • diekemadiekema Posts: 11
    just had mine replaced AGAIN (third time) on my 08 Touring. Dealer said only covered by warranty--mine is out. replaced bulbs--around $45 each with a 1 yr.
  • mlinggamlingga Posts: 58
    An update on my headlight travails that I posted about around a year ago. After having both HID bulbs burn out on my '08 Limited, I finally had them replaced, using two no-name bulbs bought off the internet. About a month ago, lo and behold, one of them just dies. I procrastinate for a while, getting by with the one HID plus frequent use of the high beams. So, imagine my delight when BOTH high beams die, on the same day. So now I have one HID, doubtlessly about to die, and the fog lamps, as my only lighting.

    I did not find that the entire headlight assembly was burned out. Had my body shop buddy replace all four bulbs, this time sticking with Phillips HIDs and Toshiba HIR 9011 high beams. I hope, but a sure wouldn't count, on these lasting longer. Otherwise this will be a yearly event.

    These headlight assemblies are the biggest pieces of junk I've ever dealt with. My '07 Suburban with >100K miles is still running on the original set of generic halogens. And I can change them myself in 20 minutes. And they're like $20/bulb. And they are pretty bright. And I paid extra for the HIDs. Dummy.
  • I see alot of you are having problems with the high beams shattering. We had the same issue recently. The dealer wants $ 2400.00 to replace the casings. We bought the extended warranty which hardly covers anything. Have any of you had any luck getting Toyota to replace these as they are obviously a manufacturer defect?
    Thx! Sandy
  • Just wondering what you found out from Toyota of America about the shattered headlights? We just had ours go out and they want $2400.00 to get new assemblies for the lights.
    Thx Sandy
  • advocate5advocate5 Posts: 8
    I had the same problem with my 08 headlight assemblies several years ago. The dealer wanted $2400 but was willing to pay 2/3 of that.
    The issue had to do with the HID Headlight Control Unit also called ballast.
    This was definitely a defect in the assembly unit because it was redesigned for the 09's.
    I initially paid the $800 to get new units and then went on a campaign to get fully refunded by Toyota. After several letters and promises to escalate another Toyota defect to the papers and TV, they agreed to reimburse me fully.
    The new units have had absolutely no problems. Vehicle has ~60K right now.
  • jmmckjmmck Posts: 9
    Lots of comments about 2008 Avalon lites going out. Lost both of mine last week on a trip which seems highly suspect of something odd at 60K miles. Dealer replacing them for $240 total (parts and labor) so I may actually be lucky on that. Seems odd tho.
  • We just picked up a "new" 2008 Avalon in Dallas. We drove it last night and discovered the High Beam lights do not come on when engaged. The dashboard does indicate the switch has been engaged but the lights themselves are not coming on. Any suggestions short of going to the dealership? The car has 43,000 miles. Is this still covered by the warranty?
  • jmmckjmmck Posts: 9
    Mine was not covered by my extended warranty but I still got off cheaper than most I have heard of with that problem on this forum. $240 at dealer for parts and labor. Lamps are really expensive. They should not be going out at 43K or in my case 65K in the first place. However the dealer did a few other things at no charge (yeah right) that helped the experience a little bit. Local garage near office did not want to get into the light set up. Good luck.
  • Hello, we bought our used 2008 Avalon 1 yr. ago with the extended warranty. Recently, the High beams went out as in everybody elses. From what I have read this is a "common problem" for this yr Avalon, prob a manufacturer problem. We took it to Toyota, they said our high beams had "shattered" it was $2400.00 to fix the assembly or $100.00 for each light bulb. They said the assembly needs to be fixed. This is not covered by Toyota warranty. We chose to take it to our mechanic who put in new bulbs for $45.00 ea. From what I have read most people with this prob are getting nowhere and they have gone as high as Toyota corp with good results. That will be our next step. This prob is so common and expensive to fix that Toyota changed the assembly the next year for 2009 Avalons.
    Good Luck!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    When halogen bulbs are subjected to sub-standard voltages, <6 volts for DRLs, they generate a LOT of heat, enough heat that they will melt their own glass encapsulation.

    Welll know effect, which is why most european manufactures use a small ~5W halogen bulb running at full 12V as DRLs.

    That same heating can damage, long term, the headlight assembly itself.
  • 2008avalon2008avalon Posts: 4
    edited August 2011
    Thanks. We're taking it to the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Transportation Safety Administration. Can you imagine driving at night on the interstate and all the lights go out? This is not just an issue with the high beams. We're also in contact with a class action attorney who has been involved in some high-profile suits. If anyone is interested in participating (no cost for doing so), reply here.
  • Sorry, we don't permit using the forums to organize legal action.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • Since this is the place where people find out about problems and manufacturer reluctance to be honest and handle engineering foul ups. Why would Edmunds restrict discussion about legal actions against market dishonesty. Unless, Edmunds chooses to be a part of the problem instead of the part of the solution. What is Edmunds position on honorable behavior?
  • There are a number of reasons why it's not permitted within the forums. You can do just about anything else regarding getting action from a dealership or manufacturer. Instead of going into all of the reasons, I'll just simply say that it's prohibited by our Membership Agreement.

    If you REALLY think that a class action lawsuit will get you resolution, I suggest checking out the results of previous class action lawsuits against manufacturers. First, it will take several years to be resolved. Second, the outcome for consumers is likely to be a choice between two options: 1) take the vehicle in to get the issue fixed at no cost, or 2) get a $500 coupon toward the purchase of a Toyota. Half of the consumers in the class will likely no longer own the vehicle by the time it's resolved. The lawyers' compensation will be more of a financial windfall. Much more.

    If you want real resolution, you're better off continuing to post complaints - manufacturers have taken action based on reports across the internet. You're also better off working with your dealership and/or personal legal counsel if you truly seek to get the problems resolved in a manner that benefits you.

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  • Here's the disappointment. The dealerships hold us hostage and usually NOTHING happens, they put off everything and make it IMPOSSIBLE to resolve issues, they simply wear you down. Unless you have lots of time you end up paying for the repair yourself.
    Toyota has been EXTREMELY disappointing to me as I have an 07 Avalon LTD, Oil Hose connector broke, windshield washer reservoir failed, electric sunshade (rear) broke, now rack & Pinion steering going out!! they run you around and wear you down with BS.
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