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Toyota Avalon 2008-2010



  • finfin atlantaPosts: 588
    Just for everyone's benefit: Did the repairs to the headlight problem eliminate the problem on all the 2011 and after models? Or not? Thanks...
  • The real issue is the compatibility between the headlight housing and Toyota's choice of headlight bulbs. I believe the type of bulbs used exceed the ability of the headlight housings to dissipate the heat generated by the bulbs. Think about it,if it were only the bulbs themselves, they would simply have to replace the bulbs. The high heat not only burns out bulbs prematurely but in my and other cases distorts the assemblies to the point that the self-leveling feature also becomes non-functional. These are both SAFETY ISSUES. And that is something that can't be fixed by replacing bulbs. My Avalon's headlight assemblies were dealer replaced under their "program" not only because of bulbs going out but the self-leveling system no longer worked. The new assemblies by the way INCLUDE different type bulbs (compared to the original) and new self-leveling assemblies.
  • mlinggamlingga Posts: 58
    @papasavalon: I'm curious to know the basis for some of what you have reported. Specifically, on what grounds are you confident that the recent recall had anything to do with the self-leveling system?

    What I think is undisputed is that Toyota agreed to replace the headlight assemblies in '08 Limiteds, if there was a history of either bulbs shattering/melting, or premature failure of the high (halogen) bulbs. In the letter from Toyota there was no mention of any self-leveling system issues as justification for the replacement. Do you have information that would support that notion? It's a confusing idea, since, as you know, the self-levelers work on the HID low beams, not the halogen high beams, so it's a bit surprising that a high beam problem would lead to a low beam system failure. But, they are all crammed in there together.

    I would be happy if the self levelers were replaced, as mine failed on two occasions before the recall.

    As for the reason for premature failure, I think wwest has in earlier posts clearly identified the real problem--running the halogen bulbs at suboptimal voltage in order to use them as DRL's, a really dumb idea. Interestingly the new headlight assemblies on my Limited appear to have a much dimmer DRL. I wonder if they dropped the voltage even lower, sacrificing lumens to reduce heat?
  • Unfortunately for me, I have a high mileage 2008 Ltd and am not eligible for the high beam recall. I have replaced my high beams (left and right) three times. (I have 194K miles on my Avalon). In each instance of a failed high beam lamp the bulb exploded. It is my understanding that in the day time running mode these bulbs are enegized with lower voltage which eventually leads to the bulb exploding. I was told that Toyota had to replace the entire light housing as it is impossible to remove the pulverized glass pieces that accumulate at the bottom of the housing each time a bulb explodes. The replacement bulb in the new housing is a different bulb and I assume has been designed not to fail like the original bulb. I have purchased exact oem phillips bulbs for each replacement I have made. Does anyone have the bulb manufacturer and number for the bulbs Toyota is now using with the headlight assembly replacements? If so - please advise. THANKS
  • Sorry it took so long to reply to your post. Regarding the "Warranty Ehancement Notice" I looked it over again and you are right, i find nothing refering to the self-leveling system. Yet, I do recall conversation with my Toyota dealer who, when bringing this issue (and the "Notice") to their attention, were very open in looking into the issue. Their service writer knew more about the issue than was spelled out in the letter and knew that if there were an HID bulb problem it was possible that the self-levelers could also be affected.
    Since the NEW headlight assemblies INCLUDE all necessary components including ALL bulbs and the self-leveling system, all components would be new. There is no "parts substitution", everything is new.

    Some posters have had dealerships that are difficult to deal with. First off, my dealer submitted my information to Toyota for approval before I was put on the list for replacement. I can understand the process since the dealer doesn't want to get stuck with paying for something they won't get reimbursed for.
  • I just removed and cleaned the throttle body on my '06 Avalon. There were two hoses that I had to disconnct from the side of the throttle body to completely remove it and a pink fluid drained out of the throttle body when I removed one of the hoses. It wasn't much and it appeared to be coolant. What is this fluid and what is it for. Does it draw the fluid from the cooling system?
  • Just bought a used 2008 Avalon and wondering if you would be willing to share the details of how you disabled DRL and substituted the 3W LED. Seems like a much better solution than replacing headlight assemblies. Thanks.
  • I changed the battery in my Avalon not knowing that I'd screw up the 6CD player. Any way to fix this without the replacement that my dealer suggested?
  • What exactly did you do when replacing the battery that screwed up the CD player? Battery changes should not affect electrical components.
  • Thx for answering. I just disconnected the battery and replaced with a new one. Toyota dealer and auto electronics guy have told me this screws up player. Makes no sense to me but that's what they tell me. Player is getting electricity because the readout keeps saying player is empty but I know its full
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 5,025
    Doesn't make sense. When I had my 06 Avalon a few times the CD player acted up and I actually fixed it by pulling the fuses for it (resetting it)

    Google around for "fixes" IIRC holding in the eject button for a few seconds should make the unit spit out (one by one) any discs it has in it.

    1999 Chevy S10 / 2004 Merc Grand Marquis / 2012 Buick LaCrosse

  • popsavalonpopsavalon Posts: 231
    edited February 2013
    I googled bad Avalon CD player/battery change and "EHow" came up with instructions to reset code. If you bought your Avalon new, code and instructions were with the manual. Otherwise you get them from a dealer. Sounds like you need to try another dealer (if you don't have the code) that does not want to make money selling you a new Stereo/CD player. Reset code from dealer should be in the $50 range.

    The stereo/CD player is one unit. I had one replaced under warranty on my 2007 Avalon. Service Mgr. said cost would have been $1200-$1300 without warranty.
  • I found out the hard way that replacing the battery also screws up the automatic windows. Drove car home after dealer replaced the battery, driver side window would only go down manually. Passenger side window didn't work at all. Went back to dealer, service manager had to "relearn" the windows, said the technician forgot to do it.
  • iakiak Posts: 3
    I can't seem to have my 2010 Avalon adjust its time automatically for daylight savings. I went to Info, and put the clock on auto and yet it will not adjust automatically for daylight savings. Any ideas?
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 588
    If you have a Nav screen it's in the book.. two clicks and it works twice a year... not sure on the non-Nav... for Nav, set to Yes on the daylight saving choice then click top right hand corner to confirm.. done.
  • iakiak Posts: 3
    Yes I do have a nav and I did set the adjustment to "on" for daylight savings and it still does not work. tried turning it off then back on and even drove it down the block to see if the gps would make it work but nothing. has anyone experienced the same? or am I doing something wrong?
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 588
    edited March 2013
    Try this sequence:
    Info -- Adjust Clock -- Auto Adjust set to ON -- Daylight Saving set to ON -- OK

    My '07 Limited just went to Daylight Saving..... it should work...
    Do you live in a border area for time changes? Is your clock set to the proper time zone for where you spend most of your time? fin :)
  • A flashing red outline of a car, side view, comes on after the engine is turned off with a key, and stays on until the engine is next started. On the instrument panel, of course, and it flashes off and on maybe a second or two between flashes. What does this mean? Is there something simple I can do without incurring a service call?
  • jmmckjmmck Posts: 9
    Thanks for previous tips. 2008 Avalon has left headlight all of a sudden aimed quite a bit lower than the right. All work fine...just look odd. Looking at a wall, the left headlight shines about 24 inches lower. Any ideas on fixing these expensive lites? Thanks.
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