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Toyota Sienna Electrical Problems



  • 2007 Sienna LE, radio looses display while playing in both CD/Radio mode. It has been checked out by dealer but they could not duplicate the problem. Radio keeps playing just can't read anything on display for a period of time then it comes back on it's own. Shutting off does not fix the display problem. :confuse:
  • mcase2mcase2 Posts: 160
    I hope this helps. There have been some problems with the stability control sensors going off inappropriately. If the van interprets a curve to be a roll or skid it sets off a number of things. When working properly it brakes in a order that is meant to set you back on track and the engine powers down. My stability control triggered (correctly) once at 4: am one January morning when I hit a patch of black ice. Some indicator lights lit up on the dash and the engine powered down and the brakes did their thing and the van straightened itself out (pretty cool). I so excited that I cannot recall if there was beeping as well, but it would not surprise me. It sounds as if your stability control is occasionally interpreting a turn to be a skid. Replacing the sensors might be the answer. These sensors cost money and a dealership will not repair your van unless it is cleared with Toyota America, so don't expect them to just rollover and fix your van. You will probably have to push for this repair. Good Luck!
  • hello6hello6 Posts: 1
    hello i have a poblem with me 2000 toyota sienna!! the problem is the window on the passenger side goes down but it won't go up!! we took out the buttons on the door but there was no problem with that!! if anybody knows how to fix this please reply!!
  • aagaag Posts: 2
    It sounds like the motor is gone. It will cost you around $400 to replace it.
  • badgermombadgermom Posts: 2
    Hi, I have a question about replacing the lens on my 08 Sienna. I had a run in with my garbage can backing out of my driveway today and broke the tail light lens on the passenger side. My husband is going to kill me when he finds out as we have only had our NEW car for 2 weeks. I called the dealership and they want to charge me $256.00 to replace the entire tail light. Since I only need the plastic lens I was wondering if I could just order that by itself. I can only find 07 replacement lens. Does anyone know if that is compatible with the 08 models. Thanks for the help.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587

    I doubt it changed, but does the dealer have any used 07s that you can compare against?
  • cappy4103cappy4103 Posts: 48
    Here's my two your dealer and speak to the parts department. Ask them to check the part number for a 2007 Sienna, as well as for the 2008. If they have the same part number, the 2007 tail light will fit your 2008 Sienna. Next, I would highly suggest checking Ebay for a replacement tail light, or your local auto junk yard. Unfortunately, late model vehicles get totaled too, and they might have a tail light fr you, or the means to get one. Lastly, you or someone mechanically inclined will be able to swap out these tail lights. The tail light is held in place with two pins on the leading edge of the tail light (on the side of the van), and with two screws that are hidden by the rear hatch. First remove these two screws that are exposed when you open the hatch. Then gently pry the leading edge of the tail light away from the van. You will see these "pins" and where they are located on the replacement tail light, before removing your damaged one. Just be sure not to damage the paint when doing so. I placed a rag against the van before prying the tail light loose with a flathead screw driver. Then with the tail light in your hand, disconnect the wiring harness to the tail light. There will be a single secure clip that needs to be pushed down with your finger for the connection to come apart. Go to the following website and click on "instruction sheet". Once the instruction sheet opens, you will see pictures of the tail light and how they are removed.

    Good luck!
  • badgermombadgermom Posts: 2
    I did end up bidding on an ebay auction and got just a replacement lens for $22 (plus 18 for shipping). I appreciate your help and I copied your instructions down for my husband so he can change it out. Thanks so much.
  • 01miami01miami Posts: 1
    Other electrical work is working

    Electric door locks do not work and rear tailgate door cannot be opened. Dome lights are out but all other electrical functions are working. I changed the fuses for the door and dome lights even though the weren't blown. "Check" light came on when this started.
    Is there a common wiring for these 2 processes?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    It could be that the dealer service personel are not as "brave" as you regarding how fast they will enter a somewhat tight (my assumption) turn...45-48 mph. You may be encountering the rollover prevention aspects of the Sienna's VSC/Trac "nanny".

    But you seem to be describing a circumstance wherein a small level of "plowing"/understearing is almost a given. Braking and turning (tightly..??) at a fairly high speed. Remember that your front brakes will be responsible for 70-80% of the braking effort and "here" you have the front wheels turned at an angle, thereby maybe asking of the front tires' traction coefficient a bit more than they have to "give".

    So of course the VSC will sometimes activate in that circumstance.

    Throw in a bit of slipperiness to the roadbed and VSC will ALWAYS activate.

    The VSC in my '01 RX300 seems to be a bit more prone to activate VSC in "your" circumstance when there is also a slight, but definite, rise in the roadbed as I turn.

    Are you, by any chance, applying the brakes because you recognize your entry speed into the (tight) turn is too high...?? In that case the VSC is simply being helpful.
  • hershghershg Posts: 2
    Having exact same problem on our 2007 Sienna LE.
    Wondering if you've made any progress in getting it fixed.
  • Sorry we have finally given up. After numerous trips to the dealership and they could not "reproduce" the problem the only thing they could tell us was that they would note it in our records. If you find someone that can give you an answer please let me know. My husband has made a video on his camera phone showing the dashboard lights but the mechanics still have no explaination. Good luck!
  • I had similar problem. Driver window on 2000 Sienna--intermittent stopping. Use suggestion at your own risk. I bought spray can of electrical contacts cleaner--check trade stores that cater to electronics technicians. I removed window control assembly and (can't remember exactly how far) disassembled until I could see actual contacts. Sprayed clean & reassembled. Be really careful with dis- & reassembly. Don't try unless you're willing to replace if you mess it up.

    Worked fine for a while (months) then had another failure. Haven't tried cleaning yet, but only failed a couple of times. This last time it would go for an inch or 2 and stop. Then I cut off engine, restarted car, got a couple more inches. After several tries got the window up. Don't know why! Only failed a few times over several days, now ok again...BUT

    Now problem others have developed--all dome lights and electric locks failed. Replaced fuses--no help. This seems to be a rare but repeated problem, per internet search. Only solution I've read about was replacing the ECM. Seems drastic! And expensive!
  • I have a 99 Sienna and the dash board light (the one that illuminates the speedometer, tach, etc.) went out. Also the backlight that illuminates the heating & A/C controls is also out. Makes driving in the dark difficult when you can't see how fast you're going.

    I've checked the owners manual, and every single small fuse in the vehicle (actually removed each one and looked at it, and put them back). I can't believe it's a bulb that would control both the dash light and heating and A/C controls back light. I've checked both fuse boxes under the hood and the one behind the small change box near the left knee. Thanks!
  • Whenever I try to unlock the door (either using the keyless entry or by hand manually) the alarm system goes off. You must then turn on the veh. to get it to turn off. This just started the last two days (got quite cold suddenly). Also noticed that the door locks are behaving a bit strange. One other thing my wife noticed was that twice now when you try to turn on the veh (with the alarm going off) it won't turn in the iginition (like its locked). When you play with the locks (push lock unlock etc.) the iginition will usually then work. This does not happen every time! In fact, only my wife has had this experience (twice). Any Ideas?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Replace the actual fuse. Some times they look OK but they are not. A hairline crack may not be visible. Try it - they cost pennies.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Tell your wife to remove the other "chipped" key from her key ring.

    This exact same thing happened to me. Ask yourself: did I use the "odometer/trip meter" recently? That little twisty knob under the odometer (for some reason) doubles as a dimmer switch for all of the Indiglo dashboard panel lights (which includes the blue back light on the radio/middle display), although it isn't marked as such and although you already have another dimmer dial to the left of the steering wheel. You might have accidentally twisted the trip meter instead of pushed it and therefore dimmed your display panel and radio backlight to zero. If you do this, the OTHER dimmer switch won't work, which led me to believe it was a fuse or something worse.

    A mechanic was going to charge me $1600 to replace the power supply unit! So apparently it is not widely known that this happens, even among mechanics, or else my mechanic was going to keep my Sienna for a few days, then walk out to the van, twist the little trip meter clockwise to make the blue lights come back up, and charge me nearly two thousand dollars for the service. :mad:

    I'll always Google a problem I'm having with my car from now on. I saved a lot of money! :shades:
  • I have a 2001 Sienna, and I have a very similar problem. The power door lock doesn't work when car is not running... when it's running, the power door lock does work.., all dome lights and the clock light are out. What is the problemm??
    The ow
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