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Ford Ranger 4x4 Problems



  • My hub was humming, so I had Ford replace it when they were replacing my timing chain guides. I think it was about 300.00 for the part and them to do it. Not too bad, cuz Autozone wanted almost that much for a new hub... Good luck! Ranger Dangers bring Ranger problems.
    Oh but once I got timing chain guides fixed and new hub my Ranger is a champ again(knock on wood) and went mudding in October through the alleghany mtns.!!!! Ranger Danger impressed me with what he went through!!
  • 48ford48ford Posts: 1
    on my ranger 4hi and 4lo lights would come on and i could hear it click but no power i took the right hub off and manually put it in 4low it worked until i turn truck off it went back to 2wd i pulled both front tires off and found that the vaccun lines going to the hubs were dry rotted and cracked replaced tubes and now 4hi works great still no 4lo but i will figure it out soon. so check all your vaccum lines for cracks and dry rot if you replace one do both be safe
  • I have 98 Ford ranger and the same thing just happen to me won't shift in 4 wheel drive and the 4HI & 4LOW indicator flash 4or 5 time then stop then when i trun off the truck and restart dose the same thing didn't get a chance to run any test yet last year, in 2012 truck would't go in to 4 wheel drive so change out hubs to manual worked find and then put in new shifter box that goes to back of transfer case(forgot what that was call) any clue?
  • I have 98 Ford Ranger and am having the same problem that you described.
    I have checked the cab switch and transfer case motor they have both checked out good. I was hoping that you have found the problem and could help me out. Thanks.
  • My issue was the 4x4 control module(small black box) located on the passenger side under the kick panel(plastic cover) 200 dollars, 4 screws and 2 connectors and 4x4 worked great again, knock on wood... Good luck
  • hello, i have a 99 ranger 4x4 with auto locking hubs, sometimes when i go to put in 4hi to get up mt driveway it doesnt engage and the 4hi 4lo lights just flash. i unhook the battery and reset the system but it only works for about 4 or 5 times until te light flash again, i have read a few reviews but if anyone might have a better idea on trouble shooting it i would appreciate the input. id rather not spend almost $200 at a ford dealership to be told the problem
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