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Ford Ranger 4x4 Problems



  • I switch to 4 wheel drive and the 4 wheel dash light lights up and says im in 4 wheel drive but the front wheels are not pulling. I put it in neutral and than turn the dial to 4 low and the 4 low light lights up and front wheels still are not pulling, i can tell that it has went into low range. my ranger is a 99 3.0 automatic. could this be those piece of crap vacume hubs? ive been told that i need to put some manual locking hubs on it and by pass them vacume hubs. transfer case seems to be working.
  • driving my 93 4.0 4x4 5 speed..all of a sudden the thing just loses the clustch or was whining all the way home and then it just went out..i pulled over and there was smoke comin from the bell housing..then when i push the pedal in it is fine..when i release it makes a god awful noise like a growl or somethin..hard to explain..then it starts smokin and i can smell clutch..but as i said when i push the clutch in its makes the same noise in nuteral with the clutch it the clutc or the tranny or the t/c..manual shift t/c
  • okay my 93 ranger manual t/c 5 speed just died when i was coming felt like the clutch i pulled over and i noticed smoke coming from the bell housing..then i tried to get it to go again and when i got the clutch in it dont make the noise..when i release the clutch either in neutral or in gear it makes a rough noise comin from the bell housing i believe! would this be the transfer case tranny or it only makes noise when released in gear or in neutral..but dont make any when tries to move then it slips and makes that noise like somethin not metal slapping around in i said there was prominenet clutch material used to the rigs ya could see through the bell housing!
  • spyac3spyac3 Posts: 5
    After much of my own searching I found the answers if your switch is activating the shift motor on the transfer case. Take off the shift motor and mark the position of the trianular bushing turn the switch to 4 hi and see if the busing moved. Yes in 4 wheel low you can tell it has engaged into low however the 4 wheel still does not work. If you dont want to spend the $150 for manual hubs try this I did it to my 99 Ranger in 2007 and it really works no more problem.
  • i purchesed a set of rugged ridge manual locking hubs. I was woundering if they will go into my ranger like a set of avm hubs. the address of the hubs on the net will be at the end of this messege, please take a look at them and tell me what you think. I was woundering how to inststall these myself and how hard it will be? When i put them into place do i put them in set in the locked position? _15001.7.html?srccode=cii_9324560&cpncode=17-25758297-2
  • Sounds like ur clutch went out, but i would check the trans (jack up rear wheels, have someone hold the clutch released and turn the trans output shaft by hand) this will at least let you know the driveline and trans turn freely, and there was no problems there attributing to the clutch failure. if everything sounds fine, then the noise you are hearing is most likely the clutch itself. there should be some sort of access hole or plate to remove to take a peek inside. One things for sure, if you can smell the needs a new one! :(
  • ok, here comes the age-old deal with these.... 01 ranger, cv front shafts (no lockouts) only 4x4 engage/disengage is the t-case motor. here's whats going on:
    Start the truck, both 4x4 indicators come on momentarily, then go out. no response from the switch at all, no indicators come on when switched to 4hi or 4lo. fuse in dash good for 4x4, as is 20amp under the hood. checked for power at motor-nothing in any switch position. removed motor, supplied power, works in both directions with no trouble. Disconnected battery to power down and "reset" the 4x4 module.....still nothing. anyone have any wiring diagrams on how this system works? I'm wondering if the sensor/contac ring on the motor is bad, but need to know how to check it. Hate to buy either a motor or a module and not be able to return them! any help greatly appreciated!
  • spyac3spyac3 Posts: 5
    I would say if you have mechanical ablility they shouldn't be difficult to install, once they are in if you leave them in the locked position it would be no different then the previous fix i mentioned previously with the website link I provided showing how to bypass the Pulse vacuum system which is basically how the newer models function.

    You only need to lock them in when you want 4x4 and you will still need to use the switch on the dash to engage 4 wheel hi and 4 wheel lo.
  • hi i have a 2006 ford ranger supercab 4x4. i had a problem with my four wheel drive locking in and out when using it in the snow. i took the truck to the local dealer and they told me that one tire was wore down more than the rest and there is a sensor that picks up that tire and it sends a signal to the computer telling it that the onetire is spinning more than the rest or that it is stuck so there for it causes your four wheel drive to not work properly. the only way to fix the problem, is when you need a tire or tireson your truck, its a must to replace all 4 tires or you will have this problem. this is not a bulshit lie, i have tested it with used tires from tire shops and i had all different tires all the way around the truck and the 4x4 locked in and out, but when i put a new set of tires on it stopped.
  • dper299dper299 Posts: 19
    I have a 98 Ranger 4x4 143,000 miles and I thought I had a good idea on how the 4x4 works, but now I am starting to doubt myself..
    I know that when you shift it into 4x4 the transfer case motor engauges the transfer case, which in turn locks the front drive shaft..
    Now here is were I am lost, The front shaft is locked in,but I can still turn the CV's and the wheels spin free when holding the CV's. I have vacume to the Hub's. Now do the hub's have anything to do with the Front diff locking in and powering the front wheels,or should the front diff be locked in and the (CV's can't spin) with the front shaft when in 4wd.
  • wiwallywiwally Posts: 5
    You are both right (and wrong) When you activate the 4x4, YES the actuator turns the tcase motor to lock tcase in 4x4. But that actuator is not responsible for locking your front hubs. Your front hubs are locked in via vaccum created by your engine. My ranger is an '01 wich has a different setup (no more vaccum hubs, becasue Ford finally realized they were nothing but trouble!) Your Ranger should have a rubber vaccum line coming down from the engine compartent to provide vaccum to the hubs. check this line for cracking/chaffing. what would be the best would be to manually put vaccum to the hubs and see if they lock. I don't know all the specifics, but i do know a certain amount locks and another amount unlocks them. i don't know where the lines connect exactly either... but your problem lays in the front hubs not locking. When i was looking for info on my '01 not engaging 4x4 i found all kinds of info for your model year....keep looking you'll find the specifics ;)
  • dper299dper299 Posts: 19
    To be more specific on my question:
    How does/is the front diff engauged ?
    I lifted the whole vehicle in the air, started the truck , put it into 4wd and everything turned with the exception of the wheels. But when I put the vehicle down and locked into 4wd the driveshaft is locked in and turns but the Cvs/front axles can spin free
  • wiwallywiwally Posts: 5
    Sorry took so long...only get my email @ work (and work the w/e shift!)
    I worked on an '01 which has Ford's latest setup (cv front axles with no disconnect other than the t-case) My parents had a '94 with auto locking mechanical hubs (still different from yours). You have managed to get a model year with what i would consider (and many, many others!) to be Ford's worst idea! (SORRY, but its true!) Here's what i found on your system:
    Your hubs are called Pulse Vaccuum Hubs (PVH) and are found on model years '98-'00. Basically vaccuum is supplied to each of the front hubs, which locks them in. They work off a vacuum pump which is supposedly located under your air filter box. Check to make sure it is working; if it appears like its working go on to the vacuum line(s)? that lead to the front axle from the pump and check for any leakage. Next check the front hubs. The locking hubs are the black caps in the center of each from wheel…..they snap on and off..(hard to take off without breaking a few tabs, so be careful)..There are seals on these hubs, one or both may not be holding the vacuum created by the pump. If you have a leak anywhere, the hubs are rendered useless. Best bet is to replace with manual locking hubs or this will be a continuous headache. Search AVM hubs on the net, you’ll be able to find Manual lockouts for it.
    OR TRY THIS..... FOLLOW THE LINK (copy and paste if you have to)
    Let me know what you think! ;)
  • grumpy77grumpy77 Posts: 3
    what if 4wd hi works but 4low does not work
  • grumpy77grumpy77 Posts: 3
    goes into 4hi but not 4low is it switch or something else anyone have this problem before
  • mmcfee2mmcfee2 Posts: 2
    Mine is a 2001 and has the transfer case motor, no locking hubs.....If yours is the same, the fact that 4 wheel high is working tells me the transfer case motor is fine. That leaves suspision with the 4x4 module. The 4x4 module needs reprogrammed or is bad. It is located under the passenger's side kickplate. You can replace it yourself, if you can find one, but you probably don't have the equipment to reprogram it.
  • grumpy77grumpy77 Posts: 3
    thanx for the info i hear ford makes one that is already programmed is that true?
  • Have 1998 4x4 with vacume hubs. Cant find the tool to take them off. What a really bad design. Vacume hoses need replaced and if there broke your heater takes a crap to. Wheel bearing went bad and melted the hub. Can anyone tell me where to get the hub puller for these hubs.
  • mjumpermjumper Posts: 2
    I switched into 4x4 low yesterday and it won't release. Any suggestions ?
  • mjumpermjumper Posts: 2
    I saw all of the postings about the 4x4 and removing the fuse, did not work. The light on the dash does not go out and it is locked in low 4x4. Any suggestions ?
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