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Ford Ranger 4x4 Problems



  • I have 90 model ranger that runs fine on the highway, but as soon as you hit the beach sand the temp gauge starts to climb. I have flushed the cooling system, I have even removed the thermostat. It helped some, I was able to get down the beach a little bit more before it boiled over.
  • ford4xnutford4xnut Posts: 1
    To shift into or out of 4low you must come to a complete stop, keep the brake pedal depressed, shift into neautral, then move selector switch. This is for electronic 4x4 switch with automatic trans.

    The proceedure for standard shift with electronic 4x4 will require the clutch pedal depressed instead of the brake pedal.

    Any trans with manual shift 4x4 generally requires complete stop, put trans in neautral, shift the transfer case into the 4 wheel mode, then shift the trans back into gear.

    If you encounter difficulty shifting the transfer case into 4x4, leave it in 2 wheel and back up about 20 ft, shift the trans into neautral while still rolling for about the last 5 to 10 ft, come to a complete stop then try shifting the transfercase into 4x4 mode. If you have the owners manual check for the proceedure described there.
  • cschwartz2cschwartz2 Posts: 15
    Check this out loganmd. I also have a 02 4x4 ranger. and of coarse my 4x4 does not switch into any 4x4 motion and the lights do not come on. So far I had my sisters husband look at it since he is a mechanic. He checked it all out and thought it was my transfer case motor. So I bought one put it in and still nothing. I have been trying to figure out this problem for about one year... so far. I did meet this guy on the street a couple of days ago. He said that his 97 problem was a switch on the firewall directly behind the motor and costed $400 to fix it. Now I'm having my brother-n-law look up what he can find at his shop about the switch. I'll let you know what happens. If you hear of anything or get yours fixed please let me know. I have been without 4x4 for two winters now. And it sucks to have people push me out and ask, isn't your truck a 4x4. I hate that!
  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 814
    The 4x4 control module is a common cause for this on these Rangers. No need to go without 4 wheel drive! The module is located inside the cab and it is an easy fix.
  • cschwartz2cschwartz2 Posts: 15
    Where in the cab is it? And do I need to replace the whole module, or flip a switch or what? Thanks for your feed back!
  • wiwallywiwally Posts: 5
    4x4 CM is located behind the lower kick panel on the passenger side, just below the dash (not on the firewall, but along the side, to the forward side of the door hinges) your prob sounds just like the issue i had. Module took care of it ($85 off ebay ;)
  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 814
    Yep, what wiwally said. I bought mine at a Ford dealer and I think it was around $150 but I don't remember for sure.
  • cschwartz2cschwartz2 Posts: 15
    Thanks guys, I will definitely try it out. Here's for hoping!!! In all I'm surprised that Ford did not recall this problem. Seems like everyone who owns a Ford Ranger with 4x4 has had some type of problem with it! Rediculous!!!!
  • TERZITERZI Posts: 1
    Hello all. My question is about a Mazda B4000. Seems my girlfriend hit a big pothole, and since then, the front end makes a loud roar while going down the road. Seems mostly coming from the driver side. Is it possible that it is stuck in 4 wheel drive on that side? Any suggestions will be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  • fryguyfryguy Posts: 1
    Is it possible for the 4x4 module switch lights to be dark and still have the 4x4 engaged? I can hear the relay switching on the driver's side when I turn the switch but the lights do not seem to light up. I have a functional fuse in the correct spot.
  • 2003 ranger supercab 4x4 auto shift. when i shift into 4x4 and reach a speed of 30-50kms i hear a loud clunking noise u have any advice.
  • I have a 1997 ranger 4x4,auto trans w manual locking hubs.
    The fuse under the hood,I think it is 15 amp(might be 10 amp) for the 4x4 switch keeps blowing,even trying to install another fuse you get sparks,just plugging the fuse in.
    I was wondering what it controls,is it the 4x4 module under the dash?

    Also,do I need to drop the whole front defferential to change the u-joint next to it?or can I remove the cover and reach in there and do it that way?

    Thanks for looking.
  • I am working on a 2004 ford ranger 4 x 4, my four wheel drive is not working, I can remove the tires and manually force the hubs to engage and it it works fine and then I have to remove the tires to take it out of four wheel. It works fine when it is in four wheel, I have been told it is a vacuum hose causing the problem, I can't find a vacuum hose diagram to show me where to replace these hoses. Does anyone have a vacuum diagram or would it be something else? Thank You for all your help.
  • I have a 2000 ford ranger 4x4, 3.0 liter. When i shift into 4x4 high there is a hard snap and it feels as though you run over a deep crack in the road. This happens approximately every 10 seconds or so. when i shift back to 4x2 it happens one last time. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it, Thank-you.
  • tyca7tyca7 Posts: 1
    My 97 ford ranger auto won't shift into 4 wheel, lights come on and I can hear it click in but nothing else the tires don't go. the overdrive won't work either. I don't know if this is related or just a different problem
  • Is there any way to install manual locking hubs on a 1998 Ranger 4x4? I've had the electronic/hydrolic hubs fixed three time - they work for a while and then quit, usually when I'm on the beach! I'd have no trouble getting out of the truck to lock or unlock the hubs. Anything to keep it in 4 wheel while on the beach. Thanks for any help --
  • I am trying to find out if i can disconnect the front and rear drive shafts, remove the transfer case, and replace with a longer drive shaft to perform a 2x4 bypass function only.

    I am looking for feedback. This is what I want to accomplish, and here is where i am starting.

    I have had a few issues with the transfer case, and i do not have the cash to spend on a new or replacement transfer case. Is there any way to bypass the transfer case when it is COMPLETELY disconnected to any moving internal gears.

    It does not park when in park, the drive train up to the transfer case turns but there is a gear disconnected on the inside. it does not exhibit any transmission problems. just will not engage in the transfer case AT ALL.

    History: about a year ago, my 4x4 was damages and "stuck" in 4x4 High. so to save gas, i disconnected the front drive shaft assembly. i have not had any problems with noise, vibration, etc until about a month ago. The transfer case made a crunching sound (obviously not good) and I figured i will just drive it like a truck: into the ground.

    So now the transfer case is the disease. I want to bypass or isolate it, or if anyone knows where to egt the model below cheap, then I'll replace it.

    Ive got plenty of depot level manuals, I'm mechanically inclined. So please leave the stupid comments to the dumb girls who think they need 2 transmissions and "halogen" fluid.

    2001 Ford Ranger EXT-Cab 4x4 w/ 2" suspension lift
    V6 4.0L GAS
    Automatic Transmission and electronic 4x4 engagement.
    Transfer Case Model No.: 1L54-7A195-CC, SN: 6C-13-54-000-037

    US Army
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    I don't know much about 4 wheel drive, but I think I've seen lots of people that converted to manual hubs. Don't know brands, etc, but it seem to be an easy conversion. And, don't think it costs too much.
  • My has the same symptoms. Have you heard from anyone? rogerg215
  • my 4x4 stopped working, i changed the electric motor and that wasnt the problem, i checked the module and that dosnt seem to be the problem either. does anyone have a suggestion??
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