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Chevrolet TrailBlazer Start Stall and Idle Problems



  • vinny99vinny99 Posts: 3
    it sounds like an ignition tamper issue it must be reset by the dealer or a cycle of put in on position for 10 min then back off for ten seconds then repeat this cycle three times while watching the security flas on the das go from solid to out
  • winkawinka Posts: 1
    I have had this vehicle to the Chevrolet dealership for 3 days as the vehicle will not start in the morning. This has been going on for 3 months. They thought they had repaired as they replaced the control module. Went out the next morning and the vehicle would not start. I took it back to the shop today. They just called and said they can't quite figure it out...this is after spending 600.00 plus rental car fee!!! Any ideas beside getting rid of this thing.

  • loriann805loriann805 Posts: 1
    HI,i went to start my tb in the morning,it would crank over ,but wont husband took out the fuel filter,and he did change it.Then he was told there was 2 fuel filters.He checked that one was fine.Now he checked the spark plugs,that's where he started to get stumped.He found oil on the spark plugs ,two of them so he started to check hoses.I guess there is a hose for the fuel line that had a small hole in it,he changed that.He has checked the fuses and he is stumped.He works on his cars all the time,but he has older cars.I'm the one who wined i want a suv so here we are so if anyone could help we would greatly appreciate it.THANK YOU!!!!!!! :sick:
  • dogdaydogday Posts: 1
    Did this work?
    I have an 02 TB with start issues...first time it died while I was driving. When I turned the key to restart, dashboard lights came on but no cranking, no clicking, nada. About the time I got my AAA card out, I turned the key again and it came on with no prob. Next morning tried to start and same thing. Lights, gauges, but no cranking/clicking. Tried a few more times and still nothing. Did notice that the RPM gauge was shooting up over 2xxx, even though engine totally dead. This time wouldn't start. Called AAA and even with a jump, could not start. Would not let me shift out of park either. After talking w/3 different mechanics (gotta love cell phones) at the same time, I had AAA disconnect battery, wait a few minutes & reconnect. Started right up. Got to the repair shop and would not start. I've had starter relay replaced as well as battery. Would work initially, but within 5 days back with same problem--lights but no cranking. I've read solutions including replacing crankshaft position sensor, resetting computer and replacing ignition switch. :sick:
  • tkazeetkazee Posts: 4
    Stuck, did you ever get a fix for this? (or anyone else that wants to chime in) I noticed that there were other "similar" problems listed but none just like yours. My situation is like yours. If I go on short trips and cut the car off, it takes a while to get it started again, sometimes when It does start after almost flooding it out, it idles real high, sometimes it idles so high I have to shut it back off again. (afraid Im gonna blow something) Mine doesnt cut off while driving, my key has never gotten stuck, it starts right up in the morning or if it has been sitting for longer than a half hour. Its just short trips it has a problem with, and it doesnt do it all the time. The only difference that i have from you is that mine will start all winter long (live in Ohio) when its warm out, thats when it starts acting stupid. Thus the reason for my post, Any help would be greatly appreciated :confuse:
  • bc1739bc1739 Posts: 3
    Your problem sounds exactly like mine w/ 02 TB. My TB had been dead in my driveway for 3 days. Nothing I could do to start it. I took out the battery and had it tested to find it was fine. I actually had the car already on the wrecker to take to the dealer. We needed to remove the key and could not get it out. So that gave me a clue that it was either the interlock for the tranmission or the ignition switch. I wiggled the steering wheel and finally the key let go. When it did I turned it over to see if anything would happen and it started right up. When I explained this to the tech. he said it was classic of the ignition switch going bad. Works one time but not the next. They replaced it and it has been great since.
  • maizjmaizj Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer Ext. After the 100k miles it started to rough idle. First, I had the throtle body and injectors cleaned. The problem is still there. Then , I changed the spark plugs , it seems to improve but the problem is still there. I had one coil replaced from one of the spark plugs after the computer scanner indicated it and still have the probelm. When the car runs it smells like it is not making a good mix of air and gas. I had the scanner put again and gave me these codes . P 11330-H025-b1-s1 Insufficient swithcing, P1171-Fuel System Lean During Accel, P0130-02-Sensors Fant Banch 1 Sensor 1, P0135-02-Heater CHT Banch -1 Sensor-1, P0134-Low AQdiwity Bank1 Sensor Sensor 1. Defitinely it looks like Banch 1 Sensor 1 is defective . Can someone tell me is this is the oxygen sensor that needs replacement or something else that I need to change. I am almost getting ready to go into the cliff and let the car go over it..... I love this car and I will ike to fix it, best of all I just finished payinf for it and I will like to get a relief before I buy another car but it seems like Chevy makes their cars for 100k miles only..... In the other hand I have a [non-permissible content removed] and the one has 165 k miles and is still going strong ...... Thanks for your support ....
  • I am having the exact problem!!! Short trips, it wont start. It cranks but almost seems like it is not getting gas. If I pump on the gas sometimes it will start but most of the time I think I am flooding it and I have to wait 5-10 minutes before it will start. I have been to three mechanics and the dealership and no one can figure it out. I could scream. I love this truck and I dont want to have to buy another one. Someone help!!!
  • bc1739bc1739 Posts: 3
    My truck's problem was a bad ignition switch. Sometimes it started and other times it didn't. I figured it out when it would not start for three days and I got really mad and slammed the steering column. That vibrated the ignition switch enough so it finally started. Have your mechanic change out the ignition switch and see if it fixes it.

  • :( okay i just bought this trailblazer about 3 days ago 60,000 miles on it, and on my way home last night i was sitting at a light waiting for it to turn green and it just shut off!!! i try to turn it on again, nothing! put it in park and then tried and it started as if nothing happened..????? I have a warranty, and GAP insurance but the dealership is an hour and a half away. i'm just wondering if anyone else has this problem?? also it didn't come with an owners manuel, so im clueless. any help would be great!!
  • Hi I was just wondering if you found the solution to this problem? I have the same problem when i'm driving my truck just shuts off and i can put it in park and start it back up and drive away... I'm a 21 year old female i just bought this truck and Im not sure really about anything mechanical I have no clue... :cry:
  • I have an 02 TB and all of a sudden it just stalls as i'm driving seems to be when i come up to a stop light or stop sign, It allows me to put the truck into park and restart it right away but it's not safe at all because as the truck stalls I lose all control of the steering and brakes (obviously because theres no power) I am a 21 year old mother of 2 and kinda scared I'm going to crash into someone I have no clue about cars and have been getting maybe guesses as to whats wrong but everyone is saying completely different things so I'm not sure where to start... PLEASE HELP!!!!! :cry:
  • jrg12jrg12 Posts: 1
    I am having the same exact problem as dogday. 2002 TB is stuck in park, wont start, and when key is turned to "run" position the speedometer and RPM gauge bounce all over the place. Im ready to loose it, any help is MUCH APPRECIATED!
  • I'm having the same problem with my '02. It does the same thing as yours, but only the first time it is used during the day. It doesn't matter the temperature, amount of time 'warming up', amount of gas in the tank... I've had it at the dealership during the day several times and overnight 3 different times and they keep saying it doesn't happen to them. They can't get any codes. I'm so scared I'm going to get rear-ended or loose control of the steering with my little boy in the car that I don't want to drive it anymore! Has anyone had any luck fixing something like this? Please? :cry:
  • I just replaced my battery and next day if I'm driving with the defrost on it stalls when stopped at light etc... also when in park and defrost is turned on power is reduced. Have a 2002 TB. It doesn't lose power when other climate control features are on only with the defroster.
    Thanks for any help.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,521
    When the defroster is on the A/C compressor is engaged to dry the air. Sounds to me like the idle control is not working properly, causing the idle to slow when the compressor is engaged to the point that it will stall. I assume that when not idling all is well?
  • well we had the alernator checked and that seems to be fine so still no luck figuring out why my rpm's drop when the defrost is turned on in park and if i'm in drive at a stop light etc.. the car will stall. seems to be okay when not running the defroster any ideas out there.

  • I have a 2003 Trailblazer with a 4.2. It has been running like a champ, but yesterday morning i went to start it turned the key and everything came on, but no cranking. So i started reading on here what to look at. I changed the starter relay no luck. I went and bought a new ignition switch, and as i was pulling the column apart i tried to start it and it worked. So i tried to get it into drive but no luck, just stuck in park. No clicking when i hit the brakes or anything. So i went ahead and changed the Ignition Switch anyway got it all back together started fine. Tried to get it into drive, reverse, neutral, or anything and it will not budge. I shut it off after a couple of tries and then it did the not starting thing again. I tried unplugging the battery and leaving it all night. I can start it now, but still can't get it out of park.

    I don't think that the ignition switch was bad i think something else is going on. No way that my brake switch and ignition went out over night. Anyone else have resolution to their issue. The truck seems to start kind of funny at first but idles and stays running.
  • How did you resolve the problem? I'm having the same problem after changing the battery
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