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2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty Problems and Solutions



  • tophamtopham Posts: 2
    My 2000 f-250 v10 engine seized at 98,000 miles. Two connecting rod bearings froze on the crank shaft. All other rod and main bearings are in excellent condition. Anyone else have similar problems?
  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493
    My condolences for you engine. Is it repairable or is cheaper to drop another V10 into the truck?

    Haven't heard anything on V10s seizing spontaneously. Unfortunately, you're the first one I know of that wasn't caused by a punctured oil pan, or operator error (e.g.a loose filter, or a missing oil drain bolt). I know of a couple of folks with 125-150K on their V10s, and those motors are running strong.

    Early V10s - 98-99 had a problem with internal clearances called Piston Slap. Ford had a siilent recall on those and replaced the motors if the owners complained. There was also the exhaust flutter caused by the manifold y-pipe design. They redesigned the pipe in '01 and the complaints went away. A small percentage of V10s have been reported to have blown out a spark plug. My feeling on that is that the owners didn't check the torque on their plugs and they worked loose and eventually blew out. Finally, there's been instances of broken manifold bolts which are evidently a real &^*%# to get out.
    By and large the V10 has been very robust and a worthy replacement for the old 460 cu in V8.

    Again sorry about your motor.

    Walt - '01 F350 XLT ,V10, 4x4, Crew Cab
  • twocartwocar Posts: 95
    Well, dealer had truck for 3 days and logged over 125 miles on it. No vibration could be recreated. Mind you this isn't a trivial vibration, but a shudder. I get the truck back and log about 25 miles on it and it does it again only this time at 65 while reducing speed on the interstate. Taking it back Tuesday. FYI - NHTSA's website has complaints identical to mine. Vibration comes on around 40-65 mph and then subsides after a full stop.
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Posts: 833
    sounds like the vibration problem, from what I read in this forum, is isolated to the 4x4 version of the F150.

    I have an '04 4x2 version and have experienced no vibration problems. My only gripe is dashboard creeks and ratles.

    yes, there are more F150's on the road working just fine, but if you look at only the 4x4's, the problem does present itself as larger than Ford would want it to be.
  • twocartwocar Posts: 95
    Ford replaced my emergency brake levers. Apparently Ford has re-engineered the emergency brake component due to a "rust weld" problem it is having wherein the cam won't let the emergency brake fully release and it causes the violent shudder until you stop. Although the F-150 has all around discs...the emergency brake, from what I understand, still has its own drum to function and this is where the problem is. So far so good since getting it back yesterday. Will keep you posted in a week if not sooner if this is the cure. :shades:
  • qazqaz Posts: 1
    Hi, Everyone I have a F250 v10 and all the guages on my dashboard stoped working so i cheacked the fuses and none of them were blown? :cry:
  • tom21769tom21769 Posts: 63
    Where is the jack stored on the 2006 F150 (regular cab 4x4)?
    Owner Manual says it is "behind the interior trim on the passenger side of the cab".
    What the heck does that mean? Footwell? Door panel trim? Rear wall trim?
  • debipsdebips Posts: 1
    My 2004 F-150 4x4 developed the same noises after 15,000 miles and the brake lights would come on randomly when no one was in the truck. I took it to the dealer the first time they put new brakes on the front in, then they said the grinding still happened after they drove it and Ford said to seed in the brakes (disc brakes, what a line of !@#). They did say that Ford had a bulletin on the problem. I drove the truck the next day had the grinding for 15 miles! second day no noises. I put the truck in 4x4 high drove it for 20 miles then 3 miles from the dealership I put it back in two wheel drive and the noise was louder then ever and didn't stop. They said the rear left wheel would not turn a whole rotate without the emergency brake locking up and they still have my truck. At least I figured out how to make the noise happen.
  • bboone52bboone52 Posts: 2
    I need help finding information on what rear end I have and what rear end would be best in my F350. I will be hauling a 3000lb slide in camper with a 17 ft skiff on a trailor. I know I have plenty of power and would like to change the rear end to help the fuel economy as the truck is also my primary ride when the camper is not being used. thanks
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    For best economy running empty, or with light loads, you want the highest gearing available. Loaded up with a slide-in plus a trailer, high gearing will not only give disappointing performance but terrible economy as well.

    So low gearing for good performance and economy with a load, and high gearing for good performance and economy unladen (or great performance and terrible economy ;) ).

    You need to pick one or the other.
  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493
    Get under the truck and look at the rear differential. There's a small metal tag attached to it. The ratio is stamped on there. eg. 373, 410, 430.

    373 => 3.73:1 ratio - lowest torque + somewhat better mileage
    410 => 4.10:1 ratio
    430 => 4.30:1 ratio - highest torque + somewhat lower mileage
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Posts: 833

    is your F150 a 4x4?
    It seems the vibration problem is isolated to the 4x4 version of the F150 ....

    is that right?
  • twocartwocar Posts: 95
    Yes, it is an '04 F-150 SuperCrew 4x4 Lariat. And as I indicated last's been a week and no more shuddering. I think it's fixed! :D
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Axle Codes are also on the Door Jam Sticker.

    What year truck do you have?

    2007 F-350 has a 4.10 standard..lost of dealers order them with 3.73 limited slips as an option or the X3L axle.

    Chances are you already have the 3.73 so no changes is really available.

    You either have:

    X37 nonlimited slip 3.73
    X3L limted slip 3.73
    X41 nonlimited 4.10
    X4N limited 4.10
    X4L limted 4.3 (only available with V-10 or diesal with dual rear wheels.

  • I dont know if this will get to you but what the heck. I have the same problem and Ford is making money of our misery. I am at if you need to know more. :lemon:
  • marsh1marsh1 Posts: 1
    Hey guys... new to the forum, Im have the same problems 04 f-150 4x4 with the vibration along with the tires wearing on insides and out of the front tires... very disgusted with my truck after reading some of the post on here and other sites. sounds like i have to fight with ford to try to get the problems fixed.
  • david77david77 Posts: 2
    Sorry for the long time since my reply but thank you I'll check it out.
  • pilot4me2pilot4me2 Posts: 2
    How did you get ford to replace your truck.
    Alan Schmidt
  • dheyinkdheyink Posts: 2
    ABS light now stays on. Have 114K miles and now when I start the truck, it will come on and then go off like normal. In reverse it stays off. Within 100 ft. going forward it comes on and stays on.
  • tkruegertkrueger Posts: 2
    Hi, I have a 2005 F-150 and I just now put 8,000 miles, so there's not a whole lot of miles just yet. My question to you is, at about 40-45 mph just slightly swirving to miss debry in the road my rear drivers side just caught the median wall, the tire, hub everything snapped right off the rear axle. I find this just slightly irregular. has anyone else heard of this kind of problems?
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