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2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty Problems and Solutions



  • tadragtadrag Posts: 10

    Your pickup 4WD has a locked center differential, and 4WD should only be used in slippery conditions as the locked center diff will not allow the front axle to turn at a different speed than the rear, which is necessary when turning. The rear tires run on a tighter radius than the fronts.

    Situation normal, but I know the first time it happened to me I was a little concerned also. Just switch the 4WD off when in conditions where traction is excellent. It will save tire wear, and improve gas mileage.

  • ystrickyystricky Posts: 1
    Hi dano5,
    Have you checked into other actions. I don't expect to keep having my truck towed.
    I have been stranded 3 times.
    I bought new so I would not have these problems. My truck was purchased feb 26 I have less than 700 miles. Maybe we can compare where they were made and see if this issue can be traced back to a certain area.

    I have just taken it into the ford dealership and they are saying there is nothing wrong with the truck.
    Once I was across the street from them and they said I had to get it towed to them. Its ticking me off, because when I call they act as if I am not pressing the break. The third time was just this weekend 25 miles from home. I asked the ford mechanic how to activate the override that is mentioned in the book. He never even heard of it. So I read it to him and he said he didn't know...and they would look at it when it got there. Because they mention the override in the book I bet they knew it would be a problem.
    It was towed on a saturday evening. They of course are not working until monday morning. Last sunday when it locked up, a guy at my church was getting into his ford 150 truck so I asked him if knew what it could be. He called a friend who worked there and suggested it could be a fuse if it wasn't for the fact that it would eventually allow me move it from park. What he also observed was that the steering wheel is not locking in place when the engine is off. Have you found any other posts like this?

  • kenmitchkenmitch Posts: 3
    I need to replace the head gasket on my 1999 F-150 because of an oil leak.
    My local mechanic says it will cost about $2000!!!!! says the engine must be pulled? is this true or is something else being pulled?

  • rsynapsersynapse Posts: 1
    After reading several postings in this forum, it is quite clear: I am not alone with respect to that fact that my 2004 Ford F-150 has an intermittent vibration problem which my Ford dealership has been unable to observe directly. I bought the truck about six months ago. The original owner, according to the dealership, decided that he wanted a bigger truck; he traded-up for the larger truck. I purchased this "new" truck from the same dealership; at the time of purchase, the mileage was 3,000. Now it is close to 11,000. The truck drove very nicely until about 9 days ago when I returned from an 8-day trip; the truck was NOT driven during that time. On the first day back from my trip, I was driving the truck on a country highway when I began to notice some vibrations -- the steering wheel was vibrating; the speed was 61 mph. At first, the intensity of the vibration was small, but, then, after about 60 s, the vibrations increased to the point where I immediately removed my foot from the throttle. I slowed down to about 42 mph. My immediate thought was that there was a problem with the tires; I pulled off the road and checked the tires -- no obvious problem. I continued driving on a smaller road, just in case the vibrations re-appeared. A few minutes later, they did. I observed that when I brought the truck to a complete stop with the engine still running, the vibrations usually were gone when I began driving again. The vibration problem first appeared within about 5 min after starting from a cold start. For the next 4-5 days, the vibration problem appeared each day within about 5 min from the start. I got the impression that this problem may be temperature-dependent because I have never observed the vibrations after the truck has been "warmed-up". However, the last day I drove it, TWENTY minutes elapsed before the vibration problem appeared. I was not driving on an InterState. The vibrations usually have appeared at speeds ranging from 40 to 60 mph. Finally, if I allow the truck to "cool-off" for about 3 hours during the middle of the day, the vibration problem will again be detected when I begin driving in the afternoon. At this point, my Ford dealership has had the truck for 5 days, including the weekend; they have been UNABLE to observe this problem. I mentioned this forum to the Service Manager, and she acknowledged that these trucks do have a vibration problem but that the location of the problem is in the rear of the truck. My vibration problem, like the other ones I have just read about in this forum, appears to come from the newly designed front suspension.

    This vibration problem is a serious and elusive one. It is serious because if unchecked, the "natural frequency" of the front-end could be reached; if this occurred, the extreme energy could break-up the engine and threaten human life.
  • wijocowijoco Posts: 462
    I don't think so. I have heard of the head gaskets being done with the engine in the truck, but it is difficult. Call your dealer and get an estimate. You are going to pay for a lot of labor either way.
    Have 2001 f150 5.4 w/68000 miles. Recently, after freeway driving and less than 1/4 tank, it will either not start, or start and idle at 300RPM. When I put gas to it, it stalls. If I let it sit awhile, it startrs and runs OK. Thought it might be the pump relay, but that wasn't it. Anyone seen anything like this?
  • I had the same problem with my 2001 F150 Supercrew. Am about to replace front rotors for the 2nd time. I, too, do no hauling and mostly freeway driving. Have an extended warranty but it excludes rotors
  • dmichaeldmichael Posts: 8
    :mad: i have a f150 2004 just got my truck back from the dealer my bed shakes on the driver side you can see in in the mirrors ford told me a new parts fix kit came out on april 16 to fix the problem , well no change it still shakes so does my front end ,my windshield vibrates and i have a roaring noise coming from the back pass side all of which ford can not fix . they put a new drive shaft in did not work . basically i,m getting to drive their loaner car for two weeks at a time and save my mileage because they sure in the heck don,t know what they are doing , i,m a loyal ford person but i think i,m going to buy toyota .had a gmc was not impressed had problems also . I don,t think we will ever get our trucks fixed ford won,t fix them unless people die from these problems look at the explorer problem .it occurred long before the media got a hold of it .
  • dmichaeldmichael Posts: 8
    On your oil change go to jiffy lube its cheeper read your manuel ford recomend oil change for the new 04-05 every 5,000 miles :lemon: :lemon:
  • dmichaeldmichael Posts: 8
    :lemon: :mad: i have a 2004 f150fx4 it has 14,0000 miles on it its been in the shop more than i have driven it the dealer tells me the vibration is from the tires he said quoit these trucks sit on the lot for a year and the tires get flat spots in them and it could take awhile for that to work out well i,ve had my truck for almost a year and flat spots work out when you drive away i,m a female so i guess they think they can feed me crap what ever they pull out of their [non-permissible content removed] . my bed shakes i have a tow hitch on the back they told me that was were the noise and shaking comes from , they road forced ballenced my tires and charged me $40.00 because i did,t have them rotated at 5,000 miles the truck had 4,000 when i bought it . tires have been ballenced 3 times got a new drive shaft ,something roars in the back pass side sounds like the muffler but get loss of power until i hit around 45 . my windshield vibrates but ford says these are all normal for this truck . the tires are worn more than they should be ford says their cupped due to lack of rotation this is all bull . i think ford tells these dealers to blow us off . I will never buy another ford product especially from EASTGATE FORD in bevercreek ohio their a bunch of morons
  • jrc346jrc346 Posts: 337
    As someone who is just an observer to this particular forum I am curious to know what these vibrations feel like. Could any of you either characterize them as high intensity, like driving over rumble strips on the shoulder of an expressway, or are they more like a shake? Like those that feel it in the steering wheel for instance. If you are holding the steering wheel at the 12 o'clock position, is your hand moving back and forth rapidly? Are the vibrations in the steering wheel of lower intensity than those that you would get while driving over rumble strips? Is the vibration there all of the time, or just certain times when you drive? I am just thinking it strange that no one can figure these problems out. High intensity vibrations would be tied to rapidly moving parts (like the driveshaft, halfshafts etc.). Lower intensity vibrations would be tied to parts moving slower, like an out of balance wheel. Vibrations that are there worse on some days than others at the same speeds would be tied to changing conditions like wind speed or direction of travel in relation to which way the wind is blowing. These new trucks with ultra ridged frames must transfer every vibration the thing puts out, which I am sure is giving Ford, and its customers a fair share of headaches. Another thing that comes to mind is the trucks new front suspension. Double-wishbone suspensions may transfer to much of the road up into the cab. I remember with the previous Honda Accords we used to drive that they had a lot of road feel, but in a good way. Maybe this setup isn't good for a pickup? However, even if the suspension was the culprit, it seems like a softer rubber tire would solve the problem.

    Sorry to hear about the problems people are having. Beautiful trucks IMHO.
  • twocartwocar Posts: 95
    :) I went to the Titan probs and solutions and they have probs too. I guess all of them do, but I find the Ford what I like and not so much the lemon I'm hearing. Sorry for all the problems you folks are having. I do believe when I had my tires rotated Saturday that they put the psi to spec 35 (I believe) and I did notice a tad more feel from the steering, etc.. Previously they had been around 33 and it felt much better. Just FYI.
  • Wonder if you have had any luck with getting your drivetrain noise resolved? ? Have had similar with my 2004 Supercrew 4x4. Seems about 11,000 Miles, I began to notice an intermittent, but rather loud noise.... presumably coming from somewhere in the drivetrain. It's happened several times...( I would carry a digital voice recorder with me in the hopes of "capturing" the process). Anyway, as in your case, a distinct metal-to-metal clanging would occur at various speeds. No identifiable or common circumstances present as to predict when the trbl would occur. Clanging noise would subside as I slowed the truck down. As vehicle began to slow, loud "clunk" as you so described would occur-- similar to the sound of a downshift just before it disengages. **Anyway, I had it towed to the dealer where it presently sits. They are attempting to diagnose the trbl... say they have another one with the same "illness". Advise if you've had any luck.
  • george20george20 Posts: 1
    I am wondering what advice there is on buying a drive train warranty. I am purchasing an f250 7.3 diesel with an atuo tansmission 82,000 miles. For $1800 should I also buy the 24,000 mile drive train warranty? Iv'e heard there are some problems with them??

    Thanks George20
  • butch877butch877 Posts: 3
    I have the same problem. I had tires road-force balanced, 4 new tires, new rack and pinion gear, front end alignement, bed dampner (a hunk of metal bolted to the bed underside) removed the bed and repositioned the bed, now Ford is refusing to repair the truck they say it is within design standards. Ford won't return my e-mails. My dealer won't return my calls. I have owned a pick-up for 30 years, I own a 1998 F150 also, it runs better than the 04. I also own a total of 5 Fords at this time, I can say that is about to change. I will looking into dumping my 04, it has 9,000 miles. My salesman said the shaking would go away, and that the tire had flat spots from sitting on the lot. So, I guess they will resort to lying.

    Don't buy this LEMON!!!!!!!!!! :lemon:
  • jej673jej673 Posts: 3
    what do you folks get in mpg in the '04 or '05 F150 4x4 crew cabs?
  • bear54bear54 Posts: 3
    Hello all. My son bought a 2000 Ford F-150 4x4 with the extended cab about two years ago. Well, Last Sunday he was driving home and felt a shimmy in the steering wheel, kind of like when you hit a bump in the road, but there was no bump. In short order he hear a loud clunk or pop in the front of the truck. About then there was a slight curve in the road and he went to steer into it, the steering wheel was locked up, he could not get it to turn at all. He went to apply the brakes and they were soft and then went all the way to the floorboard. Being unable to control the truck, he smashed into some mailboxes and a light pole plus a brick embankment to stop him. The driver in front of him saw him struggling and heard the loud clunk noise from the truck. The front passenger side wheel assembly totally came off of the truck and the truck suspension landed in the center of the wheel. The firemen and others at the scene said they had never seen anything like that before. I have been reading about problems with the ball joints on these trucks and others with problems that effect the steering. Does anyone here have some more information on this? Has it happened to any of you? The Ford Motor Company has not responded to my inquiries to them. This accident nearly took my sons life and if his wife had been with him it would have injured her badly if not taken her life. Any help you all can give me on this issue will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  • twocartwocar Posts: 95
    Although mines a heavier beast, my '04 Supercrew 4x4 Lariat gets around 17-18 around town and high 18's to 21 on the highway (depending on what part of the country I'm in). i.e. - south of NC - high 20's/north of NC high 18's highway. The only mod I've made is a K&N filter. (towing brings numbers down to 14's - 15 :shades: 's)
  • cangel65cangel65 Posts: 1
    Wow! I've just started with the exact same problem you describe with my 04 F-150 Supercrew. It started 1 week ago and I also thought it might be tempature dependant b ut now it can start 5 mins. after or 15 and is on and off but there is always a slight vibration but it can go from hardly noticable to near violent for no apparent reason.

    However I assumed that this must be a tire related problem or bad wheel balance.
  • iowahawkiowahawk Posts: 4
    A week ago, mine went hyper, engaging "whatever it is" each time after I stopped, and disengaging in a more pronounced way each time I slowed to less than 5 mph. It happened without my foot on the brake, and it happened when I slipped the transmission into neutral. The dealer was too busy when I stopped that day, and I haven't been back. And, get this, it hasn't occured in the 7 days since....!!? However, I suspect that somehow the low side of FWD was kicking in and then out because I don't get that to work now when I switch the knob to low FWD---no light on the dash, no front tires turning (I tried this in a muddy spot---high side still works, lights and all). I am hoping it didn't ruin something, and also hoping that the dealer will recognize it and get it fixed under warranty. Judging from the many posts here, this may be wishful thinking.....?
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