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2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty Problems and Solutions



  • clashclash Posts: 1
    Just had Sears install Monroe Reflex Shocks on my F350 Diesel 4x4. They are running a special until the end of the month, free installation and a $20 mail-in rebate offer to boot. Slightly higher price than other like (OEM) shocks, but no one can compare to Sears "life-time" warranty. And now with free installation, can't beat the deal anywhere. My Lariat pickup is back in the woods eating up terrain. Cheers! :P
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,599
    He may have had a ball joint come apart. When the wheel fell off the brake hose snapped causing the loss of brakes.

    Who knows? A bad ball joint usually gives some warning though.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    I agree. I find it hard to believe that the ball joint would have failed so suddenly, but it is possible.

    I cannot really help though as I have not heard of any such event or problem elsewhere. Did you do a search on the forum to see if perhaps someone else reported a similar incident? Maybe use "F150 ball joint failure" or something along those lines to start you off....?

    Good luck & glad to hear that your son made it through; events like that really put things into perspective. :surprise:
  • bear54bear54 Posts: 3
    I think the early warning came out on the interstate highway. He had just come back from a fairly long drive and the steering was acting up for the last ten or so miles. He thought he could make it home and then check things out.
  • bear54bear54 Posts: 3
    It certainly does put things in perspective. I did do a search of the forum but I will try using the phrase you suggest. Thanks! :D
  • bill0742bill0742 Posts: 2
    I need to know the size and type of tool to remove the fuel drain plug on a 7.3 turbo diesel . I can see it with a mirror and know that it is internal wrenching. I have tried a 1/4 and #7 metric and they are to big. I have tried a 7/32 and a #6 metric and they are too small. Please help. Bill
  • bill0742bill0742 Posts: 2
    Disregard the above post. The answer is a 1/4' ratchet.Similiar to a plug in a differential housing. Information obtained through other sources. Bill
  • viclhuffviclhuff Posts: 1
    My 2002 F-250 with 60,000 miles is using oil, about a quart of oil is required approx every 200 miles. I do not see smoke, no oil on the driveway. Does anyone have a solution? Oh, and just changed the oil 200 miles ago.
  • cruse65cruse65 Posts: 1
    I have an "04 F150 super crew. Just over 5K miles on it, and just started noticing a whinning noise, from the power steering even on the slightest turn of the wheel. The fluid is good,and no leaks. I have listened to other same model trucks, and none make the noise. The dealership said this is normal, and that some trucks are just louder than others. I am no certified Ford mech..but i know the steering shouldnt make that noise unless it is low on fluid, or something is wrong with the pump itself. Any comments???
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    Ford power steering pumps can be noisy. My grandparents always buy Ford, and about 25% of them have noisy power steering pumps. They owned three Aerostars ('91, '93, '95), all of which had noisy pumps and none of which ever failed.

    I have to agree with the dealership on this one.... though "normal" is a subjective term. Perhaps "not unusual" would have been more appropriate?

  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391

    I dug around quite a bit after reading about your son's situation, but I did not have any luck finding any similar problems searching the Edmunds forums. There are many, many auto forums out there though, so if this has happened elsewhere I am sure there is information out there about it.

    Maybe the first thing to do is to find out if the ball joint system on the F150 is used on other models as well - then you could expand your search to include all vehicles with the system rather than isolating it to the F150.

  • butch877butch877 Posts: 3
    When engaging low gear you have to be stopped and in neutral to engage otherwise it will not engage. This is so that you don't drop it into low 4 wheel at high rates of speed.
  • butch877butch877 Posts: 3
    I had the same problem with my 1998. I was fortunate in that it happened when I exited a highway where i was traveling at 70 mph. I was lucky because my ball joint snapped off after leaving a stop sign. This is an inherent problem with Ford, there are no grease fittings, it is suggested that you lift the rubber boot to check for moisture. If moisture is present it will lead to rust. Rust will act as an abrasive in the ball joint. :sick:
  • iowahawkiowahawk Posts: 4
    The problem is---I think---that somehow the low side of 4WD kicked in on its own at a high rate of speed and then disengaged (again on its own, with two distinctive "clunks" each time) when the truck got almost down to a stop. I have never used the low side of 4WD for anything other than a test, and always was stopped before engaging it. Anyway, when the problem was occuring, no 4WD light came on and there was never any 4WD knob out of position on the dash. Now, low 4WD won't engage, there is no light when the knob is turned there, and I think something is wrong in a major way in that area. The "clunks" occured without brake pedal pressure, and also with the transmission lever in neutral. After getting repeated intermittent "activity," this problem has disappeared for ten straight days, and I assume something is just broken, but haven't had time to get back to the dealer.
  • ndaholendahole Posts: 1
    U BET! I've owned my 04' F-150 crew 4x2 for over a year now with 22,000 and i've experience the vibration as well as the lemon rotors, which I'm in the process of changing if I can ever get the dam thing off. The front right was literally grined down to about a eighth of an inch thick. Partly my fault for waiting to change 'em but I can't imagine that it would be so cheaply made. So, CAN anyone tell me how to remove the rotor off of this thing. I've removed the caliper but can't figure out whats holding the rotor on with the exception of theat center nut which says "DO NOT RE-USE" and I can't get that to turn for the life of me. HELP!!! the blasted thing is taken up the entire garage. :cry:
  • hutch20hutch20 Posts: 4
    I just found this website tonight and I am thrilled to see that the problems we are having with our 2004 F-150 Supercrew are the same! Imagine that! My husband and I just got through going through the"Dispute Settlement Board" for FORD and asking that the truck be replaced and what a joke that was. Our truck had a vibration in the rear since we test drove it with 24 miles on it. The dealership has tried to fix the problem with replacing the drive shaft, putting on two new rotors, placing mounts and this was done at about 8,000 miles. I pestered the dealership so much and then I started getting angry and was told that FORD was having problems with vibrations and they supposedly had a fix for it - right!! Well now with almost 13,000 miles the transmission seems to slip and "Klunk". Here we go again, I send a response letter back to the Dispute Settlement Board asking for their reasoning in not having the truck replaced, I also send the FORD manufacture my 2 cents as well as the owner of that dealership. This is so frustrating and of course the trade in value has decreased. My next step will be an attorney. They cannot and should not get away with this kind of business.
  • rolson1rolson1 Posts: 25
    Do you live in a Lemon Law state? If what you are stating is factual, it would appear that might be your best avenue.
  • twocartwocar Posts: 95
    "Our truck had a vibration in the rear since we test drove it with 24 miles on it." Why did you buy it then? I am just confused as to why you would buy a vehicle that had a problem at the onset instead of maybe driving another to see if it had the same problem. Of course, I guess we can assume the dealer used the ol' tires were flat-spotted from sitting on the lot or that they would fix the problem. Is your vehicle a 4x4 or 4x2? When was it manufactured? Does it have the column shift? What rear-end? I am trying to figure out if there is ANY common denominator here and no one ever wants to include specifics. I did, at one point, have someone tell me they were hearing a lot of the problems they had been e-mailed with regard to were the SuperCab models due to a driveshaft length problem. I am just trying to pinpoint if it is all drive lines, limited to the SuperCrew, Supercab, or Regular Cab? 4x4's or 4x2's? Column shift or console shifter? Limited slip or not? Adjustable pedals or not? I am not trying to start a war, but I think the more detail we can provide the better we can discern if all models are a problem or just certain ones with certain features/options and therefore help Ford pinpoint the problem so they can determine a fix. Even time of manufacture. (date and year) Maybe the doggone truck is so rigid (9 times stiffer than the previous one, I think) that the shocks/springs don't "give" enough to absorb all road vibration, etc.. I don't know. I'm grabbing at straws and love my truck...I just want to know what the hell is going on with these other trucks. Mine has 15k+ and the more I read the more vibration I think I feel and then I realize it isn't anything more than maybe the pedal vibrating or something at a certain speed.
  • hutch20hutch20 Posts: 4
    We bought the truck thinking that Ford could fix it. We thought that the tires just needed to be balanced and they did. After we bought the truck, they took it back into their service department and supposedly balanced the tires. We got in and drove away with the same vibration, so we took the truck to Les Schwab and had them balance them and all four tires were out of balance! But the truck still vibrates. Our truck is is 2004 F-150 4x4 Supercrew with 17" wheels, trailer tow package, column shift automatic 4-spd transmission 5.4 liter engine, 8 cylinders fuel injection, 3.55 ratio limited slip axle, power adjustable pedals. The truck was manufactured in Kansas City. Our truck does have the vibration from 50-65mph is when it really shakes. We have even had the rims checked and tires and had two new rims and tires replaced on it from the Ford Dealer! Ford seems to think that they have fixed this problem and they are far from it! I know that a truck is a truck, but this is ridiculous and is not right. So if you may have any suggestions, we are very open to any answers. We really like the truck, it has lots of leg room and we even rented several Ford trucks just like the one we bought and none of them drove like this is. That is why we chose to buy this Ford truck. Thank you
  • hutch20hutch20 Posts: 4
    Yes, we do and that will probably be our next step. It just seems like a big hassle and I think the dealerships just shine you on and think you will go away. Not this one. They are going to have their hands full with me and my husband. Hopefully we can get this done quick and easy! Thank you for your response.
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