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2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty Problems and Solutions



  • cafordcaford Posts: 1
    I own a 97 F250HD. The windshield wiper on the driver's side does not go all the way down when the wipers are off and it rotates too far counter-clockwise at max stroke. How is the wiper arm removed and repositioned? The wipers work fine, it's just the left one has a counterclockwise bias that I'd like to correct. Thanks!
  • mvhammymvhammy Posts: 2
    I don't have an answer but can relate a similar unsolved problem. I have a 1994 F250 with the 460 engine. When driving at normal speeds (40-70 mph) the transmission will seem to go into a neutral mode for about a second or so. Then it slams back into high gear. Since it is intermittent, the transmission shop cannot find the problem. No error codes. I've been studying the ford shop repair manual and am wondering if the problem is with either one of the shifting solenoids, speed sensor, throttle position sensor or the MLPS. Maybe it could also be a problem with the electrical connector into the transmission. I'm going to check the connector tonight. I'll continue to try and find an answer and will let you know if I solve this problem. I'd appreciate the same from you. Thanks, Mvhammy
  • I have a 04 f250 i bought new in may of 04. currently it has 41,000 miles. last week while pulling a trailer a loud noise came from the engine when the motor had strain on it from downshifting. the noise sounded like a backfire but with out the bang. it does have a superships brand control module set at the middle setting and a 4 inch exhuast. the local diesel shop checked a few hoses for leaks and lose hoses and has since pulled out the superchip settings so we can take it to the dealer. any ideas, thoughts, corncerns. up until this last week i would swear by this truck. it would pull like a mule and run like a scalded dog. it runs fine as long as there is no strain or no hard driving.
  • dread1dread1 Posts: 1

    I have an 2001 F-150 supercrew, just turned 81k and this exact problem has arisen with me as well. It has only begun in the last 1k miles. I have to this point in trying to fix this:

    replaced all of the spark plugs
    checked all of the coils for spark
    replaced the fuel filter
    replaced the PCV valve
    changed my fuel station
    changed the oil, filter and air cleaner (this is normal maint on my part)
    run a couple of bottles of injector cleaner thru it

    I will next start exploring the fuel injection system, throttle body, Idle air control, etc.

    Ford won't even look it for less than $100. They say they've never heard of this problem before. I am not going to give them anymore of my money as I've had many problems with this truck. I will go back to buying [non-permissible content removed] stuff from this point on . I gave them (american car makers) a chance and they blew it.

    If I figure this out I'll post the solution, I'd appreciate the same from you.

  • havehadithavehadit Posts: 7
    Sounds like the same problem. Yesterday mine started acting up in town. This a.m. I took it on the hiwaay plus in town. The same problem of shifting down at high or low speed, but another problem developed suddenly. At times doesn't want to upshift from lst and hard when it does. I've been checking on and found 2 TSB's you can check if you have access to them. I can't find them for free. #atratb305, Jan. "95-shifts to neutral, and #942417, Nov. '94-downshifts too often no 4th gear. I'm at a loss and had a fishing trip scheduled Monday. My transmission was serviced at 36K and 49K miles, when the problem surfaced. Next week I think I'll get it flushed and serviced and see what happens before I try a shop again. I'm retired and not a mechanic. I do small jobs but not one like this. After reading messages in this forum and others I think Ford better wake up! Thanks, HAVEHADIT
  • mghmgh Posts: 43
    I just bought this truck and have 100+ miles on it and I don't feel that the truck is performing the way it should. I am not demanding to go fast but it seams that the truck is SLOW. Is this normal or the 3 valve engine is a scam? Is there a fix?

    Anything on this topic will be greatly appreciated
  • I have a f250 super duty 04 truck, she was idling rough so I changed the fuel and water filters she started but was idling rough and gradually stopped, I checked the fuel filter on top of the engine and there is no fuel going to the filter when I turned the key I can't hear the fuel pump running the only thing I hear is a chatter from the injector. Did anybody have this problem?
  • jct1jct1 Posts: 2
    I am also an owner of a 2005 Ford F150 with less than 6000 miles on it, hardly broken in. It has died out on me three times while driving on the road and will not start right away. I have brought it in to the dealer three times with no avail. They cannot find any thing failing and no records on the on board computer. It is an nintermittent problem and they claim if they cannot duplicate the problem they cannot fix it. I was told to keep driving it and eventually the check engine light will indicate problem. They also claim they do not want to swapp out parts because it might cause other problems. My luck it will come on after the waranty expires. I was thinking about getting a lemon lawyer considering I am paying 40,000 dollars for something that I cannot rely on. Anybody out there having any similar issues?
  • racer55racer55 Posts: 4
    first off hello to every one. i have been reading and think this is a great site. i have a 2000 f-350 sd with 81000 miles. the other day my brother in law made a delivery in it and when he slowed down to turn into my driveway it died. i ahve not been able to get it started. the scanner showed no codes. i have since changed the crank position sensor, the cam position sensor, the fuel filter, and the spark plugs.(it is a v10 btw) it tries to start but does does backfire through the air intake. the plugs were wet with fuel as well as inside the plenum. i do not have a fuel pressure gauge for injection system and up to now have been very impressed with no problems at all. has any one had a similar problem? i have just about given up. thanks ahead of time for any help.
  • runjimrunjim Posts: 4
    I have the same slipping with my 94 f150 V8.
    The randomness is the most confusing part.

    I put "Lucas Transmission Fix" in, and it seemed to stop the slipping about 95% for 2 weeks. Then I took a 100 mile trip and it got really bad, slipping into "neutral" on the highway. I pulled off, shut her down, then drove home and it was fine again on the way home. Almost like it gets a good transmission "sync" sometimes, and other times it won't grab for nothing.?

    I'm going to try more Lucas Fix, before I take it to a transmission shop. If the transmission fix is going to cost me more than $1,000 - I might just have to part this sucker out on Ebay! :confuse:

    Thanks for any info, Runjim.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Where I used to work we had a few F350 SWR CC trucks years 2000-2002. I think all of them had the fuel pump go out before they hit 40K miles. Never threw a code or anything they just wouldnt start. These trucks were driven in harsh conditions (steel mill) for short times and ran pretty close to empty all the time so that could contribute to the fuel pump problem. I would say start there

  • racer55racer55 Posts: 4
    thanks for the info. this makes the most sense in this case. i did finally get a pressure tester and it tests ok. but i still think it is bad. i too run it on empty a lot. i will let you know if this fixes it.
  • vinny2424vinny2424 Posts: 4
    my 2005 f-150 crew cab with moonroof,the headliner vibrates anybody having these problems. thanks.
  • rosscrossc Posts: 1
    I bought a new 04 ford F-150 4x4 lariat it has ~20,000 miles on the past 2 weeks I have experienced a strange noise almost like something is dragging or something. It has happened twice now. It only happens at low speeds and then truck will shift and it stops. I have not contacted the dealer because I was hoping someone would be able to give me a little heads up on what it is before the dealer gives me one of those "well we cant reproduce it....blah blah". Thanks in advance...RC
  • mvhammymvhammy Posts: 2
    I got a message on one of the forums (I've entered 3 or 4 now). The person suspects that the cause is the MLSP switch. It's mounted on the transmission. It is connected by cable to the shift lever on the steering column. It tells the transmission whether you want neutral, 1st, 2nd, 3rd or overdrive by turning on and of the shifting solenoids inside the transmission. I'm going to buy one and give it a try. I already check for the correct cable adjustment and it was right on.
  • whtssup3whtssup3 Posts: 1
    I also lost my Tranny at 51k and now I think the rear end is going. Ther dealer that fixed my transmission said they were having problems with the rear end and in fact that was the first place he check when the transmission went. And no I did not get any help from Ford on the transmission which sucked... Time to go back to chevy!!
  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493
    Since you've changed out just about everything else...have you looked at the IAC? Idle air control solenoid behind the throttle body plenum. Did your B.I.L have any problems with iding rough before it finally died? Initial symptoms of a bad IAC, you need to step on the gas to keep the engine running or it stalls out.

    Test: Try to start the truck with the throttle depressed about 1/4 way. If it starts, or at least tries to start better than before, then it's probably the IAC.

    You can also get a feel for your fuel pressure without a fuel pressure gauge - there's a shrader valve on the fuel rail. If crank the engine the fuel pump should come on, and you should get a healthy squirt outta the valve when you press it. (Be careful - wear safety goggles) If not, then check fuel pump relay, or fuel pump.
  • dr15dr15 Posts: 1
    I have an 87 f250 6 cyl work truck and I think the CC may be bad. The truck has no power what so ever and stalls. How is the best way to check to make sure it is the CC and not something else. I have already changed the O2 sensor. Thanks
  • racer55racer55 Posts: 4
    thanks for the info. i did buy a gauge and have 40 psi of pressure so i think the fuel pump is fine. i have not looked at the iac yet. i can get it to start for a second and die. then it takes about a day for it to start again. the truck was running normal right up to the point that it died, never rough idling. the whole thing is irritating to me. i have always been able to fix my vehicles until this one. i am probably going to have it towed to a ford dealer and have it diagnosed, then fix it myself. however if the computor is bad i have been told that only the dealer can install it because it has to be programmed. is this true?
  • hfmjhfmj Posts: 1
    I had the samething with my 2004 F 150. My brother-law is a mechanic at big dealership in NY. He told me not to worry about it that it was a common problem with the limited slip rear ends I believe he said some kind of clutch assembly in it and it wouldnt hurt to drive it until I could get it fixed. I had it taken care of about 2months/3000mi ago and everything is great.
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