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2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty Problems and Solutions



  • On 10-26-04 I purchased a 2001 Ford F-150 4x4. While going over the paper work they tried to sell me the Mechanical Breakdown Protection. I didn't want it, or hear about it but the Finance manager said they had to go over the contract, while going over the contract it was stated that the contract covers suspension parts (all of them) ball joints, tie rods, bushings, Ect. After hearing that, I decided to purchase the coverage. Recently I have had noises in my front suspension, I took the truck to the dealership, they checked it out, but couldn't repair the suspension because the protection company said the ball joints were not worn they are loose. The service writer at the dealership tried to get someone to explain the differance, but they sidestepped the question, and still won't cover the parts.

    I guess I'm here for advice on solving this problem, Calling the BBB?, or dealing with the dealership that prusured me into purchasing the contract.

    Any help would be appretiated.

  • Can't get the 4X4 to engage on my 97 F-150. You can hear it trying to engage but won't. Anybody got any suggestions?
  • Are they manual hubs, or automatic "shift on the fly?"

    If they're auto, you could have a small vaccuum leak going to the actuators - check the vaccuum hoses going to the hubs, one or more is probably brittle or cracked. If you don't find a problem there, start checking all the rest of the vaccuum hoses in the engine, a leak anywhere could affect vaccum pressure enough to prevent hubs from engaging.

    For manual hubs, possibly grease could've dried up. With 4x4 you should engage hubs once every month or so to keep everything lubed. Had problem on old F150, engaged manual hubs, then backed up to make them lock, but just kept hearing a chattering noise. Needed a trip to a mechanic to get them working again; he's the one that told me exercise the 4x4 once a month.
  • I just gave my dealer the go ahead to replace 7 coils and 6 spark plugs on my 2002 F-150 Supercrew. The remaining coil and plugs were changed earlier this year. The cost was $975 + tax. This saved me a whopping $900 ($268 - $115 coil, $8 plug, $70 diagnostic, $75 labor, as each one failed)plus the aggravation of taking it to the dealer. The book called for 3 hours to change the plugs and coils, but they charged only 2 1/2 hours. Every little bit helps. I have 120,000 miles on this truck and it is in great shape. I plan on keeping it for the long haul. I know that given the right instruction I could have done this myself, but at least I get a 12 month guarantee for their work.

    Good luck with your repairs. & watch out for the deer! :)
  • Have your dealer check the plugs.This year has a history of throwing plugs. The aluminum head is thin and only catches a few threads.Has been an ongoing problem. Look for examples in this thread. I know ,it happened to me. Be careful...
  • Have your dealer check the plugs.This year has a history of throwing plugs. The aluminum head is thin and only catches a few threads.Has been an ongoing problem. Look for examples in this thread. I know ,it happened to me. Be careful...Mine was on the # 3 plug and I had replaced a bad coil only a few thousand miles before.
  • I have a rattle on the left side dash or steering column. Looked under neath and felt around but do not see anything obviously wrong. Have not taken anything apart yet. Anyone else had this noise?
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    Sorry, warriorcoach. My 2005 SuperCrew is rattle free. Good luck on finding it.
  • joe101joe101 Posts: 1
  • I recently bought a new '06 F350 4x4-6.0 diesel and am having problems w/ regards to Continental tires and vibrations at 40/45mph, unusual wear, cupping and the need to have excessive amount of weights to balance tires and also looking for information on transmission slipping from 3rd to 4th gear. Anyone out there that has had these problems?
  • In my 2002 F-150 Super Crew, I can not get any air to come out of the floor vent. It seems to be diverted to the defrosters. I have an EATC (Electronic Automatic Temperature Control)with a button for floor, panel/floor, defroster etc...
    When I push the automatic button, all the air goes to the defroster. When I push the panel/floor button all the air goes to the panel. I ran the on board diagnostic by pushing the floor and off button at the same time and then the automatic button as Chilton suggests. The diagnostic ran, but no codes showed up. Any suggestions as to what the problem might be or how to isolate the problem? You help would be appreciated. :confuse:
  • I have a 99 F-150 Lariat Supercab stepside,5.4L, 4X4. Somtimes when accelerating, the truck shakes. When I ease off the accelerator, the shaking stops, but when I accelerate again, the shaking starts anew. This does not happen all the time.

    Any thoughts on causes?

    In addition, the signal side mirrors have lost their "silver," and it is difficult to see out of them. This seems to be common as I have seen it on other F-150s.

    Can the lenses be changed out, or will I have to replace the entire mirror assembly?

    Thanks for your responses!
  • I have a 2004 f250 superduty that i bought wrecked and am in the rebuilding process.When i got it the only part of the exhaust that was there was the turbo down pipe and when you would start it as you can imagine you could really hear the turbo when it was at an idle.I started it up the other day and no turbo.I have put on a four inch exhaust since then and took it down the road and going up hill it has no power or acceleration at all.On level ground it seems to run ok up to 2500 rpms and thats the end of it.I have installed new fuel filters ,air filter,no holes in any of the hoses,checked the turbo bearing and its turning fine so it's not the bearings.Any ideas?
  • My 99 F250 did the same thing and what i found was my windshield was leaking and the water was running down the left windshield post trim panel and going straight in the fusebox.Hope it's that simple
  • dugupdugup Posts: 2
    My 2000 Ford F250 Super Duty won't engage the front drive axle when I shift (ESOF) from 2WD to either 4High or 4Low. The drive motor on the transfer case will run (it cycles three times and quits) but nothing happens? The front axle will not engage. The motor is V10. The hubs are set to auto. The 4X4 light on the dash only lights during the test sequence when starting the truck. I'm the original owner and have used the 4X4 extensively until now. I had some diagnostic work done at Ford dealer and indications are the drive motor on the transfer case, but they were not real definitive. Since it is a $500+ dealer only part I was hoping for some other suggestions or alternatives?
  • sip1sip1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 with 12,000 miles I'm having the same problem there were rotated 3 times
    i"ve been battling with my dealor they don't want to doing anything about the problem there telling me it's an alignment problem I think the the tires just suck!
  • I have a 1998 F-150 4x4 - my battery drains overnight but will charge up and run. My air bag light comes on and off - my overdrive light comes on and off and my 4x4 light comes on and off - all at random times.

    My fan seems to run if I don't shut off the climate selector when I turn the truck off.

    Can anyone give me some suggestions? Thanks,
  • I own an 04 F150 crew cab XLT with the 5.4L motor. I just had my oil changed at 12k miles and the tech showed me the oil fill cap. It had yellowish sludge in it and he shook out what looked to be water. There did not appear to be any water in the oil it self. At least it looked normal. It is my 4th oil change since buying the vehicle new. Someone I work with has the same truck with slightly more miles on it and her cap was the same as mine. Any one notice this and is it a problem. Thanks
  • Do you do a lot of short hops with the truck where it never gets to fully warm up? If so it's not getting a chance to boil off all the condensation, so it shows up as the milky sludge under the oil cap.

    If your coolant level is falling, however, it could be a sign of head gasket leak into the engine. Not very likely at 12K miles.
  • Frequently, my door ajar light will come on and the dome light will not turn off. I tried opening and closing all the doors, and cleaning out the sensors in all the doors. The dome light goes off when I drive, but when I stop, it comes back on. The door ajar light never goes off. I am driving an 2001 F-350 Super Duty. Any ideas?
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