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2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty Problems and Solutions



  • Had EXACTLY the same issue in my 2003 F-150 at 8,500 miles (vehicle shudder when turning either direction from dead stop, not as severe when going straight). Ford mechanic test-drove it for 5 seconds and precisely identified the problem: Bad limited-slip rear differential clutch. Dealership replaced it at no expense (under warranty) with what they said was a new and improved part. That was two years ago. Today the truck has 54,000 miles and it's still fine. However, this F-150 is now on its 4th set of front brake rotors (under 50,000 miles total). For this fourth set, I gave up on the Ford dealership and went to a brake/muffler shop and they installed "heavy duty" Bendik rotors. Everything was great for the first few thousand miles after installation of the "heavy duty" rotors, but the recurrent front-end vibration on braking is now gradually returning -- again! Have you or anyone you know had any F-150 rotor vibration issues like this? Any suggestions? Thanks, Elwood
  • My cousin recently had his 05 F-150 4x4 King Ranch with 32k at the dealer because of idling problems. After they looked at the truck for 1 week running tests Ford ultimately replaced all the injectors. One service technician said they have seen this before and it could be real problem for Ford, but the service manager said it's an isolated incidence.

    Has anyone else heard of this problem?
  • I just bought an 06 f350 march 1. I have noticed slippage from 3rd to fourth when lightly accelerating. It is almost like the tranny cant make up its mind between 3rsd and 4th.

    I havent gone to the dealer yet, so I dont know what the problem is. Anyone elso got any info? :mad:
  • plandpland Posts: 1
    I have had the same problem on my '05 F-150 5.4 Supercrew. Have lost the #6 injector twice and still idles rough. The dealer replaced all 8 injectors & still idles rough. I have 13k miles on the truck & it has been in the dealers repair garage 5-6 times with idle, AC & transmission problems.
  • I have a 2000 F-250 V10 and it does the same thing, I only have 54000 miles on it and I bought it with 10000, I have a lot of problems with this truck, and I see alot of people having same problems. Scares me to ever buy a ford truck again
  • are you using your emergency brake? I had the same problem - '04 super-crew FX4 4X4 - truck would vibrate viloently while driving - problem was in emergency brake shoe - had parts replaced - never used emerg. brake again - problem disappeared.

    hope it helps
  • 9925099250 Posts: 1
    1999 F250SD V-10
    travel down the road, acts like engine dies, but engine is still running at an idle, hit gas pedal, no acceleration...shut key off, restart, truck acts normal, have replaced MAF sensor, TP sensor, possible transmission problems? Have checked fuel pressure, 35lbs. Not consistent, some days runs fine, others above problem occurs. Anybody else experiencing?
  • e5ge5g Posts: 1
    All right smart guys, I need your help! 1997 F-250 7.3 litre turbo diesel. I installed an aftermarket down tube which took way to long to do. I love the increased horses, but hate the excessive noise and the major vibration that now occurs at idle and goes away about 300 rpms above idle. What happened? Did I break something? Is their further tuning that needs to be done? I have read about the e-brake problems but I have no vibration at speed or coasting. Also, any good luck at dampening the noise? All suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :sick:
  • fordallfordall Posts: 1
    The transmission that bogged down during the 1-2 shift had a bad #7 check ball in the valve body. It seems that the check ball controls the torque converter clutch and when it comes on at the wrong time it causes the vehicle to seem to loose power or shift too soon. Actually when the conveter clutch comes on it locks out the torque multiplication from the action of the reactor and makes it feel like it bogged down. TSB 06-08-02 covers it.
  • joshbouyjoshbouy Posts: 1
    it will not idle when it does it surges when you can get it to take off its real slow once the speed finely increases or turbo spools up truck takes off and runs but when you stop truck dies or surges and wont take off again
  • correywcorreyw Posts: 2
    I hate to say it but think it is a never ending nightmare...very hard to admit for a Ford guy at heart! I've been to the dealer 12 different times heard 12 different excuses.... had the engine torn apart 4 times, transmission worked on twice, cam phasers replaced twice, vct sensors replaced, cam sensors replaced, crank triggers replaced. O2 sensors, replaced, paint peeled the day I bought it and had to be repainted, tires replaced, and needless to say the vibrations from nearly day 1 which has always been a mystery to the dealers that no one has been able to figure out and no help with Fords circle jerk hotline and customer service! Oh dont let me forget that the 12th trip to the dealer they didn't put my engine back together completely left the oil from the engine and ac all over everything under the hood, scratched the hell out of my bumper using it for a step stool and forgot to cover the fenders while there shirt snaps scratched the piss out of them. I think they got the customer service aspect down to a T with this problem. So much for a 40,000 dollar truck I bought 6 months ago with 15 miles on it. I'm a very easy going patient person and have always had the attitude the sh@t happens but have lost my patience and respect the way I have been treated by Ford when they tell you to get your attorney. So last of all I did pay the up front fees to retain an attorney with Ford experience today and have been warned Im the little guy with little money compared to Ford but have also got a good case and a good chance so Im going for it anyways. After all I have kept all the documents, receipts, dealer conversations, and etc all well documented. Does anyone else remember the truthabouttrucks movie with Rick Titus that was handed out when you bought it at the dealer...its funny the omitted the ultimate smooth ride for the 2006's new movie I just picked up. Last thing I want to get out here to everyone is I feel your PAIN and I know there is risk to everything in life but if anyone else wants to get involved and make the case stronger and knows how we can contact each other since we cant post email addies let me know! Strength does come in numbers and I must fight for our right!
  • i have a 95 ford f-150 2wd. starter cranks but engine wont fire. i can hear the fuel pumps when the key turns and all accessories work. checked for spark from the coil wire and there was none. ford told me i needed to replace the ignition module--- i replaced it--same thing.. found out the new one failed 2/3 times. i replaced it again 5 days ago--worked great until today. i don't know what to do. i have also replaced the spark plug and coil wires as well as the rotor and cap. could it be coil then?? i don't know much about this stuff...please help
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    Well, sorry to hear about your bad experience. At this point it is safe to state that Ford has no clue what is wrong with your truck. In desperation and under pressure, they keep replacing everything that they think may solve the problem, so far without success.

    It is rather fortunate that pickup trucks retain good resale value. My suggestion to you is to give it one last try to force Ford to buy the truck back. If not, trade in on another brand pickup. You may do better than you think on trade.
  • gchiiigchiii Posts: 1
    I had the same problem with both a F-150 and Grand Marquis.
    I clean the air vains and the EGR valve this fixed the ploblem. PS do not run less than 91 Octane in ford V-8 engines. This clogs up the EGR valve.
  • msm350msm350 Posts: 1
    I also have a 2003 f150 with silm prob doing the same and also when the trans is put in to gear drive or reverse the wipers and inter lights turn off Did you find any thing?
    Thanks in advance for any help
  • I purchased a Ford F150 FX4 less than a month ago and it is already in the shop for a new engine with only 1500 miles on it. Is there any recourse this BS, can the truck be returned? Would you please share any information you may have found out from your lawyer as to how to make them responsible for this mess? Thanks
  • correywcorreyw Posts: 2
    I dont know what state you are from but Im in Iowa and Iowa's law states you have to give them 10 days to respond and 1 attempt to repair the vehicle. First you have to mail out a certified/registered notice to Ford which went out Friday (so should have it today). If they fail on either part of that then you do not have to give them any second chances and can rescind the contract. There are still more options but this is the first part of it. As for an update on the truck itself I washed it really good this weekend and noticed the clear coat is peeling on the roof and passenger door as well and they totally missed a spot on the passenger fender and the driver side seam of the hood. The tailgate is also bubbling. The vibration only gets worse as days go by. I hate to say it since I've owned a F150's in all these past years (1977,1985,1990,1996,2001, and now the 2005)all new and loved them and never had any problems with them. I just hope Ford doesn't continue backwards! However do not waste time if your state has a lemon law! I began noticing this from the beginning and thought its new and has bugs but it only gets worse.
  • redspaderedspade Posts: 1
    I have real bad gas mileage on my f150 4.9 inline 6. I have replaced the wires/cap/rotor/plugs/serp.belt/ and Air filter..I have also made sure the tires were at the proper inflation.. And I still only get at the most 12mpg.. :confuse: I am going to change the fuel filter but I still don't know else to do? my tranny is a 5 speed standard that comes with this year..nothin special.. With these gas prices.. looks like I'm going to have to keep driving my crappy 4 :lemon: banger... Help anyone?
  • On 1-21-06 I fell into the trap when I purchaced a new 2005 F150. Thiry six hours later it spent 10 days back at the dealer where they claimed a Ford engineer reviewed the truck (this turned out to be a lie). After getting the truck back they gave me an invoice stating that brake parts in the back were changed, new tires were put on, and a vibration damper was installed. When I asked where this damper was installed, the service manager REFUSED to show me because he was busy. Me being the calm and understanding person, I decided not to make waves.
    This did not correct anything but I decided to give the dealership the benefit of the doubt and test out the fixes. I understand that I am too close to the problem and could me extremely critical and mistake the vibration for the way the truck was driving.

    After a few weeks the vibration had not changed - it was still there and making me physically sick by the time I got to work. I had a friend that is a driveline engineer test drive it to confirm my claim, he agreed that it was bad.

    I took the truck in a second time to the dealer and asked that the service manager show me this damper - he flat out refused. Luckly someone walked by and offered to show me. Everyone was shocked when we found that this part was never installed. The service manager was also stupid enough to admit he never put it on. This story is more involved and luckly the sales person quit working there over my issues and has agreed to testify in court.

    The dealership finally put on the damper and it did not even phase the vibration - it was still there. After all of the drama I took the time to think without emotion and contacted a lawyer. Through out this whole process I have asked for my money back (nothing more, nothing less) and have filed almost every bit of paper work I can.
    I finally had to go to another dealership that is extremely out of my way - per my lawyers advise I cannot disclose anything about my case but I will say this. I WILL NOT GIVE UP UNTIL I GET MY MONEY OR A JUDGE GIVES ME A DECISION. To top it off I am having a problem with my trans, the 3-2 shift feels like a neutral slam and the truck is a dog. No power, and I baby that thing. The dealer says that the nature of the beast - I say that truck is junk. By the way, the vibration is still there.

    After researching this problem for three months I have found;

    This problem is very wide spread - I am starting to question the safty over a short peorid of time. Vibrations will cause other parts of the truck to fail.

    I have met three independent owners stating that the rear axel will snap under stress within design parameters.

    If you look under the rear left bumper, that is where the dampers are placed - its kinda funny how they know where to put them and the truck is already setup to have it installed.

    I live in the south east Michigan area and intend to do everything in my power to inform the general public about this. Most importantly I am going to the press. Every side to an argument has a right to a defense so lets hear it. If you are reading this and would like to band together to get your money back and inform others please let me know at

    Power in numbers! Share you story and we can help each other.
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