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Toyota Tacoma Electrical and Lighting Issues

00taco00taco Posts: 4
i've a oo Taco and recently I've had no less than 3 fuses blow at the same time (horn, tail-light, blinkers) 2 under the hood and one under the dash. I replaced the blinker 10 amp with a 15 amp and it seems to be fine. I tried the same with the taillight fuse (swapping a 15 amp for a 10) and it only worked for about 5 mins. What am I missing? I've had no recent issues with the truck. the most recent was a starter rebuild about a month ago. HELP! i need my tail lights!


  • 00taco00taco Posts: 4
    its a 2000 prerunner, 2.7l 4cyl.
  • lowboylowboy Posts: 2
    The 12 volt power sources in my 2004 double cab are "hot" only when truck is running, anyone know an easy way to hook them up so they are on all the time?
  • jdovejdove Posts: 2
    1999 tacoma p/u lights going crazy hit brake pedal door buzzer comes on, with light switch on brake lights come on, with lights off brake lights work ok
  • 66velle66velle Posts: 2
    I have a 1995 Toyota Tacoma 4 cyl. extra cab pickup truck. After changing all four corners with pads, shoes and rear wheel cylinders, the brake warning light on my instrument panel doesn't turn off while operating the truck. How do I get this fixed?
  • extech2extech2 Posts: 120
    My guess is the truck could have a loose ground wire somewhere inside in the cabin under the dash or in the engine compartment
  • wesrusswesruss Posts: 3
    More than likely you just need to add more brake fluid. When the pads and everything were changed the brake fluid filled the brakes more causing the fluid level in the reservoir to decrease. Try adding some brake fluid then start the truck and pump the brakes several times. This should fix the problem. Hope this helps.
  • kublakubla Posts: 1
    My 99 Tacoma 4x4 cuts out sometimes when I'm driving for just an instant. Also the radio cuts out also but more so
    than the engine. If I shut it off it goes all dead and turning the key does nothing..theres no electrical at all.
    I hear a relay like clicking noise at first..then nothing.
    Then shabang! it all comes up and starts OK..any input as
    to the problem?
  • taco_2004taco_2004 Posts: 1
    Have you heard anything about the no start problem? I have a 2004 4x2 that has power when I turn the key to acc mode, and then when I go to start I lose all power. 2 times I have have had power come back within 5 mins. At that time it cranks normally. This has happened 3 times in the last 2 days.
  • lostwrenchlostwrench Posts: 288
    I agree. It sounds like a ground problem.
  • alchemystalchemyst Posts: 4
    Does anyone know how to put daytime running lights on a 07 Taco? A dealer says that it will cost me about $200 for labor and a relay. If it is just a relay then I can do that myself. I’ve imported the vehicle into Canada and it has to be safety inspected to meet Canadian safety requirements (daytime headlights). Since an inspector will check the truck over, I can’t just leave the low beam lights on and let the truck turn them on and off with the ignition switch.
  • alchemystalchemyst Posts: 4
    I found an answer to my question at It is the procedure to add daytime headlights to 2005+ Tacomas and is nothing more than the installation of a jumper and relay (Toyota parts). The mod produces the factory installation. Has anyone tried this on a 2007?
  • alchemystalchemyst Posts: 4
    I got the parts, followed the procedure and it worked great! Definitely recommend the procedure to anyone who has it add daytime running lights.
  • mboarmboar Posts: 1
    My 2003 4wheel drive Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks headlights, come on by themselves with the ignition switch off. Also with the ignition switch off, if you turn on the headlights they won't turn off. I have to start the truck to turn the headlights off. Shortly after turning the truck off, the lights will come on by themselves.

    This is a recurring problem. The last time I bought the truck in for the same problem. I was told that they took the electrical system apart, couldn't find the cause, put everything back together and the headlight problem stopped. I was also told that it wasn't covered under warranty because they didn't replace any parts. Obviously there is some part that is malfunctioning
  • My reverse / backup lights are not working on my 98' tacoma 4x4. I had an after market alarm installed and also connected to my shell (I don't see a problem, just giving all info). I noticed a while after that thereverse lights were inoperable. All other lighting is fine. Is there a specific fuse for the reverse lights? Any help? The alarm install was done about 2 years ago.

    Any help ?
  • Took delivery of vehicle yesterday. Drove it 180 mi. to home with no problems.

    This a.m., got in vehicle, started up, and found neither side turn signals would work.
    Checked fuses, etc., and found nothing amiss.

    Got back in, restarted, and the right turn sigs worked, but left showed the fast flash indicating burned out bulb.

    Checked and saw that left rear TS wasn't working. Pulled bulb, looked OK, but replaced with new one. Same result.

    Checked socket - no voltage, checked wiring to socket - no voltage, both with engine running. Put left rear bulb panel back, restarted, and now all works fine, at least for the moment.

    Any thoughts??? And thanks.

  • jayp7jayp7 Posts: 1
    Mboar, did you ever figure out what the problem was? I am having the exact same problem in my 2003 tacoma. I would really appreciate some feedback if you have any. Thanks.
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