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Jeep Liberty Interior and Upholstery

I have a 2005 Jeep Liberty limited. I noticed that the seats easily stain, with water. When it rains little raindrops get on the seats when I open the door to get out and the spots stain. I'm wondering if people have the same problem and if you put anything on the seats, like a stain protector or something?


  • I have the same trouble with staining with plain ol' water. Ideas?
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    kobe8rice41: I have repeatedly called the Customer Care @ 800 992 1997 and complained about the stain on the seats. I have been told that there have been very few complaints of seats being soiled by just plain rain water. 5 times I have been given the same sales pitch! Two weeks ago I emailed the customer care and gave them 6 things our Jeep Liberty CRD needed.
    Today I called the selling dealers detail shop. The manager admitted the Liberty seats were very difficult to clean. He said he uses plain steam to get it out, but there are some seats that just can't be dome very well. Armed with this information I was loaded for a gun fight. The woman put me on hold for about 20 minuets. Finally she said the 2006 Liberty's have a seat cleaning warning for dealers. These seats are very much like canvass. The material is a very tight weave. When any liquid comes in contact with the seat material, the dirt comes to the top and makes a stain. The DCX instructions say to clean the seats with warm (not hot) water, the whole seat. Then use a wet/dry vac and suck as much as you can out of the material. Then do the same thing with cold water. Vac the seats again. Let dry and vac one more time. She says DCX said it will look like new....LOL Time will tell! My selling dealer said he would have the seats steamed if this does not work. ABOVE ALL ELSE DO NOT USE SCOTTS GUARD!!! Treating the seats will actually make more stains that won't come out. This is what DCX says. If anyone trys this before I do, please tell us how it works.

  • hankkhankk Posts: 5
    I have the same promblem with my 05--what a mess--jeep should be sued. Also the material is stretching badly only after less that 2 years.
  • This is our 2nd liberty, and we had this problem with our 2004, so when we got a new 2006 I scotch guarded the seats the second I got home and it really did help prevent stains. They still look good 20,000 miles later. :)
  • I have a 2006 Liberty Sport but have not noticed any stains yet. My problem is static shock every time I get out of the vehicle. I use my shirt sleeve to grab the door handle.
    I noticed the 2007's have a tag on the seats advertising static and stain resistant. Maybe Jeep took note of your comments and are trying to improve.
    My big problem with my Liberty is she is a piggy, 12 mpg city and 14 mpg highway. I have never own another car I did not get in the EPA rating for gas mileage. My 94 Jetta got even better than the EPA rating.
    I am naming her Miss Piggy.
    Even so, this Jeep is a lot better than any GM vehicle. They just took care of ball joint recall.
    With My GM truck you needed a Lawyer to get any warranty or recall work done. :)
  • I just bought a 2004 Jeep Liberty

    I want to know if anyone has had any kind of problems
    with that specific vehicle ...besides the recall...
    or your on your 2nd time replacing the ball joints

    I am really thinking on taking it back...
    Help quick...
  • stallkampstallkamp Posts: 3
    I had/have the same problem and can get no one to help! I know a technical service bullentin came out on these in 2005...mine is a 2005

    I have called the dealership, the general manager, the district manage and chrsyler customer service, all to no avail...and my car is under warranty!!!!!!

    This is ridiculous!
  • chester5chester5 Posts: 9
    same here, my seats are stained simply from rain water, the one day I actually left my windows open a crack because it was so hot, and it poured, they are still stained, what a senseless goof by somebody
  • podompodom Posts: 1
    i have the same problem with mine, i have contacted the better business bureau, the attorney generals office in missouri. i am tired of being told the same things. i should not have to clean my seats. my car is 4 months old. so, my advice is, do the same things that i have done and maybe just maybe jeep will get the message. i cannot fight this battle by myself, so if you all will please file complaints maybe something will be done. this should be covered under warranty. i have been told by a few of the service managers that this is a reocurring problem. jeep chrysler doesn't seem to think that this is a manufacturer defect. well i beg to differ with them!!! water should not stain. my seats look as though they are 10 years old. i don't know about all of you, but i feel that i paid too much money for some flunky to tell me how i need to clean my seats. they knew this problem existed and they should have at the very least scotch guarded the seats before these vehicles were driven off the lot. so please help me stand up for what is right and maybe we can get something done. i know i will get something done because i will not stop until i am satisfied.
  • The handle that positions the back of the driver's seat snapped off. In addition since the handle is not there the side cover is now hanging and cracked. So now... unless I use a pillow or hold myself up with the steering wheel to sit up straight basically I am sitting in the back seat.
    This happened while under warranty and the the dealer screwed up not once but 3 times then changed hands and well my warranty was up and well it was tough crackers. D/C was interested at first. Then not. All I wanted was the part for the seat. They are not responsible for their dealerships they say. I was told I cannot just replace the handle. I have to replace the whole mechanical part that makes the back move. I have searched for the part on line however have not looked in an actual parts place yet. The dash recall that was done is falling out again. And quite frankly I don't know where to take it for it's last recall. Salerno and Dwayne in Summit NJ is out :lemon: and now Frystock in Avenel is out. Did anyone have the same situation with this mechanism? And can anyone in Central NJ suggest a reputable dealer? I need to get the ball joints fixed. I am hoping I can repair the seat myself. :(
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    You may also want to visit Warranty Claims Administration. It would seem that the manufacturer may still responsible for the repairs since they didn't do it properly while the car was still under warranty.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I also have a Liberty 05 and to date i have taken the jeep back 6 times for the seats to be shampoo, they tell me each time that they have treated the seats with a scotch guard type of spray, as I write this the jeep is in the shop again, from rain stains, I as well have contacted Jeep and they do not see where this is a defect, the dealer will not replace the covers with the new fabric that is suppose to be water and snow resistant, when I took the jeep in this am I suggested again replaceing the covers and they tell me how expensive it is, it is hard to beleive that you can spend over 20k and they do not care .
  • I just got back from my dealer, I have been there 9 times to have the seats cleaned, this time they could not get the stains out, they actually look worse than before, they had put the master shield on the seats, the warranty on master shied states that if the stain will not come out they must replace the covers, so I am waiting for the 07 yes essinsial fabric covers to come in , finally an end to this problem, so for all of you who are still having problems just keep bugging the dealer, he has to cave in sooner or later :blush: :)
  • I also own a 2005 Liberty. The first time I noticed the rain spots, I couldn't believe my eyes. I owned 2 old clunkers before the jeep and the seats had absolutely no stains on them. Rain sure as hell wouldn't stain the interior. That is, until I got the Liberty. It's funny, the salesman bragged about how rugged and tough the jeep is. He even punched the fender flares to prove it. I really wish he would have told me that innocent raindrops would stain the tough seats. It's not like I leave the door open or the windows while it rains. If it even looks like rain, the seats stain. I scotch guarded the back seats, and now they're sticky. I haven't noticed any stains on them, though. It just rained yesterday and now the front seats look like they're polka-dotted. I guess $24k doesn't buy what it used to. :mad:
  • ehd24ehd24 Posts: 4
    I too have an '05 Jeep Liberty and the seats look TERRIBLE!!! It's really embarrassing!!! This has to be a defect, especially if water stains!!!
  • I have an '05 Grand Cherokee with the same problem. Dealer kept putting me off. I emailed Chrysler Customer Service and they called it a 'non-problem'. I then called them, spoke firmly, and the agent told me to take it back to the dealer for resolution since it was still under warrranty. Today the shop manager said it was soap residue from a cleaning, and doused the seat with lots of water and told me to come back when it is dry to see if the seat is mottled and blotchy. I do not intend to give up; this is a material defect. He said they could maybe give me some seat covers. I want new fabric. I was told by one of the salespersons that the '07 models do not have this problem. Can anyone confirm this?
  • My seats all stain with water and you can't get the stain out it just keeps getting worse, I'm finding out i'm the not the only one with problems with my jeep. All windows come off track often, Rims are all peeling, Noise comming from the right air vent. All my air vents have been replaced. Just keep adding up.
  • Same problem with my 2005 GC. Try steaming the seats and wiping down with clean towel.
  • I am having the same problems w/ fabric on my 06' Commander-07's have new stain resistant YES fabric! Chrysler denied my warranty claim. Salesman says nothing they can do-bring in one more time to have it shampooed-his very own daughter has a Liberty with same problem and she can't wait to get rid of it!

    I am interested in filing a class action lawsuit against Chrysler for the material defect of the fabric-anyone else interested?
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