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Jeep Liberty Interior and Upholstery



  • I am having same problem w/06 Commander Fabric-Dealer shampooed-supposed to take care of problem and it hasn't. The 07's have a new YES fabric that resists stains and confirms problem. I have asked them to replace my fabric-they called warranty company and my claim was denied. I was told there is nothing they can do-bring it in again to have shampooed! I do not have the time to bring my car in once a month to have it shampooed. I am not giving up either. Called the warranty dept. myself-they said there is a Technical Service Bulletin that explains how to clean the seats. That is all they can do right now. They can not replace fabric unless there is a recall. I would like to file a class action lawsuit-sounds like a lot of people are dealing with this.
  • emmabemmab Posts: 43
    Hmm, I love my Liberty except....
    The dealership now confirms the seat stainng problem and the vehicle jumping or pulsing or whatever you want to call it, when at a stop......
    Anyone had any success with the seats?
    I bought an 06 with warranty left. Love the color, miss the fact that there were no floormats and now that I know of these two problems, I wonder what else is there?
    Oh and already had to have the back window put back on the track.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    Having has FOUR Jeeps, 3 Liberty's and 1 Compass, The cloth seats in the 05 Liberty CRD and an 06 we bought for our daughter to use, I can say the cloth seats ware like iron, but turn nasty dirty in a very short time. We found out fron our dealers detail man thet he uses dtean to clean the seats. He says it takes several times to get "some of the dirt out". We hated the cloth seats! However the yes seats in the Compass we much better and cleaned easy.
    In saying this I hope to NEVER own a Jeep again! We bought a 07 Chrysler Pacifica AWD Touring with the LIFETIME POWERTRAIN WARRANTY. We take it on the same roads as we did the Jeep Liberty's and get much better mpg and we are not jerked arround as we were in the Jeep's. We don'tforge rivers, or climb huge steep hills, so the Pacifica works for us much better.

  • Folks, If any one is interested in a class action lawsuit, I'll throw in with them. I'm tired of my seats looking like leopard spots. I'm embarrased to have anyone ride with me; they think the seats are 'dirty'.
    On another note - what is that Technical Service Bulletin number for cleaning the seats? The dealer doused my seats in water and then used a towel to absorb some of the water. He claimed it was soap residue that was causing the dis-coloration.
    Again, unless we group together on this, Daimler/Chrysler will stone wall us. How about starting a blog for collecting names. This website is OK, but it's not enough to create momentum on this effort.
  • emmabemmab Posts: 43
    OK, let me say first, we own a carpet cleaning company (steam cleaning truck mount equipment.) 20 plus years so my husband is a pro.
    He uses steam on the seats, plus his usual chemicals and they cleaned up ok but they still look grungy and they still spot every single time you get one drop of rain on them.
    I am going to call the dealership and see what they say, but I know my husband wont let them try to tell him how to clean them or what may have caused the damage. He wont take a bad answer.
    He also wants to ask why they know the vehicle jumps or pulses when you come to a stop and why the windows go off track. My back window already did, and I never ever use it.
    It is pitiful that so many of us have problems.
    I wonder if we started a blog or yahoo or MSN group, would we get lots and lots of folks to join in and file complaints?
    Maybe we would?
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    The seat material used inJeeps has been a sore spot for a good long time. The bad news is few buyers give the seats much thought when they buy one. Having everything you can think of tryed there is little if anything that can clean the seats even close to like new. DCX who is responsible for these "Wear like Iron, get dirty dog dirt" seats will never loose a lawsuit. The Liberty CRD (diesel) was a total disaster and so many have been bought back out of the 11,000 made it was a total consumer rip off. No one was able to get an action started. Remember the seat material is made for rugged use, not to look pretty, as I was told. I have had 4 Jeeps and I hope I never again have to consider owning one. Poor on mpg, poor on quality, poor on trade in.

  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,348
    David Hume wrote:
    "Beauty in things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them."

    My seats are covered with black fabric, the same style used by BMW 30 years ago. They suffer from no stain nor wear but don't look fancy at all. I just have to brush the dust off to make them look new!
  • emmabemmab Posts: 43
    Here's a good one.
    My Jeep dealership told my husband there is something wrong with the RAIN where we live.
    And all the stories on the Internet dont matter one bit.

    If anyone did receive an official statement on this from Jeep, I would like to know how to get a hold of one.
    I also may consider bailing this vehicle before everything falls apart and looks horrible.
  • Visited the dealer again yesterday, told him there was a Technical Bulletin on this, and sure enough he found it - 23-015-06 or 25-013-06 (tried to memorize the number). It covers the 05-06 Liberty, 05-06 Grand Cherokee, and 06 Commander. This was issued in 2006.
    It says the problem is caused by residue puddling when it gets wet. The fix is to douse the seat with warm water and dish detergent, scrub up a foam, wipe off the foam with a cold-water sponge, re-wipe with a sponge, and then wet vac. Allow to dry. No allowance to replace the seat covers fabric. I'll try this as a next step, but it is not a valid fix. How many times will I need to clean the seats this way?
    The only true fix is to replace the fabric. If anyone will start a class-action suit, I'll go along with it.
  • emmabemmab Posts: 43
    I dont see how that suggestion could fix the problem.
    I sure would like a copy of that statement to wave in their face, since they told me it was the actual Rain that was the culprit.
    Like I said, we own a carpet cleaning company with very powerful truck mount equipment. We use straight steam and non toxic chemical emulisfiers. This did not work on the spots. You can still see them. It helped a tad, but not much.
    And we would be charging a minimum of $70 per visit to clean them.
    Thanks for the update though, and providing another look at the whole mess.....
  • emmabemmab Posts: 43
    The bulletin number is 23-015-06 from March (06, I think?).
    I found a place to obtain the bulletin but I dont feel like paying for getting it, so I am going to keep looking to see if there is a place to find it for free.
  • faroutfarout Posts: 1,609
    The only place to get a copy of the TSB is a dealer. But the TSB does little good! There is nothing that the seats do not attract, the material is like a magnet to anything that can make any kind of stain. Think about ...rain stain? That's pretty far off and deserves a "fickel finger of fait award" in my book.
    Take your Jeep in to the dealer and tell them you want the seats cleaned. When they try to give yoy a bill go to the General manager with the bill and explain you unhappy experience. Bet he lets the bill go.

  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,348
    Happy New Year Farout,
    Are you guys complaining about the water droplets that inevitably fall on the seats when a door opens? In this case it's pollution carried by rain drops plus pavement residues that collect on the seats.
  • emmabemmab Posts: 43
    I'm sorry. I do not believe seats should stain from anything you mentioned.
    That is just plain silly.
    How many vehicles with fabric seats have you had, and how many of them stained when rainwater got on them?
    They are perfectly capable of making good quality fabric seats, which look nice and hold up through anything.
    I have had a goodly few GM vehicles with cloth seats, which looked nice all the time.
    I dont buy the rain story.
    And like I said, we clean car upholstery for people through our business and we dont see spots from rain showing up on most of them.
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,348
    It's not pure rain water that stains, it's the oily substance that deposits onto the asphalt and that makes roads so slippery during the first hour after it starts to rain. When you have this solution under your shoes, you stain your carpets.
  • I don't buy the rain water story either. If that's the case how do you explain plain tap water staining the seats? My children are not allowed to drink anything in my car other than water. They occasionally spill their water and we have horrible stains as a result.
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,348
    I agree that drinkable water shouldn't stain the glass used to drink it.

    If there is an alteration of the material covering the seats when your children spill their water, then the dye is not fixed well or dust becomes a coloring pigment of the material.

    In industrial cleaning processes where ultra pure water is used for aerospace or scientific applications, a cascade of water rinses is standard practice after detergent(s) . It's a matter of dilution in this case.
  • emmabemmab Posts: 43
    Caribou, do you work for jeep?
    Not a word you said makes any sense.
    I'm sorry, no other vehicle we have ever ever owned gets stained from rain or any other kind of water or liquid.
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,348
    I work for a nuclear research center, and we have our own cleaning department ;)
  • Try the leather heated seats the next time. I've had them on the 2003 and now the 2008. Easy to take care of and keep clean just a couple of times a year.
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