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Kia Sportage 2004 and earlier



  • lmp4lmp4 Posts: 188
    There is no neutral opinion about this Sportage: one loves it, the other hates it. Front vacuum hubs were a problem at least until 2000..I read new seals were used in 2001-2002 that made them more reliable..but hubs are easily replaced with other type, and anyway, it does not stop you from driving 2WD ...and the price you have allows for 200-300$ if a swap proves necessary. is more a truck, with a sturdy frame...develops oddities with fuel suppply and spark....and generates codes quite if the CHeck ENgine Light is not ON, that is a good start....
    Fuel economy is not up to what most expect. My 3800 Pontiac Transport has a better mileage. Engine is sluggish below 4000rpm, but a 5speed shifter will help a lot on that compared to an automatic.
    ..And Hyundai took over only with the new model. THis one was a real KIA, with a Mazda based engine.
  • harley19harley19 Posts: 7
    97 sportage, daughter driving it , car shuts off and wont restart, she tows it home, i look at and notice the crankshaft pully actually moved forward and took all the belts off and took out timing belt with it, the car turns over so i know the crank is not broke. any help?
  • Most vehicles with a timing belt (which is to say most small foriegn vehicles and many small domestic ones) with recieve engine damage if the timing belt beaks. The mechanic that told you that a timing chain would cause damage if it broke is full of bull, because the primary cause of timing chain problems is not breakage but stretching over time causing the engine to be out of time (synch as your mechinic put it although i've never heard it described that way. Although it causes an engine to run roughly and sooner or later not at all, stretched timing chains will not cause the damage that a broken timing belt would and are easily replaced. That being said the best course for a timing belt equipped engine is maintenance and replacing the belt, or having it replaced, at the factory specified intervals even if it doesn't look bad as the cost of the belt replacement pales to the cost of rebuilding an engine or replacing it. If the belt can be inspected it should be on a regular basis. The belt should be replaced if it is craked split or appears very worn most OE's specify this at approx. every 50000 miles no matter what. :shades:
  • jon1099jon1099 Posts: 3
    My 2001 sportage is misfiring and running poorly on and off. the check engine light is on and code says random misfire on # 3 and 4. sometimes will run okay, then will surge (suddenly have power again) or sometimes all but die and start to back-fire (engine light starts to blink on and off about then). Have replaced plugs, both coil packs and plug wires. had timing belt changed within last two years, less then 30k miles since. total miles is 114K. problem is worse w/ A/C on and/or under load. Dealer told me today that he can't tell me anything else without a few hundred $ on tests. :mad:
    Any ideas? You can contact me direct at
  • lmp4lmp4 Posts: 188
    ALl symptoms definitely show spark problem.. Very sensitive to humidity...train hair dryer over coils and plug wires. Also, oil intrusion from cam/valve cover gasket is a common problem and can contaminate spark plugs starting with #4...then 3....I would open the valve cover (more annoying than difficult) and check that out....
    link title
  • jon1099jon1099 Posts: 3
    I have replaced plus, wires and coils at same time and no better, so not humidity. problem always gets worse under load, uphill or with AC on. Tending to think timing belt off a tooth, but acts more electrical.
    Any other ideas. :confuse:
    thanks for the input
  • harley19harley19 Posts: 7
    how do you line up timing marks on the 2.0, and how do get the belt around the lower pully
  • lmp4lmp4 Posts: 188

    Not done yet on come soon...but read these instructions... lower cover seems to be still there on photo above, but obviously, it must me taken off since crank balancer needs to be removed as per instructions...when I do mine, I'll take photos...but if you can take pictures, it might also help others....and myself...
  • lmp4lmp4 Posts: 188
    ... indeed I'd check T_belt, as imprperly timed valves caould let exhaust from one cyinder stray into another and cause backfires and this would show more under load....but no garantee. The idea is to clear the option so one can look at other things without the possibility of this cause still hanging over your head. Your findings can be very helpfull for keep us posted.
  • harley19harley19 Posts: 7
    what happened was the crankshaft pully bolt loosened up and the pully came forward and pulled all the belts off with it, it messed up the timing blt but did not break it, now im trying to get the pully all the way off and clean it up to put it back on.
  • maaermaaer Posts: 1
    I'll be driving when my temp gauge drops to C and the car slows down, I've noticed rust in the radiator when I remove the cap, if I flush the radiator will that solve the problem? Maaer
    Also where is the drain plug for the radiator is there a diagram? Thanks All
  • I have a 1997 Sportage that does the same thing. I took it to the parts store where they ran the codes and said it was my mass air flow sensor. They said that the misfires and backfires are from the air to idle ratio, and that it can cause major issues if it isn't fixed... Soon!! Car doesn't idle well, when a/c is on it almost shut off, and it goes extremely slow when going up hill. It costs about $160, pretty expensive, but it will save on trying to replace everything else just to find that it was that all along. I would try that before you change anything else.
  • jon1099jon1099 Posts: 3
    Good idea, I hate to drop that kind of cash on a maybe, but a good direction to go.
    Thanks, :)
  • I found the sensor online for $ 50. They UPS it and I got it within 2 days. Very safe. Unfortunately- that wasn't my problem. And now we took apart the care and replaced the spark plugs, but still not working. I HATE KIA"I love the outdoors, cookouts, and swimming. I HATE KIA"S!!!! I have never had this many problems with any car that I have owned.
  • I have an '02 Sportage with 42500 miles and I want to change the plugs, tune-up, etc. The problem is I can't even find them and finding a manual is like pulling teeth. :confuse: Can anyone point me in the right direction before I pull whatever hair out that I have left?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Try Online Repair Manuals.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I have a 2000 Sportage 4x4. It is stalling out on me. There is no rhyme or reason to the stalling. Just simply dies while driving, with in the first 3-5 minutes on the road. Takes a few times to get the car to start after it dies.
    I have replaced the following:
    O2 Sensor
    Fuel Filter
    Boots(they are part of the plugs/wires i guess?)
    I dont know what else to do? it wont show on diagnostics what the problem is?

    Any Suggestions ???
  • Tail lights not working i have dash lights and everything else fuse is ok there is no power to running lights front or back any ideas out there
  • :sick: i hit some back to back bumps and after when i push on the gas it chugs but if i push it really softly it gos fine so i changed the spark plugs and fuel filter with no luck
  • replaced my clutch and after reassembly had no fire but had fuel. Replaced fuel relay, main power fuse, power relay and now have fire but can't get fuel pump to work. Hot wire to pump shows its good but nothing when trying to start. No cycling of pump and all fuses and relays good. any ideas??????
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