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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just picked up my 09 Touring AWD tonight from Sill Terhar Motors in Broomfield, CO. 33,885 msrp, 26775 for the car, 29.4k OTD after dealer (499) and tax. Dealer also beat my bank financing and gave me 3.9%. This was the last 09 they had.

    Bob Penkhus down in Colorado Springs has several 09 Touring's available, both with and without Moonroof/Bose. They quoted me 30.2 OTD on a 09 Touring AWD w/ Roof rack (34,115 msrp).

    Hope that helps.
  • Great that helps me a lot thx
  • What sales person did you work with there? They have a car I'm interested in and would like a similar deal. Thanks
  • 2010 Touring FWD equipped with Bose/Moonroof, powerlift gate and Wheel locks.

    Including destination Edmunds MSRP is 34,227, INV is 31,540 and TMV is 32,634

    Dealerships are offering $1000 owner's loyalty discount to all buyers,

    With no trade in, am planning to make an offer of 29,500 with OTD around 33K
    Tax = 2200
    Doc fee = 300
    TTL = 300
    Dest = 750
    OTD approx 33K

    Appreciate any thoughts on how does this offer stacks up.

  • Go at em with 28.8
  • Thanks joebar99
  • mtnjmtnj Posts: 12
    Just wanted to run my lease deal by some of you guys that I was offered on a CX9 Touring Model with Bose/Moonroof and Liftgate package.
    The MSRP is 35,627
    the Invoice is 33,230.
    Money factor is 0073
    residual - 00051
    the buyout is 17,900
    The selling price they are offering is at invoice - 33,230

    The deal is 434/month. I am paying taxes upfront along with tags/title fees and 1st month payment. They also offered a 42 month deal for 427/month. Is 42 month lease a good or bad idea?? and can anyone assist me in gauging whether this is a fair deal. Thank you! Much appreciated!
  • mtnjmtnj Posts: 12
    Oh Yea, there is a $500 termination fee, is this standard and can it be negotiated at all?
  • mtnj -- From looking at the MSRP, that's AWD right, with probably wheel locks or something included?

    If you go back a page, I discussed the deal I got.. Touring awd with bose/moon and liftgate, plus about $900 in options (roof rack, rem start, etc.) for $32,500ish.

    Did they tell you that was the invoice price? According to edmunds, your invoice should be around 32,800.. I'd offer em like 31,700 and settle on like 32, maybe slightly more.. Don't pay over 32,500 or they're making a ton off of ya. And dont let them add destination or other crap to that either -- just tax and DMV stuff.

    Cant help with the lease payments -- I bought.
  • 2009 CX-9 GT AWD with GT assist, bose/moonroof package, and rear power lock. This is a demo model, and the last one in the area. It has 4200 miles on it, but they are still selling it as "new". Its in excellent condition.

    MSRP: 40,215
    INVOICE: 36,981
    TMV: 37,025

    Their "final" offer: 32,975

    I came back with 32,500, and they declined, so I walked. Thinking about calling back and accepting . . . what do you all think? Also-- how smart is it to buy a demo? Thanks . . .
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    I bought a similarly priced FWD model last month for $31913 (MSPR $39840). It was not a demo either. Your offer of $32500 was probably perfectly reasonable. I'd make sure the GM knows that your offer is still valid and then wait until the day after Thanksgiving to call and see if their position changes. Business will be dead and they'll be that much closer to the end of a very slow month. Good luck.
  • mtnjmtnj Posts: 12
    Thanks Joebar,
    Yes he told me that he said he was looking right at it and would fax to me. I am seeing on different sites that some destination fees are rolled in and are not negotiable (especially the 750 standard dest fee) Im paying the tax upfront along with the tags/title and 1st month payment. I am leasing but want it be off invoice price.
  • I declined a similar offer, MSRP was $40,560 + dealer-installed lojack, 3k+ miles, SoCal dealer wanted $34k for it, my offer was $32k, they declined. Just checked inventory on, looks like they are still trying to sell it after 3 weeks. IMO 34k was too much as this price is in the ballpark of what others paid for vehicles with 0 miles during 09. Buying a demo is ok if you're getting a good deal which doesn't seem like you are. One thing you need to check is when factory warranty started as @4200 miles it won't count from the day you acquire the vehicle.
  • That is too much! We just picked up a 09 GT with GT package + DVD Entertainment package for less than 32k with 20 miles on it !!

    Long Beach Mazda rocks !!!
  • Yeah, I wouldn't believe for a second the invoice on that fax the dealer is going to send you.. Go by edmunds pricing.
  • Got this offer in VA.
    MSRP- 39415
    Offered at 36, 378, with 10in DVD 37,378 +Tax, TTL, Processing, Freight.

    Lease offer: 48% residual 3yr/12K per year, MF-0.00075, zero down, Gap insurance included.

    Any idea if this is good? I believe it is below or right at invoice (not including the DVD)
  • zavnetzavnet Posts: 10
    Following the link you provided – the deal seems be around 11% off the MSRP. Based on the few other posts for 2010 CX9s 11% seems to be the highest discount anyone is able to get (irrespective of the options). Here is the question to those who were able to get the 11% off – did you get the 1.99% financing either for the whole or partial amount as part of your deal?

  • The deal I initially described was the initial offer of 35,378 if no financing. If 1.9% financing, it goes up to 36,378. This is without DVD, so that added 1K, to 37,378. Since I'd like to lease, the purchase price pre-dvd is 36,378. I figured this is about 7.5% off. Really think I could do better? Do you have a number/target to shoot for?
  • jvdpjvdp Posts: 1
    On Saturday, my wife and I purchased a new CX-9. Taking the advice of Edmunds writers and other contributors to this forum, I first contacted multiple local dealers via email asking for quotes. After hearing back from 3-4 of them, I then followed up with a few asking for matching and/or better offers and ultimately was able to obtain a fair price and arrange financing, all without having to visit the dealer or even talk with them by phone. The final details:

    MSRP: $29875
    Invoice: $27,679
    Sales Price: $25,999
    Cash Down: $ 2,000
    Total Fees: $ 477.75
    Total Taxes: $ 2,279.73
    APR: 1.90% for 60 months with no payments for 90 days
    Total Financed: $ 26,756.48

    I made sure to get email confirmation of these numbers from the Internet Sales Manager, and I printed them out and brought them to the dealership (Autowest Mazda of Roseville) on Saturday when we planned to sign the papers. Having a hard copy of these numbers was key, as initially they tried to tell me these numbers couldn't possibly be correct. However, once I showed them the printed email from their sales person, they quickly moved forward with the transaction.

    Many thanks to the people in this forum, as I learned quite a bit about the CX-9 and how to best purchase it. This was easily the smoothest car transaction yet, and it minimized the undesirable aspects of purchasing a vehicle.

    Thanks again.
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