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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • the invoice price for moonroof,bose and powerlift gate should be around 2k; so i am thinking if you can get yours for 29k that should be fair;
  • Is that AWD?

    I got an offer on 2011 CX9 FWD Touring + MoonRoof + powerlift + 4.3 MID + Bose Audio in Illinois for 36200 (Includes everything). I am not doing any tradein's

    I think i can take atleast 1000 down...pls suggest????

    Thanks in advance!
  • I got an offer on 2011 CX9 FWD Touring + MoonRoof + powerlift + 4.3 MID + Bose Audio in Illinois for 36200 (Includes everything). I am not doing any tradein's

    I think i can take atleast 1000 down...pls suggest????

    Thanks in advance!
  • Exchangeuser: Like i mentioned i got a 2011 cx9 AWD touring with moonroof,powerlift, 4.3MID, bose audio for 31250 plus900 dollar tax( after my trade in) 200 dollar processing fee plus 200 dollar tags; if you dont have a trade in you should have about 2000 dollars in tax so your total out of the door should be $33650 for one with AWD. Anything you pay over 34k is a ripoff and that too for Front wheel drive. just my thoughts;
  • Tried to get a 2011 CX9 Sport AWD in NC. They said there were only two in the region in color I didnt care for. Sent emails to all the dealers around DC, Baltimore, and Philly that showed 2011 CX9 Sport AWD in stock.

    Accepted offer of $26,948 + tax 3% ($808.44)+ tag fees ($114.75)= $27,871.19 OTD

    They were upfront, they dont charge doc fees or admin fees, and they include freight. Alot of email offers assumed 500 loyalty, didnt include freight/shipping charges, and were overall shady.

    I think I got a great deal. Only options are heated/power front seats.
  • JPH,

    I am also in NC and interested in an AWD. Can I ask where you got that deal? I assume the 3% was the NC Sakes tax?

  • dandy7dandy7 Posts: 3
    I am planning to get a touring AWD with Moonroof+bose+power lifgate for $32,999 +9.8% tax+tag+licensefee

    Can someone claim this to be a good deal or is it a Rip off?

    Please let me know as I have to finalize in a day or two. I am buying in Wahington state and the destination charge itself is $800.
  • Just for clarity this was zero percent right?
  • We just got our Dolphin grey cx9 with power lift gate and bose package for 31500 out the door.

    29157 for the car. I am pretty happy with this and they agreed to that price pretty easily. We are LOVING this car so far!
  • We are to buy a 2011 CX-9 touring AWD with Moonroof + powerlift gate package on Monday for $29,500 + tax + registration fees (all incentives and $500 loyalty rebate included). Cash purchase.
  • Trying to decide if this is a good deal:

    2011 GT FWD w/ moonroof + power liftgate - demo vehicle with 14,000 miles - $31,000 OTD price

    Thoughts appreciated!
  • I paid in cash. I got the below for $36,000 OTD

    2012 Touring AWD +Moonroof bose powerliftgate. + roof rails+allwhether mats.

    Car price $32,500 +TTL. Did I get robbed?
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    That's not a demo. That's a used car. Mazda does not permit a car to be sold as a "demo" if it has over 5,000 miles on it.

    What is the sale price before tax, reg and fees?
  • Just bought a new 2011 CX-9 Sport in cosmic blue with power/heated front seats; paid $28,700 OTD WITH the 60 mos. 0% financing. Total price including tax, title and tag.

    I even splurged for the extended warranty for $1,380 but with he 0% I figured what the heck. It's the first time I've ever bought an extended warranty on a car but now we have 6 years bumper to bumper.
  • That may be a fair price for 2012 model. 2011 model has $2500 dealer incentive.
  • Hi Dandy,

    Did you close your deal? where did you pick it from? I am looking for a similar config and it would be great help if you can share the sale info.

  • Hi Raghu,

    Yes I closed the deal last Friday and am enjoying the great CX-9. I love teh car. I got it from University Mazda in North Seattle. Ask for the salesperson named Frank. Very courteous and no games.
    Altough $32500 is a Great price according to KBB, Below price then Fair purchase price as shown on Edmunds and True, I think you should try to Get it down to $32,000 + OTD. Quote 31,900.
    All teh best with your purchase and let me know what price you get. Thx.
  • aptomaptom Posts: 6
    CX-9 GT AWD, Nav, RES, roof rails: $35,050 before taxes and plates. Incentive at the time was $2,000, which has since risen.
  • Lots of great info here!

    I am going to be starting negotiations between a few dealer today. I am looking at 2011 GT AWD with Nav and Bose.

    Can someone please eLaborate on the current dealer incentives?

    What should I be shooting for as far as OTD pricing?

    I live in Southern California if that makes a difference.
  • You're absolutely right and I should have said - they are selling it as a certified pre-owned. It's only ever been titled to Mazda though. Sale price (I can't remember exactly, as I wanted OTD prices) is about $29,400. With tax/tag/fees, total is 31k.
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