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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • There's a dealer nearby that has a few 2013 CX-9 Touring AWD's that are Certified Pre Owned with around 17k miles and no extra options. According to Autocheck they are former rentals. I don't really have a problem with that if they are in good shape, since they are CPO.

    The problem is, I really wouldn't know what to pay for one. They are asking about $29k but Edmunds TMV is $30k for a brand new one after a $3000 rebate. I would expect a significant discount for being a rental, I don't know how much though, and being CPO adds some value back.

    Any ideas what a reasonable price on a CX-9 like I'm describing would be?
  • You should be able to buy a brand new 2013 CX-9 Touring AWD for about $28.5K. So I would discount one with 17K miles at 15-20% off the new price.

    I don't see much value in the CPO given that the car is still under the manufacturer's warranty. Does the CPO warranty go past the 36K miles, 3 years and 5 year power train? If not then it is of no value.
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 790
    FYI- if the New Car Warranty is still in effect, the CPO Limited Warranty will add another 12-months or 12k miles to it. If the vehicle is no longer covered by the Mazda New Car Warranty, it will be covered by a 12-month/12k mile Limited Warranty.

    All Mazda CPO vehicles also have a 7-year/100k mile Powertrain Warranty (from original in-service/sale date when new).
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 790
    I priced a CPO 2013 Mazda CX-9 Touring AWD with 17k miles AND a NEW 2013 Mazda CX-9 Touring AWD on Edmunds and The CPO model was quoted at $31,463 on Edmunds and $31,366 on KBB.

    Edmunds quotes the NEW model at $29,821 and KBB shows it at $28,745! is very close to the KBB price at $28,807.

    So a NEW 2013 CX-9 Touring AWD can be bought for $1600-$2600 LESS than a CPO model with 17k miles (and a former rental)!

    The Limited (Bumper-to-Bumper) Warranty coverage would be almost the same whether CPO or NEW. The CPO gets 1-year/12k miles added to the end of it’s 3-year/36k mile warranty. With 17k miles on the vehicle, it has 19k miles of the original warranty left. With the added CPO coverage, it has about 31k miles of Warranty remaining. The NEW one has 3-years and 36k miles.

    The CPO has a 7-year/100k mile Powertrain Warranty (from date of original sale, not when you purchase it). So it has about 6-years or 83k miles remaining. The NEW one has a 5-year/60k mile Powertrain Warranty. So the CPO only has an extra 1-year and 23k miles of Powertrain coverage.

    The warranty extensions are the primary reason the CPO models are priced as high as they are. They are also the main selling point that dealers/salesman tout when trying to sell a CPO model.

    But the extended warranty coverage on the CX-9 is of VERY little value. The CX-9 has been the MOST RELIABLE SUV/CUV in the segment since it was introduced back in 2007. According to Consumer Reports, the 2013 model is projected to be 45% MORE reliable than average for the class.

    In this particular instance, I would highly recommend buying a NEW 2013 CX-9 instead of a CPO. You get to choose your favorite interior/exterior color combination, it would have ZERO miles on it and you’ll get to enjoy that ‘new car smell’ instead of ‘disinfected rental car smell’. It’s also inevitable that the former rentals may have minor cosmetic blemishes (or scuffed alloy wheels from curbing). The original tires on the CX-9 Touring will only last 35k miles at most, and that’s if they’re rotated every 7500 miles as they should be. So a CPO with 17k miles will only have another 15k miles or so of life remaining then you’ll need to replace them!
  • samnvssamnvs Posts: 1
    Need someone's expert guidance. I am looking for a 2013 CX9 Grand Touring with Tech package. I found a pre-owned one where dealer is quoting $30,998 (7500 miles) while another dealer is offering me $32,798 for a brand new CX9 Grand Touring. Another dealer has a 10K pre-owned with same options and is quoting $37,990!!!!.

    KBB says that a 2013 CX9 with 7500 miles $34,500 while Edmunds quote is $34,029. With 2014 CX9 around the corner, shouldn't the price for a used one with 7.5K miles drop to around 29K considering at least 10% depreciation over the current market price of 32K?? While I am trying to negotiate with the dealer, I wanted some help in terms of what would be the ideal price as KBB and Edmunds quotes are discounted based on the MSRP it seems.

    Also, when the tax is applied on a new vehicle.. do I pay the tax on MSRP or the invoice value? I am paying 8.5% tax so this would probably add a grand or so in my net cost. Tx.
  • I don't know, I just think prices on year old used cars is out of whack. Like they don't factor in what you should be able to buy a new one for if you shop smart. I just think dealers know some sucker will walk in and buy it thinking they are really saving vs. new car MSRP. If new vs used was only a couple grand, I know what I would do. I mean, you're already spending 30k+.

    Anyways, I found and bought a 2010 touring 35k miles, bose package, power lift gate, new tires for under 20k.
  • I'm looking at a 2013 grand touring awd with tech. My price with taxes everything is 35,220. This is with 3000 cash back, 1000 loyalty and 1.9 financing. Just wonder if it's worth it or if I wait few months for deals on 2014.
  • Don't know what the offer on that 2013 awd gt w/tech is before TTL but based on your drive away price of 35,220 I'd estimate the offer on that car is around $32,800.

    According to Edmunds, that vehicle has a dealer invoice of $38,000. Even with the 3000 rebate and the additional 1000 owner loyalty cash that's down to only $34,000. I'm not sure why you'd hesitate on an offer that's around $1200 UNDER invoice.

    Deals are out there on 2014's. My wife and I just bought a 2014 fwd Touring w/ tech (msrp $36,275) in the new blue color (sand interior) for $33,900 - 1000 owner loyalty = $32,900+TTL. That doesn't come CLOSE to your deal on a GT awd.

    We were offered $32,614 for a 2013 fwd GT w/ tech, tow prep, cl III hitch package, roof rails - but it was not in a color my wife wanted to live with so we took a pass.
  • which would you go for. 2013 GT awd with tech for 34000 or 2014 Touring awd with tech for 34950? these ok prices?
  • I know this reply is late...sorry.

    No, the prices shared were for a Touring, not a Grand Touring.
  • jellyfish86jellyfish86 Posts: 2
    edited December 2013
    After testing driving this car, I like it very much. I live in Philadelphia area, I am not sure how much I should pay for this 2013 CX9 AWD Touring without the package? I found last year at this moment, people paid 26000+TTL for a 2012 cx9. I was trying to get the same deal like last year, but after first time walk in to local dealers, none of them could offer the same price (lowest I got is 27900 + TTL). Probably because none of them have 2013 white cx 9 in their lots. I am also a Mazda owner, I got 3000+1000 incentives for this 2013 cx9. Any one could give me some suggestions on how much I should pay for this car before tax and title fees? Thanks a lot.
  • mlx1mlx1 Posts: 1
    edited January 2

    So, I got this deal on a CX-9 Lease. Please let me know if it is a good deal. I believe it is, but not sure what others have gotten.

    2014 Mazda CX-9 Touring + Tech Package + Roof Rails.

    • MSRP: 36,630.00
    • Negotiated Price: 33,788.00
    • Fees :( (registration, acquisition, etc, etc): 1408.69
    • Total: 35,196.69
    • Mazda lease cash rebate: 1,550
    • Mazda owner rebate: 1000
    • Final price: 32,646
    • Number factor: 0.0001
    • Miles/yr: 12,000
    • Period: 36 months
    • Residual: 19,047.60
    • I put down: 1995
    • Monthly payment: 367.00
  • 5cs5cs Posts: 2
    edited January 12

    Just leased a 2014 CX-9 - How bad did I do?

    2014 CX-9 Touring AWD with Tech Package, Roof Rails, Hitch and All Weather Mats $425 / Month 36 Months 15K Miles / year $2000 due at signing (included tax, tags and dealer fees)

  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,974
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